Friday, September 14, 2012

I want to write YOU a letter!


Or maybe this post title should have been Who wants a letter from me? part two!


Letter 1


I’m in a writing mood and I’m almost caught up on my mail. Not completely, but soon…


Letter 2


So I’d like to know who would like to receive a letter from me! If you’re interested, please add a comment below. Make it interesting! I can only write when I’m inspired… And if you have a blog / website / profile on InterPals, please give me the link!


Letter 3


If you participated last time and didn’t get a letter from me, please try again! There were almost 30 people who were interested and I only ended up writing one letter – to Laura, who’s now my best friend even though she’s a liar! See, good things can come out of these little “contests”. OK it’s not a contest really, but you know what I mean.


Letter 4


(I’m secretely wishing that some people who posted comments last time do it again this time so that I can write them! But who are these special people?! Hmmm, suspense…)


Letter 5


I will write to at least one person, maybe more if I have the time & inspiration! I promise it will be a fun letter written on pretty stationery.


So, who’s in?!


Edited to add: there’s no time limit, this is an ongoing project! You can comment even if you find this post in 2013!

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63 Responses to “I want to write YOU a letter!”

  1. well, I seem to be the first one to spot the entry and to post a comment..if this doesn’t give me the title to be the lucky winner of your letter then I don’t know what else can I do to get one from you! ;)
    I love your style, your handwriting, your stationery.. Getting something from you would be just..great! :)
    and yes, I am on interpals also..

    by the time I get to post the message there will be other messages I no more am the first one to comment.. :P

  2. yay! I still am no.1! :)

  3. Hey Julie, I would love to get a letter from you. You can find all my links at the above website.. :)


  4. i’d love to receive a letter from you! my website/blog doesn’t say much about me, but i’m a huge snail mail enthusiast from portugal! if not, that’s okay too! love your blog, keep up the good work! xx

  5. Hi Julie! I’d love to get a letter from you. I get on really well with Laura too, so may be that means we will too? I’ve had a penpal interview put on the site before, so that’s where you’ll find all of my info. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

  6. Awww my comment wasn’t good in the last contest hehe X3 I hope good luck to the participants in this new contest ^ω^b greetings! ♥

  7. Another penpal draw! And here I thought my 28 page letters were keeping you busy. But nope, here you are calling me a liar again–besmirching my good name all over your blog! JULIE!! BFFs!

    Good luck to everyone who enters! Julie is a wonderful penfriend to have.

  8. I’m in! I would love to receive a letter from you! I don’t know if I’m awesome enough to deserve it, but why not trying my luck anyhow! Your great handwriting in my mailbox would just make my day! :)
    You can read about me at my Interpals profile ( or my blog (
    And you also know me from my penpal interview and top 10 quirks.

  9. A few months back (or maybe it was more than a few) I was wanting to get into pen-palling, but it never happened. As for this week, though, I’ve been dedicated to finding a pen pal. I’ve been going through your ads (SO FAR,I have emailed two girls, one said she couldn’t handle another pen pal), I joined interpals and and I’ve visited the blogs that you’ve listed on your sidebar and then some. I just want to try something new and meet new people, I guess.

  10. A letter from YOU
    Oh Joy – a happy mail day!
    Bliss at its finest

  11. Me~! Me~! You already know both my blog and Interpals account, BUT you most probably don’t know my deviantART!, which is: ~

    What can I say? I already expressed all my feelings connected with getting a letter from you last time… I did my best to be interesting, creative and inspiring, and what came out of it? Nothing ;____; It seems I need a new strategy now. Hmm, what about…
    I’m not sure if you remember, but looong time ago, when dinosaurs lived (and were saying “RAWR!” which means “I love you” – they were such romantic creatures…) and unicorns weren’t afraid of turning visible… In April, 14th or something like that, you actually PROMISED TO SEND SOMETHING TO ME @@ I don’t have your message about it to support my application (no way I deleted it~! ;___;), however, I DO have my reply in the archive~! @@ (Either way, I wouldn’t even know when it happened). So now, three… Four… Um… Wait a second… *counts* Five! *math-physics class, yay!* Five! months later, I say Please…? With a huge “P”. Huge and rainbow one. Consider Michi and you’ll make Poland a better place <3

  12. Dear Julie,
    Getting a letter from you would be simply amazing <3 I'm so glad I found your Etsy which led me to this penpal of the week blog, which is a real blessing! Finally I have found people who share my love of writing letters and who want to keep this form of art & communication alive <3 Well Julie I hope you are doing great :-) Keep smiling and enjoying the little things in life <3
    Love, Charmaine :-)

    P.S. I am random and would enjoy hearing ANYTHING from you, bwa ha! XD
    P.P.S. I wish I still remembered my French from my French 1 class in college so I could speak in French with you :-) but for now I am minoring in Spanish and am getting better in that :-) adios, heh heh!

