Thursday, May 24, 2012

Only 4 left!


Grab Bag A6


I sold 136 of these A6 stationery grab bags during the last 10 months and I’m really happy to know that customers have been enjoying these mini sheets! However, I only have 4 left and I won’t be getting more in the future, so if you’ve been thinking about purchasing one, this is your very last chance!


Grab Bag A6


I’m also running out of A5 recycled stationery grab bags. Once the 8 I have left have been sold, I won’t be getting more either! So this is your last chance…


Recycled A5 Stationery Grab Bag

Recycled A5 Stationery Grab BAG


However, I plan on keeping the regular A5 stationery grab bags in my shop, so you should always be able to purchase these if you’d like to get a few different designs at a discounted price.


A5 Grab Bag 1

A5 Grab Bag 3

A5 Grab Bag 2

A5 Grab Bag 4


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11 Responses to “Only 4 left!”

  1. I really have been debating the grab bag idea! Now I have to decide if I want the grab bag or to get the full set of a couple of your sets! :)

  2. What? You’re going to stop selling stationery grab bags? :( Oh, that’s such a shame, I loved them! But I can’t order anything at the moment (my money doesn’t allow me to do so…)

  3. Alex, what a tough decision to make! ;)

    Oh and Tári, I’ll still sell the regular A5 stationery grab bags! 50 sheets for $12 and you get 5 different designs…

  4. The grab bags are a steal. I own many of them and use them often. The A6 will fit perfectly into Julie’s colored envelopes. No folding required! The “recycled” A5 sets are just as nice as the regular A5.

  5. I just received one of your stationary packs as a gift and I am ecstatic! I am not sure if it was the A5 or A6 as I don’t know what either means, but it was one with rounded corners, so it looks like one of the ones being discontinued. But I am glad you will still be carrying the regular grab bags because I know I will want more when I use us the pack I just received.

  6. Awww, Chantal! My favorite customer! xox

    Ricki, I’m really glad that you enjoyed your present! The sheets with the rounded corners are in the A6 stationery grab bags, so yes, they’re being discontinued. But I’ll still be selling the larger sheets in grab bags (A5 size) so you’re welcome to purchase some when you run out of your smaller sheets! :)

  7. Hey, Julie. (I’m PPOTW #56-or-57.) I was wondering if Shivanee asked you this yet: I was wondering if you did/could make A4 paper (that’s the stuff that’s 8×11, right? I’m looking for printer-paper sized paper)?

    I use a typewriter for alll of my letters, and printer-paper is ideal for that. I desperately love your paper, but I think it might be too small.. I write a lot. I’ve been known to send 6-or-more full sheets, depending.

    So.. if not. Can I request some? Maybe a Good Doctor, Elixir, Twins, or even maybe a vintage typewriter one (drool, drool)?


  8. Hi Bill! Of course I remember you! :)

    I haven’t talked to Shivanee in a little while, so I haven’t heard about this issue yet. But yes, A4 is the size that’s around 8.5 x 11 and is used for printers.

    I do sell 2 letter sets in that size:

    I might design new letter sets in that size eventually, but it’s more expensive (to produce and to ship) and the demand is not too strong, so it might not be until a few months.

    I know what you mean about writing a lot! My letters are usually between 20 and 30 sides of A5 paper, so I use a lot of stationery! :) However, for some curious reason, I don’t like writing on large sheets of paper. I prefer A5!

    Oh and what design did you have in mind when you wrote “Twins”? I don’t have a stationery set with that name, so I’m curious to know which one you meant. “Sisters” maybe? If so, that one is A4 sized…

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about a vintage typewriter themed letter set for a little while, so there should be one in our future!

  9. Sisters is a A4 set? I’ll have to get that.

    I noticed that A4 is a lot less popular than I’d hoped. I love it, and collect it whenever I spot a good one. I have a cardboard box 2/3 full of A4 from a Dollar Store, etc. I’ve been painting my own A4 and prepping to see a printer to get copies. (My printer is definitely evil & lazy.)

  10. Julie, I have moved. I think I mailed you my new address, but I am not sure, did you get it? <3

  11. Awe, I should add your etsy to my favorites!


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