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Penpal of the Week #60


You’ve already heard about today’s Penpal of the Week about a week ago when I posted her penpal ad on my blog… But now we’ll get to know her more in-depth!


Please tell us about you!

Hello! I’m Rin – a 21 year old girl from the beautiful East Coast of Australia, Currently studying for my Education Degree!


I Adore Mail, Paper & All things Lettery! I love to Create things, I have a Huge Imagination & an Obsession with Typography. I have a chronic case of Biblophilia and am Constantly lost in Stories, Zines and Novels. I Also collect Booklists, Love Letters, Secrets & Ephemera.. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I always knew snape was good & Luna is Lovely!


I was bitten by the travel bug after spending 5 months in the USA in 2011, Next on the list is Japan, China & Vietnam.


I love lists – Collecting them & Writing them! I Over use these ! these – and these … and the word I, But that’s okay! I have a blog dedicated to my love / obsession with all things Mail-ish! – Papered Thoughts.


Rin 1

My Harry Potter 21st (L-R) My Mum, Sister & I // My Dad & I // My GF’s & I


Describe your personality in 10 words!

Creative – Passionate – Dreamer – Romantic – Strong – Opinionated – Curious – Loner – Emotional – Perfectionist


Rin 2

On my Trip around the USA – At Santa Cruz Pier!


How long have you been penpalling? How did you first start? Tell us about your first penpal!

I have been Penpalling since I was 11! So for about 10 years.. – My mum signed me up for a penpal program at our local library when I was in year 6 & I immediately loved it! (There was even an article in the local paper about us!)


I was writing to a girl in New York City Regularly & Sending Packages back & Forth.. Then September 11th Happened & she stopped writing – I still have the letters, I’m not sure what ever happened to her.. I Always think about her when I’m writing.. I hope she is okay.


Rin 3

The Newspaper Article was written just after September 11th (I am at the front).

I lost contact with my Penpal not long after this.


How many penpals do you have now and where are they from?

I have 4-6 Penpals that I am in Regular Contact with, Most from the USA & 2 from here in Australia. – One Lovely Girl I have been writing to for almost 18 months, we are pretty close now. I do reply to all letters I recieve though so I can be writing anywhere from 4 to 12 letters a week!


Rin 4

I Love to play dress ups!  L-R Glee Cheerleaders,

The House from “Up”, Sue Sylvester From Glee.


What are your favorite topics to discuss in letters?

I love discussing book suggestions & Swapping book lists – I also ask alot of obscure questions, for example I am very curious to know what people keep on their bedside tables or what their favourite word is! I love to write pretty lists & send them out to my Penpals, about anything really..


I also just read the book “Sorcery & Cecilia” by Patricia Wrede & would love to find someone to play “The Letter Game” with..


Rin 5

The Top of my Lovely Bookshelf – The top shelf is dedicated to the amazing Harry Potter!


What are you looking for in a penpal?

Someone Creative & Happy who has a curious mind & a sense of Humour, someone who just loves snail mail & has an imagination!


What do you like the most about penpalling?

I love creating Beautiful things & knowing that somewhere on the other side of the world someone will appreciate it as much as I do. – I love knowing that I may be able to brighten someones day by doing something that I love!


In what language(s) do you correspond?

English is Unfortunately my First & only Language – Although I can count to ten in French & German!


Rin 6

My Cousin, Aunt, Sister, Best friend & I on our recent trip to NZ for a month in October!


What are some of your habits in regards to letter writing?

I am usually home when the postman delievers my mail – Usually between 3pm-4pm! So I feel like a little kid everyday when I run up to my letter box to find what wonders await me! I generally write back that day if I have time but definately within 3 days!


I have all my letter writing / craft supplies organised in my room & will write on my bed that is pushed up against a big window.. I try to include some thing little like ribbon or buttons or something my penpal collects.. I also carry a few Postcards and a Blank Journal wherever I go in case I have some down time between jobs!


My letter lengths fluctuate depending on my mood – but I always try to pen a decent reply to each letter I recieve!


Rin 7

The Place that holds all my Creative Stuffs..

as you can see I have a slight Washi Tape Addiction..


Has anything strange/funny ever happened to you since you’ve been penpalling?

I used to join swaps on swapbot quite frequently before I went travelling & had some very strange swaps (Takeaway Menus, Old Reciepts etc.) But I found that I preferred writing letters that actually said something rather than participating in random swaps (Although I do love to include bits and pieces in my Letters!)


– I do however love “Found” Items & Lists (Any Kind, Shopping, Dreams, Favourite Foods etc) & have recieved quite a few Random / Funny lists from Penpals!


Rin 8

A few of my Original Drawings, drawing like this relaxes me..


Have you met any of your penpals?

I haven’t met any of my penpals yet no – I had planned to meet one girl while I was in the USA but the dates just didn’t match up for us! such a shame.. I’d love to in the future though..


Are you currently looking for more penpals?

Of course – One can never write to many letters or have to many friends! Please write me I’d love to ask you some weird and wonderful things! – or find me on my blog – Papered Thoughts


Rin Top 10 Quirks 1

Rin Top 10 Quirks 2


Thank you for the lovely interview Rin, and thanks for sharing your Top 10 Quirks with us at the same time!

5 Responses to “Penpal of the Week #60”

  1. What a lovely interview :) I have sent you some mail last week, I hope it reaches you soon ^^

  2. I also love the Harry Potter themed pictures <3

  3. That was a great interview. It’s so funny that you had her for this post. I just finished making her envelope to send the letter I penned her. Weird!! Love it!

  4. Rin is a great person to swap letters with! we’ve only swapped 1 or 2 so far but hopefully more as time goes on. I am just addicted to her blog, it’s so happy and always has interesting pictures on it.

  5. What a great interview. I’m checking out the blog now and loving it. Also, I’ve been wanting to play the letter game for awhile now, had a couple attempts through swap-bot but nothing that panned out. I may need to send Rin an e-mail about that…


My name is Julie and I'm 37.
I'm French Canadian and fell
in love with an American,
so I'm now living in Vermont
with my wife.

I write letters, I love stationery and I have a handwriting fetish. I often eat sushi, still feel like I'm 16 and only wear skirts & dresses (with colorful tights when it's cold).

I'm happier with a mind full of ideas, a mailbox full of letters from my penpals, a shop full of stationery, a house full of pens and a day full of hugs.

Read my Top 10 Quirks here.

This is me with my wife,
Denise. We met through the
League of Extraordinary
Penpals and are living
happily ever after in the
Stationery Kingdom.

Denise blogs here too and is
the one in charge of the
social media: Facebook,
Twitter and Pinterest.

She's 40 years old,
from South Dakota,
and in love with me, washi
tape & imperial rolls.

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