Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who wants a letter from me?


On Friday I’m going to Joliette with my boyfriend for the day and basically I’ll be waiting for him while he meets someone to discuss his internship.


Surprisingly, I’m all caught up on my mail at the moment (which hasn’t happened in years!) so I don’t have any letters to write on Friday. But I want to write a letter!


Outgoing mail


So I’m asking anyone who would like to get a letter from me to write me a few lines in the comments below. You can tell me about you, you can ask me some questions, you can sing me a song, you can beg for a letter, you can pretend that you don’t really care but secretely wish to get something from me in your mailbox… Anything goes! If your little comment inspires me, I’ll write you a letter! If you have a blog or a profile on InterPals, I’d love to have the link.


If a lot of people are interested, I might end up writing more than one letter! So please do post a comment even if several people have already expressed their interest. And even if you see this later than Friday, you can still comment… I might be able to write some letters next week too!


Oh and please make sure to leave me your email address so that I can contact you for your mailing address…


Thank you!

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37 Responses to “Who wants a letter from me?”

  1. I’ve always wondered what would a letter from you look like in real world (I mean other than in photos published on your blog) and now that I’ve got my chance…Well, I would like to pick it up! :) Would you please, please, please consider writing me a letter?!? (yes, I am begging! LOL)
    You already know my blog and I also give you a link to my interpals profile.

  2. I want a letter please? ♥ because I want to know how much you enjoyed your trip to Mexico :3 it’s curious for me to know the point of view of foreigners who visit my country ;v; (also I have not travel to the place you visited hehe ^.^U)

    Greetings! ^ω^

  3. I’d love to receive a letter from you. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now and really enjoy reading it!

  4. Write me a letter. I think it would be wonderful to receieve a letter from Canada. I always wanted to correspond with you but you never had the time. Now this is a golden opportunity for me :)

  5. I would love to get a letter from you. I think your blog is the shiz and I have bought some of your stationary. *still waiting on it but I do live in another country* XD I click to see if you have any new blog posts every day. Ummm what else can I do to be impressive? *dances a jig!* I’m out there and weird and funny. Look even my kids are weird! Eldest boy says to me the other night while watching a futuristic movie “Mum will bananas exist in the future?”….I blinked at him and said what?…He was dead serious…*facepalm* My youngest son likes to constantly do nudie runners down the street or runners in general. Taadaa I’m fantastico!

  6. This letter writer could not miss,
    your offer, it’s hard to resist

    Snail mail is something that I love
    showing care that friendships are made of

    Lately I’ve been feeling down
    being sick and stressed caused me to frown

    A letter will surely make my day
    with a smile I will shout “hooray!”

    Some mail art perhaps I’ll send
    a way to thank you from my end

    I hope that you’ll enjoy my rhyme
    and write me a letter in no time!


  7. If you still need someone to write to, I’m here ;) Because, well, I enjoy reading your blog so I would be very glad to receive some lines from you in my mailbox :)

  8. If I wasn’t already your pen pal, this would be my chance ;)

  9. I’d love to receive a letter from you as well. :) I’ve been following your blog already for quite a while and find your stationery and envelopes lovely. Also I’ve never received a letter from Canada and I’m already what you’d tell me in the letter. :) Maybe some interesting stories about your experiences in the penpalling world? ;) Or something about your cats? Are they somehow different from the “normal” cats? I’ve heard about this cat breed the first time on your blog… Well, I’m Marie from Bavaria, Germany and I’d be happy to hear from you! :)

  10. Oh no!!! You’re totally caught up? I sent you a penpal ad a while back and I’ve been on pins and needles waiting to see it on your beautiful blog. Maybe you didn’t get it. Sniff.
    I’d love a letter. Can you imagine my sad little face right now, like a cold puppy out in the rain?
    Enjoy your trip!

  11. I would love to get a letter from you! I bought some letter sets from you when you were over at “We’ve Got Paper”, and you sent a thank you card with my order, and I just fell in love with your beautiful handwriting.

    I live in Louisiana, working full-time as an architect and part-time as a hostess/to-go/server at Outback Steakhouse. I have quite a few hobbies, but my current obsession is making things out of bottlecaps: jewelry, coasters, art, musical instruments, etc.

    And I just love your blog! So thank you very much for putting all the time and effort into it; it really brightens my day to see a new post from you!

