Monday, January 30, 2012

Win this letter set – part two!


Thanks to Beatriz, I found a name for my new Strawberry Shortcake letter set: Ma petite fraise! Bea, you will be getting a free set as a thank you for helping me out! Just email me your address…


Everyone else still has a chance to win this letter set! So far the design without the strawberries in the background is more popular… So I came up with another design!


Which one do you prefer now – number 1 or number 2?


Ma Petite Fraise


Just leave a comment with your preference and I’ll pick a winner at random in a few days!


Thank you, dear friends, readers and customers! :)

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48 Responses to “Win this letter set – part two!”

  1. I like #2. The phrase at the bottom is a nice touch. :)

  2. I DEFINITELY love the wording on it! It adds a little something to it!

  3. I like #2 also. You could say “That ugly man looks like an armpit” in french, and it would be beautiful sounding. Even swear words are operatic! Cute stationery!

  4. I like #2.

  5. Number 2 seems sweeter to me :)

  6. I’m in the minority so far, but I think I like #1 better. They’re both really cute, though! :)

  7. I like #1, still. I think the wording on the bottom takes up a little too much room. It’s still lovely, though!

  8. I like #2, it just looks too cute with that phrase and the strawberries around it.

  9. I like #2 a lot, a lot. The phrase is a wonderful touch.

  10. #2 definately. Love French!

  11. I love the 2nd one! <3

  12. I like both of those but I guess the #2 would be nicer.. :)

  13. #2 I know a bit of French isn’t exotic to you, but to most people it is!! It’s also quite endearing, as if you’re calling the recipient of the letter “Ma petite fraise”!

  14. I love #2, definitely!!! :)

  15. Number 2! :3

  16. Number 2 looks better, although both are cute:)

  17. I prefer #1. The phrase on number 2 is great, but it looks like there are two different graphics, so I like 1 better.

  18. Number 2 is awesome *_*

  19. I sure prefer design #2. :)

  20. #2 is nice!

  21. I like #2- I think the added wording gives it something extra. Beautiful! :)

  22. I love number 2!! It’s awesome!

  23. i like number 2 :)

  24. #1!

  25. I think I like #1 better, just because there’s more room to write! :)

  26. I prefer #1 I think :) Thank you :)

  27. #2 HANDS DOWN :D

  28. # 2 :)

  29. No 2 please I LOVE French and strawberries. Perfect combo

  30. Hmmm – I had to look at these for a while, but my answer is that I like #1 better.

  31. #2 of course, the name is important! °w°

  32. I like number 1 because it has more writing space, and is simple :) Number 2 is really cute too though!

  33. I like #1. I love Strawberry Shortcake!

  34. I really like the addition of the wording on #2. :)

  35. No 2. Definitely!

  36. Oh! Cannot believe my suggestion pleased you, Julie! :)
    So far, both designs are cute. I loved “Ma petite Fraise” when being little and I even had a little doll which smelled wonderful! I would choose number 2 here, the name next to Fraise makes it lovely in my eyes!

  37. They are both cute, but I think I have to go with #1. I think the wording + picture takes up too much room on #2.

  38. I like number #1 :)

  39. I prefer #2 :)

  40. Number 1, I think.

  41. I would love to enter this giveaway. My favorite is #1 :)

  42. The first one is good. The second one takes up too much space with the name at the bottom.

  43. #1

  44. I like alternative number two the best, without a doubt! How cute this was :)

  45. Like so much number 2 :)

  46. defnitely number two. The font is awesome and it makes it look very pretty!

  47. Am I too late to hop in?
    I like the first better, because I think the writing takes up a bit too much space. If it were smaller though I’d pick # 2!


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