  13. Hello Julie :)
    I am probably not going to be high on the list because I am simply not that far away from you (Maine, USA).. However, I am leaving my comment anywhoo because I would love to receive a letter from you and I thought why not?!
    I am on Interpals at I love everything postal and I try to dazzle my pen pals with creativity :) I have coffee stained and kool aid dyed stationery since decorative paper seems to be extinct here :/ They came out great but I only sent the coffee stained ones to coffee drinkers. I believe they would be the only ones who would appreciate the odor that lingered in the papers haha. Coffee is nice when it comes to aging the paper though. I know you are super busy and you will get loads of comments on here, so I will say goodbye and whoever gets the call will surely get a great treasure from you :)

  14. Hi Julie,
    I’ve really enjoyed keeping in touch with you lately. Although its business with other little things in between. (:
    Besides the obvious fact that I love snail mail, you have been an inspiration. I hope when I can I can create my own stationery and perhaps have my own snail mail blog. Although that is a job in itself. I give you credit. I’ve been following you for a year and a half now and truly enjoy all posts. I must admit I contemplated buying stationery at la papierre all this time and it wasnt untill your sons birthday I managed to actually purchase anything and meanwhile 8 percent off was amazing especially for a first order. I am now hooked. As you know I bought 7 sets of stationery a week later and even after what happened when I received it…… I am going to purchase either 7 more sets or a grab bag cause your stationery is too good not to have loads of. Most likely by this weekend ill place it. So be on the look out. (:
    I really enjoy letter writing. Mostly cause there is something so personal about it. I love to read peoples most intimate desires, dreams, goals, what they think of life, secrets, what makes them happy, what makes them cry. I love to be part of it. No matter the distance between us. I want to build strong, lasting, wonderful friendships with my pen pals. I’m a deep girl. Im a sensitive girl. So I look for someone I can confide in and share personal details with, what makes me happy, sad, what makes me laugh or cry. My everyday life. I love for my pen pals to do the same.
    You can look me up on interpals by searching for me by: lovecaptivates.
    I truly hope that you will feel inspired to write me. I would love to written a nice letter from you. (:

  15. I meant to say : I would love to receive a nice letter from you and build a long lasting friendship with you through our letters :)
    By the way I speak French as well if you didn’t know :)

  16. Blah, sorry for posting so much…… here is a direct link to my interpals profile. There you can find a photo of me ! (:
    Be inspired !

  17. Chère Julie,
    Je me permets de t’écrire en français car je sais que tu le parles très bien ;) !
    Je serais ravie de recevoir dans ma nouvelle boîte aux lettres d’étudiante une jolie lettre de ta part ! Je pourrais peut-être te répondre et te connaître un peu plus, voir devenir correspondante plus tard qui sait ! J’espère que ma petite annonce te fera plaisir et que tu seras inspirée pour m’écrire et me dire un peu plus sur toi! Je te donne le lien de mon blog… Très bon week-end à toi et à très vite ! :D

  18. I would love to recieve a letter from you. I have a blog, but it’s not about mail. I have 2 obsessions; snail mail and nail polish. I love getting letters in the mail and I hate it when I have a empty mailbox. I really enjoy writing and finding cute stationery. I want more penpals, but I find it hard to get new ones with same interests.