  12. Thanks to everyone who commented so far!


    And Rachel, I’m caught up on my personal mail… Meaning that I’ve replied to all my own penpals!

    The penpal ads I get and post on this blog are a separate thing! Don’t worry, I did get your penpal ad and will definitely post it! I think there are 2 ads ahead of yours and then it will be your turn.


    OK I want more comments now so keep them coming!

  13. So…um, well, “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
    ― Oscar Wilde

    yeah, this is why you should send me a letter! And I promise to reply!


  14. Oh, whew!
    Reestablishing composure… ;)

  15. Hi Julie, this is an awesome offer! I see many people have taken you up on it already but I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring anyway. I would like to read a letter about your favourite vacation memory, if that’s all right. I’ll reply with some of mine, too. My own favourites are usually the sea and sunny places with lots of history but I just love hearing about trips people have taken, however far and in whichever way. :-)

  16. Ooohh, how to compete against poems and such wonderful comments? I bow to you worthy penpal contenders. :)

    Hi Julie, it’s not as glamorous as Rome, Athens, or Paris, but have you considered a penpal from Edmonton? I could tell you stories about what was formerly the world’s largest mall and we could talk about ketchup chips [did you know they don’t have that in the US?] and Tim Hortons… that sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! Ha! My only Canadian penpal is my 10 year old niece, so it would be great to exchange letters with a fellow Canadian (like an east to west, and vice versa, exchange!).

    I’ll leave you with a great question a wonderful penpal posed to me in her last letter: If you could live in the world of any book, which book would that be?

  17. I would like a letter from you. I’d play hard to get, but what’s the point ;)
    My main reason would have to be that you seem like a laid back person, your hand writing is impeccable, and finding a letter in my mail box brightens my day. So, if you feel like it, send one my way. Wishing you a good day, and trip to come :) -Trine.

  18. I’ve always been wondering, especially since we talked for the first time, what kind of letter writer you are. Do you use stationery you created yourself or prefer using someone else’s? To express your feelings, do you use one sentence per thought like normal people do, or 667 and one more, like… Well, I do? |3 Do you create an atmosphere of being close from the very first letters or you’re more official at first, like when you just meet someone new? Do you glue your stamps yourself or let people in post office ruin the envelope for you? How much a regular letter from Canada to Poland costs? How it would feel to get one from a woman in their thirties, while you’re just seventeen? Is there a chance to click thanks to common interests or similarities in your characters, or the age difference will be too overwhelming to continue? Have you ever thought about what type of snail mailer *I* am? What do you think about this girl from Poland who once became the Pen Pal of the Week on your blog? I, personally, think all the best about you. I haven’t thought so many questions would come to my mind once I sit and start asking them… No, I’m not interested in your letter! No way! *secretly IS* I’m only a curious person, nothing more. And like challenges like yours. Besides, it’s my mailbox who’d be more than happy to be the first who ever welcomed you in our street.

  19. If you’re still looking for someone you could write some lines, this weekend or some other time, here I am, waiting for them. I’m following your blog for a while now and really enjoy it.
    I also bought some of your stationary. Not mentioning it in a way like “oh look I bought stuff of yours so write me now” ;) but I’m curious if you probably remember my name from the orders!? :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  20. I can’t compete with all these wonderful posts… But I’ve always loved reading your blog and I was one of your earlier Penpals of the Week. I design my own paper too although I don’t produce it to the standard you do, I just go mad with my rubber stamps! Plus I’d love to know what you think of the Uk!! Pkeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssse! I promise entertaining tales from my crazy job, my fabby family and my hobbies in return!!

  21. Hello! I’m Elizabeth from the USA… and guess what? Surprise (but probably not) I would so LOVE a letter!! Your posts are delightful, it’s so interesting to learn that there are many other people in the world who also enjoy long letters – everything about them – from the anticipation to the reception to the actual reading to the replying… and then waiting in joyful hope once again…

    The posts above mine are so long and lovely, not like this one, but it would mean so much if you’d write.

    Also, I would so love to know about your trip to Mexico, how you became intereted in letter writing, and about your stationery designs.


  22. Paper Envelope News Pen Another Letter !!

  23. I have been searching for a Canadian penpal for the longest time (I’ve never been but I’ve always had a fascination with how beautiful your country is) but it seems as though they are a rare commodity so to get a letter from you would be fantastic. So I hope you will at least consider writing me. :) Have a great day Julie.

