Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Win this letter set!


Yes, I’m doing another giveaway!


I just designed a new letter set and I’m wondering if it looks better with or without the strawberries in the background.


Strawberry Shortcake


Please vote for your favorite design and I’ll pick a winner at random when the letter set is ready.


Also, suggest a name for this letter set in a separate comment for another chance to win!


I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was a little girl so I thought it would be fun to make some stationery with this design… I hope you like it too!

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60 Responses to “Win this letter set!”

  1. 1 is Berry nice!

  2. Sweet words from a berry good friend

  3. I personally prefer number 2 :D

  4. and How about the name…. Strawberry Party! haha, I am so terrible with naming things :S!

  5. It is absolutely adorable~! n_n The choice is hard, bu I think I like the 1st better~ :3

  6. I prefer the 1st. :) The big strawberry somehow disturbs my eye. ;)

  7. I personally like number 1! But they are both cute.

  8. I like the 1st better!

  9. I prefer number 2 even though when you write on it the strawberries won’t be as obvious.

  10. I like the design without the strawberries in the background. :)

  11. As for a name… how about “Strawberry & Friends”

  12. Hehe comme c’est mignon! Malgré la toute petite différence je préfère le modèle numéro 1 sans la fraise en background! bizoux!

  13. Number two is my favourite. I love it :)

  14. Oh #2 is splendid! I love the “hidden” detail! and I personally would name it… “A Berry Special Note”

  15. Number 1 is my favourite! :)

  16. And for a name, “strawberry fields” is all I can come up with ^^

  17. Number two is my favorite. I loved Strawberry Shortcake when I was a little girl too!

  18. I like #2!

  19. You’re Berry Sweet

  20. I prefer the first – It’s a bit more clean & less cluttered!

  21. As for the name I have a couple :)

    – Sweet as Shortcake
    – Strawberry Goodness
    – Strawberry Sweetness
    – a note from Shortcake

  22. I like No. 2 better!

  23. Hi Julie, I prefer #1.

    By the way, did you receive my penpal ad in the mail safely? :)

  24. No strawberries.
    Shortcake & friends.

  25. I prefer strawberries in the background so #2 :)

  26. Wow! You’ve got lots of response! I think Strawberry Shortcake is populair in here…:)
    Well,I would chose n.1, as it is more powerful, energetic without the extra strawberries. Names? Hmmm that’s difficult:
    – Fruity Mail
    – Shortcake Mail
    – Fruit Filled Mail
    – a note from Strawberry Shortcake

  27. Number 2 for sure! :3 But they both are damn cute n_n

  28. Number 1 :) They’re both so lovely!!

  29. If I have to buy one of these letter sets, I would prefer #1 without the strawberries in the background :)

  30. I prefer number one. :)

  31. And for the name: Sweeting you :)

  32. The name could be “Paradise of strawberries” :D

  33. I like #1 better.

  34. as for the name…what about “Strawberry-licious friends”

  35. I prefer #1! :)

  36. I prefer number one. Although both are nice, but that one appeals to much just *that* much more.

  37. I prefer number one :)

    As for a name… “Strawberry Love”?! :)

  38. separate comments… yeah… :P

    Sytawberry Love :D

  39. I prefer the one with the strawberry’s, so number two

  40. #2. I like the strawberries in the background too.

  41. I love # 1. It’s simple and neat.

  42. As for the names, maybe “Strawberry mail”,”Sweetness by Shortcake”, “Shortcake, anyone?”, “I heart Shortcake”, “Strawberry Love” ?? I’m bad at naming things, sorry. :)

  43. I think the strawberries on the second set look pretty, but the first one would be easier to write on, so I’m voting for #1!

  44. I’d love design 2
    because I lOVE strawberries :D

  45. I like the first design best, and I’m horrible with naming things so going to skip that one …

  46. I prefer design 1

  47. i prefer design 1

  48. names:
    Strawberry shortie
    Sweet mail
    Berry pretty mail
    Strawberry in an envelope
    Message on a berry

  49. I like number 1 better. :)

  50. Both are elegant in my opinion, but through the computer screen I prefer number 2 the best.


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