Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Outgoing in March


These are the letters I sent to my penpals after I came back from my trip to Mexico!


A shiny envelope for Martina in Germany…

Tina 1

Tina 2


I wrote Tina’s letter on Little Miss Sunshine stationery!

Tina 3


A pink envelope for Shivanee in Trinidad and Tobago…

Shivanee 1

Shivanee 2


I wrote Shivanee’s letter on new designs that will be available at La Papierre soon!

Shivanee 3


A flowery envelope for Ashley in the USA…

Ashley 1

Ashley 2


I loved the paper I used for Ashley’s letter but sadly I ran out!

Ashley 3


A hockey envelope for Sabrina in Finland, a huge hockey fan…

Sabrina 1

Sabrina 2


Sabrina’s letter was written on my new Strawberry Shortcake letter set! For sale soon…

Sabrina 3


A vintage Hollywood envelope for Sara in the USA…

Sara 1

Sara 2


I wrote Sara’s letter on adorable stationery that can be purchased here!

Sara 3


A little birthday gift for Stéphanie from France (the labels on the front of the envie)…

Stéphanie 1

Stéphanie 2


I thought that Stéphanie might like the Smurfs. Louis-Justin, Martin and I love them!

Stéphanie 3


I wrote a couple of letters since I came back from my vacation last month, but I’m not sure if the recipients have received them yet, so I’ll wait a bit before showing them on my blog! I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise…

11 Responses to “Outgoing in March”

  1. Ooo I will definitely be buying that new paper design when you put it in your shop!

  2. you’re teasing me with that new letter design! I just placed my order yesterday xD

  3. Where did you get the Smurfs paper from! I’m drooling!!!

  4. JULIE! You are my doom! xD I ordered. AGAIN!

  5. I totally **need** the new stationery. Lovely design, as always.

  6. Morgan, the paper is now in my shop!

    Awww, Sabrina, you’re my favorite customer! haha

    Rachel, I got the Smurfs stationery here:

    I obviously picked the second design… I hate the “new” Smurfs! The vintage ones are the best.

    And the seller is close to you so the shipping costs are probably very low! Let me know if you end up getting a set :)

  7. I’m getting the vintage ones!!!!

  8. Yay! It’s nice because the lines are on both sides of the paper. I might be getting another set when I finish this one!

  9. Hi Julie,

    Owl snail mail from The Netherlands is coming your way as you can see here: :) Have a nice snail mail week!!

    With love, Mariza

  10. Woohoo, thank you Mariza! Looking forward to your cute owls :)

  11. Hello Julie,

    Did you receive my owl snail mail? ;)


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