  19. I would like a letter from you, but what I would really like is a birthday card for my son written by your son. I know it sounds a little silly, but it would really make his day :)

  20. Hey Julie!!! I sure would LOVE to get a letter from you! I’m Ann-Marie, quiet crumpled cat lover by day, creative art star by night. I dance on moonbeams and catch falling stars. I live on a moon made of cheese. Or maybe I just daydream too much! Haha!
    I’d love it if you visited my blog!
    More about me? Here’s some random thoughts. I’m half canadian, half scot. I love comics and I make my own. I love drawing and walking around. My favourite dessert is newyork vanilla cheesecake. My favourite colour is greeeeeen – the colour of evergreen trees. I wish I had more washi tape. I’m wearing purple tights today. I love the smell when the grass has been cut.
    Please write! It would most definitely make my day! Have a great weekend! Hugs! A-M

  21. Hi Julie,
    I’d love, love, love to receive a mail from you. You can check my blog (to know a bit about me). I’m also in Interpals and you did check my profile a while ago but I guess it didn’t interest you enough to start writing to me :)
    Anyway, I am also in the P&L group (facebook) and you did complimented my handwriting saying that it’s beautiful! Well, I hope that would be enough for you to start writing to me as you know, you have a fetish for handwriting … and so do I XD

  22. Julie,
    Obviously theres a lot of people jockeying for your penfriendship…choose wisely! lol! Of course I would love to be pallies with you! I’m 30, from Missouri in the USA and a single mom of 4 boys. When I’m not stalking your site and preventing WW3 (my children are constantly at war) I’m writing letters or reading. Ask Ashley from Wisconsin about me if you wanna! We’ve been pallies forever! I’m also on interpals under “motherduck”. Good luck with the search!!!


  24. Hi to you! :)
    I am Edyta and I come from Poland. I would like to create long snail mail friendship if you wanr of course. :) More info about me you can find on: :)
    Please let me know you are intrested or not. :)

    Warm hugs. :)

  25. I’d love to recieve a letter from you! My life is a bit upside down at the moment; to sum it up; emotional. I’ve made a really difficult descision to stop having contact with my dad. But, as I’m a positive person by heart, I couldn’t let this periode be overshadowed by negativity. So I decided to start doing workshops for gift wrapping :D. And my boyfriend has started his career as a cameraman / photographer / editor. Exciting things! To keep this positive flow going and help me overcome the negative things – i love recieving letters, esp. with colours and long letters :D (Ive only recieved bills this week! Boo!).
    I can tell you so much more, but this is about it for me right now. Oh, i’m 29 (just turning 29 3 weeks ago), live in Holland and am in love with my boyfriend and little kitten of 5 months (Sam).
    Good luck making your choice, but i’d love to hear from you!

  26. I would love to be pen pals with you both. Get to me with your address. It might take some time because I am trying to get caught up. But I promise I will write to you. You may also write first if you like. My address is below.
    Amanda Belcher
    192 Ovid Street
    Lot 115
    Seneca Falls, NY 13148

  27. LOVE that smurf stationery!

  28. What smurf stationary?

  29. Amanda, you subscribed to this post so you’re getting the comments that people are leaving for me in your inbox!

  30. Oh okay thank you Julie. I am new to this site.

  31. Hi Julie,

    what a beautiful name. It reminds me of a really magical story I read, which takes place in Paris. :-)
    I love to recive real mail and my mailbox is starving.
    What could inspire you to write me? Maybe the fact that I am a stationry freak. I love to look and choose paper, pens and books like other do cloth.

    No Blog, no Website, no Interpal account. :-)

  32. So the two pen pals above the one in poland and Tess were for me or you.

  33. No problem Amanda!

    Everyone who’s replying to this post is writing a comment for me.

  34. What about the two the one in Poland and Tess? Were they for me?

  35. No Amanda, they were meant for me.

  36. Oh okay I am sorry again. If we see a pen pal we would like to write to. How does that work?

  37. Amanda, if you’re interested in finding new penpals you can check out the penpal ads here:

    Most of the time people leave their email address or snail mail address so you can contact them that way!

    I hope this helps.

