Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy belated birthday, Elisabeth!


This girl from Norway is looking for more penpals… And since it was her birthday a few days ago, let’s sing together: happy birthday Elisabeth, happy birthday Elisabeth, happy birthday happy birthday, happy birthday to you!


Elisabeth 1

Elisabeth 2

Elisabeth 3

Elisabeth 4

Elisabeth Penpal Ad 1

Elisabeth Penpal Ad 2

Elisabeth Penpal Ad 3


Thanks for entertaining me with all your little messages on the envelope, Elisabeth… And may you find a bunch of new interesting penpals with this ad!

5 Responses to “Happy belated birthday, Elisabeth!”

  1. That envelope is BRILLIANT!! I’m feeling inspired by it – where did I leave those scissors?

  2. Love the envelope! <3 Cute ad, too!

  3. I love Diddle!
    Hey, just wondering if you ever received my ad? If not, it should be headed your way!

  4. What a great envelope! You know, I think I started on a 10 Quirks list a while back and never finished it… I’ll have to find it! :)

    P.S. I’m not sure if you do this kind of thing on here, but I tagged you over on my blog!

  5. WOW! I was away for two days, and when I came home to a lot of new emails, I was like “what’s going on?” – and then I saw this!! How great!! I got your emails, but as I am too tired (and it’s bedtime in Norway), I’ll answer them tomorrow <3

    And thanks a lot for the belated birthday wishes, I absolutely love it! <3


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