Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Want to win this letter set?


Then help me find its name!


Name This Set


All I can come up with are silly names like “Ice Queen” or “Lacy Missy”! Nothing that fits, really.


Just type your suggestions in the comments below and if I end up using one of them, I’ll send you a free letter set. Feel free to suggest as many names as you can think of!


Also, what do you think about this design?


It should be up for sale at La Papierre in the next week or so.


Please help me out!



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48 Responses to “Want to win this letter set?”

  1. Oh this is gorgeous! I think I have to buy it the next time I place an order :)

    My first thought was “Prima Ballerina” although she is not really a ballet dancer *g* Second thought “Miss Tiara”

  2. To me it looks like she wants to
    dance so “Come, dance with me” is the name that came into my mind.

  3. What about Lady Victoria? Or Lady Madeline? Or Victorian Lace? All I can think of when I see this is Victorian era wallpaper and this lady hosting a dinner party, black tie obviously. I’m pretty sure her name is Madeline. :)

  4. IOooh Julie! This is so lovely!

    What about giving the woman some kind of artistic/unique name and then sticking a fitting description in front of it. As for names…. what about Jacquelina, Madeline, Viktoria or Gabriella?? So it would be “Lovely Lina” or “Graceful Gabriella”

    Or what about “Grand Entrance” or “Lady Winter”??

  5. I love it! So pretty – I’m going to buy this one next!

    I would name it “My Dance Card is Full.”
    ha ha.

  6. ‘Lady Madonna’ keeps popping into my head :3
    I also like ‘Silent Actress’.
    The image makes me also think of the moon so maybe something like ‘Luna’ or ‘Moonlight Dreams’

  7. That is gorgeous! (I would buy her dress in a heartbeat!)

    – “Starry, Starry Night”
    – “Aphrodite Dances”
    – “Smitten”

  8. I LOVE this

    my brains feels empty…
    all I can come up with is,…

    Soul Sister
    Ikkunaprinsessa (means “windowprincess in Finnish, it is an old, famous song…)
    La Dolce Vita
    Ma Bella Donna
    Meet you at the Blue Cafe

    I will keep thinking about it :)

  9. – Flowers are a girls best friend (or replace flower with “lace is.”….)

  10. first idea that came up to my mind when I saw it (very beautiful one by the way, Julie!) is “Lady Liberty”.

  11. I love it too:)

    Well this was what I though when I first saw it:

    – My fair lady
    – Vintage lady
    – Queen lady
    – lady night

  12. I do think of ‘Fragile’. Love it!

  13. Summer Ball?

  14. The pose reminds me of a scene in Twin Peaks, Audrey in a dreamy dance.

  15. Ostentatious
    Fille de porcelaine

  16. Beautiful colours and what a charming Edwardian lady; I adore such natural elegance! I think such an alluring image doesn’t need many words. Or perhaps it is the minimalist in me. ‘Scintillation’, ‘Shimmer’, ‘Glisten’, ‘Bedazzle’…words I can’t but help think of. :)

  17. Pretty! I love the colors used.

    – Lace and Flora
    – Fleur de Lace *^^*

  18. Porcelain Laces? When I saw this woman my first thought was that she looks like a porcelain doll :3

  19. I really love the “porcelaine” bit Morgan! Perhaps “Lady Porcelain”. (And if porcelain is chosen as part of the name , letter set should go to Morgan!)
    “Royal Porcelain” or just “Porcelain”
    The paper is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    Martj Lady Liberty is good too!

  20. How utterly dreamy! I immediately thought of “Astor” which recalls the glamour, elegance, and luxury of the Astor family and their estate in Newport, Rhode Island. Plus, “Astor” sounds like “a star,” which this belle certainly is. Lovely design!

  21. A nice design! :)
    I suggest “Belle of the ball”.

  22. “Elegant Rose” comes to mind.
    By the way Julie, fantastic work! I love this so much!

  23. She is so lovely!

    Hmm, how about ‘Fancy Nancy’ or ‘Flattery Flirtery’ :)

  24. This is a great set. It is a pity that it does not appear in the store last week;)
    Maybe call it
    white dance
    “I want to dance” (a line from an old song) or Je veux danser
    My first ball
    Miss Lizzie

  25. ladies’ choice dance

  26. I really like this set. I immediately thought of dancing and celebrations. What about Champagne? Or Gatsby?

  27. Hmmm, maybe a pretty name like Aurora or Amabile…

  28. Just use a french word. We americans think everything with a french word is beautiful, no matter what it actually means. Mirelle? (Is that how you spell that name? I remember it from this set of videos we had in my french classes. That was the girl’s name. She had a cute boyfriend, and it made speaking french seem like I was going to move to Paris to have a cute boyfriend.)

  29. I think she seems Russian… so, I suggest

    Dama Irina

    Another idea is “Yule Ball”.

    Beautiful design, Julie. :)

  30. Julia, it’s a beautiful set! Here’s a few of my ideas: ‘Lady Hindlip’,’Ball of Beauty’, ‘Claire de Lune’.

  31. Aww, so lovely. :)

    – Princess Maria;
    – Miss Anya.

  32. It’s really an amazing design!
    How about Belle plante/fleur; reine du bal; Valse des fleurs; Dentelle, danse-t-elle

  33. Waltzing Mathilda…

    Seriously amazing design, Julie.
    You have outdone yourself.

  34. I was thinking ‘Belle’ (as in Belle of the Ball), but I think that has already been mentioned…?

  35. elegant child
    winter soul
    miss winter
    satin dreams
    sweet melody
    lace heart
    romeos kiss
    Juliet’s ball

  36. lace c’est l’amour
    fleur glacé
    lady lace
    queen nieve (neive means snow in spanish :D )
    lovely set :)

  37. Lovely, I’d name it Belle Epoque.

  38. Lady Rose
    Just The Queen
    Faded Queen
    Lady Amour

  39. Emilia ?

  40. Vintage diva!

  41. Really beautiful design. Love the colours!

    My first thought was “Dancing Queen”, but that might be a bit Abba!

    How about

    Reverie or La Valse?

  42. The word “Renaissance” comes to my mind.
    or maybe “art nouveau”?

  43. Oh, this one is really pretty!

    My first idea would be “To the dance…”

  44. Hello! Bonjour!

    Everytime you ask us to give a name to one of your designs, Julie, only French names come to my mind. Here there are a few I could think of:

    La dernière valse
    Début dans le monde [Coming-out -in society-]
    Mélancolique soirée
    La dernière danse
    La grand bal
    Soirée dansante
    Danse de salon
    La fille qui tourne autour d’élle
    La dame
    Le rêve de ma vie
    Mon rêve

    And excuse me any mistakes in your language, Julie. Haven’t used French for ages but still remember some! :)

  45. Hi Julie
    I thought of Lady Snow or Lady Blanc

  46. This one would be my favourite out of all, really beautiful! You’re so talented Julie :-)

    I would call it ‘Lost in Dancing’ – I can see that in her eyes :-)

  47. Hmmm…
    I’m feeling:
    “Dripping in Lace”
    “Pastel-ly Yours”
    “Lace Me Away”

    Hope this helps!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  48. Dancing Dream
    Lady Sissi


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