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August 31st, 2012

Pictures of pretty letters and envelopes


Lovely mail I received recently:


A letter from my dear penpal Jamie in the USA who usually makes me laugh but who almost made me cry this time… (And the address was slightly wrong, but luckily the envelope still made its way to my mailbox!)

Jamie 10

Jamie 11

Jamie 12


A few days later, I got a little surprise from Jamie (with the right address this time)! I loved the cute notepad – perfect size to carry in my purse… Thank you Jamie! And sorry Laura for using the word purse! I hope you forgive me.

Jamie 13

Jamie 14

Jamie 15


A letter from Sara in the USA – yummy cupcakes!

Sara 18

Sara 19

Sara 20

Sara 21


A letter from Ashley in the USA with gorgeous vintage stamps and cute OWLS!

Ashley 6

Ashley 7

Ashley 8

Ashley 9


A letter from my birthday twin, Cindy in Canada.

Cindy 3

Cindy 4

Cindy 5


A letter from Bernadine in the Philippines, who also happens to be my birthday twin!

Bernadine 1

Bernadine 2

Bernadine 3

Bernadine 4


A letter and postcard from Desirae in the USA…

Desirae 1

Desirae 2

Desirae 3


A note and some fun stickers from Katri who lives close to me, in Montreal!

Katri 1

Katri 2

Katri 3


A letter from Julie in the USA who shared some of her quirks with me.

Julie 1

Julie 2

Julie 3


A note from Johanne, my uncle’s girlfriend. She saw a girl in the newspaper and she was thinking that it might be me! I admit that she does look a lot like me, but her eyes are green and mine are blue.



As for my outgoing mail… Here’s what I sent recently!


A birthday card for my penpal Shivanee in Trinidad and Tobago.

Shivanee 6

Shivanee 7


A card for Jamie to her new address. I only took a picture of the stamp on the envelope though… Oops!

Jamie 16


And a letter for St├ęphanie in France.

Stephanie 15

Stephanie 14

Stephanie 16

Stephanie 17


I have more incoming and outgoing mail pictures to show you, but I’ll save them for another time. Now I’m hungry and it’s time for dinner!

August 29th, 2012

New letter set winner


My new letter set is up for sale at La Papierre!


Claire de Lune


Which means that we have a winner…


Thanks to everyone who suggested a name for my stationery.


I fell in love with Karolina’s idea so I picked the name…


Claire de Lune


Thank you Karolina! Please email me your address and I’ll send you a free set!


Everyone else can purchase the letter set here:

Claire de Lune – A5 Letter Set.

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My name is Julie and I'm 37.
I'm French Canadian and fell
in love with an American,
so I'm now living in Vermont
with my wife.

I write letters, I love stationery and I have a handwriting fetish. I often eat sushi, still feel like I'm 16 and only wear skirts & dresses (with colorful tights when it's cold).

I'm happier with a mind full of ideas, a mailbox full of letters from my penpals, a shop full of stationery, a house full of pens and a day full of hugs.

Read my Top 10 Quirks here.

This is me with my wife,
Denise. We met through the
League of Extraordinary
Penpals and are living
happily ever after in the
Stationery Kingdom.

Denise blogs here too and is
the one in charge of the
social media: Facebook,
Twitter and Pinterest.

She's 40 years old,
from South Dakota,
and in love with me, washi
tape & imperial rolls.

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