Friday, July 27, 2012

Swap #2


Since swap #1 was a success, I decided to host swap #2!


Don’t ask me why I waited 6 months between #1 and #2 though.


So there you go!


Swap #2 A

Swap #2 B

Swap #2 C

Swap #2 D


Who would like some of these pretty stationery sheets? And what could you send in return?


Comment below or email me!

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14 Responses to “Swap #2”

  1. julie, this is such a lovely idea! i would love to swap but i cannot take a picture now because all my treasures are at home in Austria and i cannot even remember everything i have got at home… (but next month i will be back home!)
    so i guess, i will skip this time and i am hoping it will not take 6 more months to post a new swap :)

  2. That’s great Sabine, there will definitely be more swaps coming soon! Maybe a new one every month…

    Wishing you a safe trip back home! xox

  3. My stationery selection I can’t show you b/c I won’t be able to scan them BUT I could get you some cute soaps or local chocolate called Cherry Mash OR handmade dangly earrings by a nearby neighbor…or handmade note cards. Or a mixture of them! :D

  4. I would love to trade! I can give you a stationery letterpad from our country! There’s this local stationery store that uses recycled paper! You can check it out at :)

  5. Oh wow, Bernadine, I love their one color pads! Especially the typewriter and bird… Would you be able to get those for me? And please tell me that you don’t actually only pay $0.46 per pad?! If so, I should definitely move to the Philippines with such cheap stationery! ;)

  6. Can you link me the pictures? I’m not sure about the design that you want :)) I will definitely try finding them, some of them are not available at all branches but I’ll try hunting them down for you :))YES! It’s very cheap! But they’re not too think too, just right :))

  7. Bernadine, here are the ones I like:

  8. Hi Julie! I’ll check if all those designs are still available in the nearest papemelroti store, sometimes some of the, are out of stock. Also, can you just pick 2-3 because it’ll be expensive for me to ship them because it’ll be a bit heavy when combined. Sorry! Will try sending you the others next time :)

  9. Oh, I didn’t mean that you had to send me all 5 of them! I just wanted to let you know my favorite ones so that you could pick any of them, depending on what’s available at the store.

    In order of preference then:

    I’ll be happy with whatever you send! :) And I’ll send you some stationery with your letter next week!

  10. Okay! haha! But I really would love to send you all of them, just separate mailing haha! I also got paranoid that my mail would get lost when it’s stuffed too much because sometimes some nosy people would open it and get the items. Anyway, I’ll check the other designs in the store this weekend! So excited to send them to you! :)

  11. Looking forward to it, Bernadine!

    I just wrote your letter and it’s ready to be mailed along with some stationery goodness that I hope you’ll enjoy! :)

  12. Oooooh! Looking forward for your letter too! Thank youuuu :) Will tell you once I send mine :) God bless!

  13. If you want you can just wait until you reply to my letter to send the stationery! I don’t mind… (You could save on postage!) It’s up to you. xox

  14. Will do that! Can’t wait for your letter to arrive! An advance thank youuuu :)


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