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June 30th, 2012

The Penguins of Madagascar


Here’s a colorful penpal ad by a 10 year old girl from Poland: Natalia!


Natalia 1

Natalia 2

Natalia 3

Penpal ad Natalia


It might be a bit hard to read, but the note at the bottom says: “If interested please mail older sister!


July 2nd is only 2 days away, so happy birthday, Natalia! Your drawings are lovely.


I’ve never watched The Penguins of Madagascar (the series), but I love the Madagascar movies! I saw the 3rd one with Louis-Justin last week and we both really enjoyed it. Has anyone else seen it?

June 29th, 2012

Rimouski, Maria & Carleton


I’m back from my little trip!


I had a nice time with my son, my mom and her friends despite the fact that it rained all week. I probably spent about 20 hours on the road, driving my mom’s car. It was a great road trip!


Here are a few pictures that were taken in Rimouski, where it was really foggy…


Rimouski 1

Rimouski 2

Rimouski 3

Rimouski 4

Rimouski 5


And here are some photos from Maria & Carleton in Gaspésie.


Gaspésie 1

Gaspésie 2

Gaspésie 3

Gaspésie 4

Gaspésie 8

Gaspésie 11

Gaspésie 13

Gaspésie 22

Gaspésie 17


I spotted quite a few post offices along the way, but only took a picture of this one.


Gaspésie 24


Now that I’m back home, I’ll post some penpal ads this weekend!

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