Saturday, January 14, 2012


Since Valentine’s Day is in exactly a month, I thought I would show you some of my favorite handmade cards! I found them all on Etsy. To see a particular listing, just click on the picture.


Let’s start with this jem by crankbunny. Who can resist a mustache?!


Kissing couples by nearmoderndisaster. So romantic!


This one by inkadinkadoodle is very classy.


I love this pretty illustration by creationfaeries. One of a kind… And you get two cards!


Self-mailing Valentines by 1canoe2. Clever!


A kit to print at home by immortallongings. You get 4 different hearts!


This hand cut card by Storeyshop can be personalized with your lover’s name…


A delightful illustration by sarahjanestudios.


For those of you who like typewriters… A funny card by ChickenfootDesigns!


This card is adorable and made by adelynSTONE.


According to Lemonni, love is…


This card by hellosmallworld makes me hungry. Donuts, mmm…


I would give this card by atpalicis to my boyfriend. He loves bunnies!


I love owls, and I love rosiluna‘s card…


This one by JenniferRodgersArt is funny and a bit creepy!


Aww… Such a sweet postcard by LavennzOsy.


A vintage looking card in French by deepfried. Lovely!


Six different ways to say “I love you” by letterhappy


These flat notecards by sparrownestscript would be perfect for little penpal notes!


Let’s end with this beautiful card by ParrottDesignStudio

Because that’s how the most beautiful love stories end!


Now tell me, which one is your favorite?

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12 Responses to “Valentines”

  1. Wow! Just lovely! Thanks for featuring our card as well!

    I guess my favorite is the last card :)Because of the message and because I like Letterpress…

  2. Thank you for including my card..what a great selection! I’m excited to discover the shops I haven’t seen before.. Pretty blog, too. Off to browse both!

  3. what a lovely roundup! i’m flattered to be included!

  4. Dear Julie,

    such a lovely collection you featured on your blog! Maybe I should write some Valentine Cards this year? We┬┤ll see ;-)

    Hugs & Love,

  5. Julie, what a sweet collection of stationery and cards! I’m honored that you included my notes here–thank you kindly!

  6. Ooh, I love “deep fried”!! I stumbled across that shoppe recently and just had to favourite it! I know I’ll pick something up from them in the near future! Their designs are funky + eclectically fun! :) Beautiful list. I enjoy getting to know new artists that you introduce us too! Wicked!!

  7. Thank you so much for featuring our bike Valentine! You have a great selection of cards here and a lovely blog.

  8. Those cards are beautiful!
    I absolutesly adore the last one!!!
    Already went over to Etsy. ;)
    The owl is very cute aswell.

  9. There are so many I like for different reasons. That’s the great thing about stationery. We don’t need to choose just one!

  10. A lovely collection! Thank you so much including one of my cards. :)

  11. A perfect preview for Valentine’s day! Thanks so much for “hearting” our “I heart you” card!


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