    P.S. I sent you some mail recently, just curious have you received it? :)

  24. Hi Marian,

    How lucky I am! I wanted to write to someone in Ireland. Would you like to be my penpal? Whats your email id, I will go ahead and introduce myself if you are interested. See you soon. bye.

  25. Hello!

    I have always loved writing letters and I haven’t had a pen pal in years. Since a few weeks ago I’ve been trying to find new people to write to and to exchange addresses. I would be delighted and honored to receive a letter from you, and even if I’m not between the chosen ones you’re going to write, I am going to write to you! I am from Puerto Rico and I have to say I also love your store, I’ve been one of your customers and I hope to be so for years to come.

  26. Well, I’m sad I missed this post when it went up. It looks like you’ve got plenty of mail to send now! :) I believe i sent you a pen pal request long ago when I sent you a swap, so it should be no surprise that I’d love to receive a letter. Today’s my birthday, I’m about to go to work until 10pm. It’s kind of silly being a responsible grown up. Also, I’ve got some awesome new stationary and am all caught up on my letters as well. :) Feel free to write if you’re not already too overwhelmed.

  27. I would love to catch up with you. It’s been a while since our Nervousness days (Stargal1998/GothamGal). I would be super stoked to start pen palling to catch up…
    Take care, and have a wonderful time!

  28. Looks like Im to weird to get a leter hahaha

  29. Thanks for all the lovely comments, girls!

    And Morgan, why do you say that?! I only had time to start one letter so far and I didn’t even email the person about it yet. And I’ll probably write a few more letters… So don’t jump to conclusions already! ;) And I like weird people. Being weird is a positive thing in my book!

  30. P.S.: Marian, I did receive your two gorgeous envelopes a few days ago, thank you! They should be up on my blog in about 2 weeks.

    P.P.S.: Happy belated birthday, Kestrel! xox

  31. Hello Julie!
    I’ve been a reader of your blog for many months and enjoy every post you write. I’m a lover of everything snail mail, stationery, pens, stamps and how the envelope looks. Its so fun getting letters and postcards in the mail. Id love to get a letter from you and I’d send you back one. :-)

  32. Julie, I see that a lot of people wanted you to write them and could I please ask you to add me to the list?? I love reading your blog, I LOVE your stationery and I think that you’re pretty cool! I’m a single mom of 4 boys living in rural midwest. I try to combat the everyday sameness with letters. They are my window to the world.
    I’m into a lot and whatnot, super chatty and although it may take me awhile to respond sometimes due to life I always reply with a long letter.
    So will ya? Will ya write? Do I gotta beg?? lol :D PS you already have my address since you just mailed me the FANTASTIC paper order!

  33. Hey Julie,
    What a wonderul idea you had here, and how fun for everyone to drop you a few lines. I’m a frequent buyer on La Papierre, I feel like in that way you’ve brought a bit of happiness to me and my pen pals already. I absolutely love pretty penmanship, talking about every day life… and just the pure happiness that it brings. I actually found out about your wonderful shop via your Interpals page quite a while back. I’m not going to pimp myself out here, but I do hope that you really enjoy writing to whoever you choose!


  34. Hello Julie,

    Did you receive my snail mail too? (Owl envelope)It was sent on May, 6th (you can see a photo here:
    I hope to hear from you :)

  35. Hi Mariza! I did get your mail, thank you so much! I loved the cute owl envelope.

    As you can see on my blog, I’m behind on the penpal ads and am currently posting the ads from April. So your ad should be posted within the next few weeks!

  36. Hey Julie!
    I would LOVE to get a real letter from you! (Who wouldn’t? lol )
    If you get/have time to write to a lonely North Dakotan housewife ( that shares a passion for all things post! ) -I’m your girl!! Hee hee hee ;D
    You’ve seen me on and I’ve recently become a member of as TheWhiteSquirrel (please check my profile for a bit about me).
    I’ve always been interested in having my own blog and/or my own shop -hoping you could give me some tips on how/where to start and any advice you could offer to a fellow snail mail enthusiast.
    Please let me know, either way.
    Thanks, Julie – Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!
    Take Care
    -Nicki Marie


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