  38. Hi Julie
    I was really excited when I read that you’d like to write a letter to someone who follows your blog. And then I saw the number of comments.
    So, I just decided to use this opportunity to thank you for the newest stationery I ordered from you – the sisters one. It’l lovely and writing on it feels really comfortable. So, thank you for making such great stationery (actually, you’re evil for making such great stationery, I’m eyein to buy Monsieur Hibou next, not that I really need even more), I really enjoy reading your blog and have fun choosing the person you’ll write to :-)

  39. Hello!

    Just to say that I would love to receive a letter from you! I am 22 and live in the United Kingdom, in a city in Yorkshire called Hull (famous for being the birthplace of William Wiblerforce who fought to end slavery, and for being the only city in the UK to have white telephone boxes instead of red.. there are of course other things – but those two extremes always amuse me!). I recently graduated from university and am beginning a career as a Stage Manager in theatre, and so have quite a lot of spare time to be creative again and go back to writing letters and making new connections – something which I missed during my degree, where I was often being creative, but it involved being in a theatre all day, not seeing the daylight and mediating between actors!

    It would be lovely to hear from you,

    best wishes


  40. Hi Julie, I’d love to get a letter from you. I was your penpal of the week back in May so, I guess, you already know whether you find me intersting or not. I got a couple of great new pals from that feature. thanks so much. Write soon, Jim.

  41. Dear Julie;
    Hey there. It’s Amanda Belcher. I would love to get a letter from you. I am new to the site and slowly gettting the hang of it. I love having lots of pen pals to write and read letters from. Especially from other countries.

  42. Julie – you could write me a letter if you want to, I’m pretty cool. But really I just want to know where you got that Little Miss Sunshine stationery because I am literally dying over here because I don’t have it in my life!!!

  43. Hello! I would love to receive a letter from, i don’t have penpals in Canada and i would like it. I always follow your posts and i really love your blog. I don’t speack english very well, so i wanna practice, maybe with you :D

    I had a blog too but it is in spanish, anyway you can enjoy the pictures :) my blog is

    I hope to know about you soon, please forgive me for my mistakes. Oh!! i am from Dominican Republic.

  44. Why not write me a letter? A penpal
    Relationship with me is like a nonstop thrill-ride into complete absurdity.

  45. I would love to get a letter from you. I’ve been “fan-girling” over your mail for quite some time now. It’s a dream of mine to receive just one letter from the letter writers I admire, and of course you are one. Mail has started to slow down for me since a few of my pen pals decided to stop writing and I’m really looking for some more lovely envelopes in my mail box. On top of that, I’m a constant writer and I’ll never disappear, plus I like to ramble (like this post) so my letters will never be boring lol. Anyway I have several blogs, but I’ll direct you to my mail blog and my personal blog and my swap-bot account:

    Anyway pick me, pick me, pick me – I really think I might shed a tear if you actually pick me lol.

  46. Hello there, I am a Canadian Girl with an obsession with stationary from a very young age. I had a great-aunt who would go to the stationary store and build a birthday gift out of what ever looked interesting. The year it came with a waitress pad I was in love… Best gifts ever! I’m a crafty sort and make my own envelopes. (Which still doesn’t stop me in a store when I see stationary I love!) I just stumbled upon your blog after joining the The Letter Writers Alliance. It is a great spot that I will continue to check out. I’ve followed some of the links in the comments and I want to write them letters too! A lot of creative mail out there! So much inspiration, t.

  47. oh my, you are definitely wanted :D
    Can’t wait to hear from you again :) My Canada trip is getting closer, too… :)

  48. Ha! I thought this was closed for some reason, but it is not, which is good, because I want a letter too! ;)
    Your handwriting is like a fine piece of chocolate, and the paper you write on make for an elegant wrapper ;)
    Setting the cheesy comparisons aside (although they ARE true); I too have a thing for pretty handwriting and quality paper. I generally like your style when it comes to letters, and judging from some of your more darkly-humouristic blog entries, I know I would enjoy a letter from you a great deal. I would not mind a one-time-thing letter. It’s kind of correspondence-romantic in a way; “..and they never wrote again”.

  49. Hi, I’m Othella, a full time nanny and student in the middle of the US with a passion for snail mail and a sore lack of pen pals that ever respond (other than my grandmother who is a faithful correspondent with her old typewriter and onion skin-esque paper). Though I’ve neglected my blog of late, I’m crafty, a cook, a writer, a reader, and bit of a geek with an owl obsession. I’d love a letter from you!

  50. Wow! Look at all these lovely people desiring your letters! I can count myself LUCKY that I’m already your Penpal! Loved your latest letter! Can’t wait to grab the time to dig in and reply.

    I wonder if I should volunteer to be a penpal of the week…


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