Friday, July 3, 2015



The cats are napping and Julie is designing stationery. So, I figured this would be a good time for me to put together a post to show off some incoming mail.


First, I will start with the incoming mail that Julie has received.



Funny animals from Cindy in British Columbia!



This cute washified envelope came from Rebecca in the UK.



Lots of color involved in this envelope from Kimmie in New York.



Stars & stripes from Sadie in Ontario.



This pretty envelope came from Sara in California.

I can’t believe how the postal worker wrote all over it!


And here are a few pieces of mail that have been sent to both Julie and I!



A sweet thank you note from Christopher in New Jersey.



Doodle in British Columbia sent us a package of washi, stamps and a kind note.



This squirrel’s tale postcard came from Emma in France.



We received a wonderful package of goodies from Felecia in Singapore!



Oh how I love puffins! Katy in the UK brightened our day with this postcard.



LEP love from Millie in Alaska!



Nicole loves the LEP AND the SSS, she sent us a thoughtful notecard to tell us!


And that’s it for today. I’m certain our weekend will involve more snail mail related things: stationery design, letter writing, envelope decorating, etc.


How about you? What are your snail mail related plans for the weekend?

Friday, June 26, 2015



I am very happy. Today, the United States took one gigantic step toward equality. Love wins!



From Huffington Post’s article.


And that’s not the only thing we’re celebrating today. I’ve got more incoming snail mail to show off!


First, I’ll start with the incoming mail that Julie has received.



Annie in Ireland sent her favorite poem.



Polka dots from Cecilia in Germany.



This letter from Erin in BC has a pretty label!



Look at these colorful butterflies from Iryna in Ghana!



Jackie from Ohio sent nose strips for blackheads in this envelope.



Michi’s fun envelope came all the way from Poland!



More polka dots; this time they came from Stéphanie in France. 

(I can’t believe the postal worker canceled the stamps like that!)


And here’s the recent incoming mail I have received.



Cute hello washi on this envelope from Ceri in the UK!



The first of 2 letters I received from Minnesota; this one is from Davina.



And here’s the 2nd, from Katherine!



Laura from Australia sent me tea in this envelope. Yum!



Marian sent me this wavy envelope from Tennessee.



I love the paper and pattern combo on this envelope from Sofie in Sweden!


Lastly, we have 3 postcards that came for both Julie and I.



This hilarious postcard came from Kathleen in Minnesota.

Yep, it’s a real thing!



Katherine sent us this pretty card from her getaway.



Some of our Minnesota friends in the LEP had a meetup and sent us this fun card!


I plan to spend a lot of time kissing and hugging my wife this weekend. She’s my favorite. There is no thing greater than love and that’s what I choose to celebrate and be grateful for.


May your weekend be filled with your favorite things too! Peace.



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