Saturday, September 29, 2012

Newspapers & grilled cheese


Ashley in the USA would like to get back into penpalling!


Ashley 1

Ashley 2

Ashley 3

Ashley 4

Ashley 5

Penpal Ad Ashley 1

Penpal Ad Ashley 2


Ashley, congrats on the promotion! (And happy belated birthday…) At some point in my life I wanted to become a journalist, but I eventually changed my mind. Still, I think it must be fun to work at a newspaper. My dad wrote for the local paper before I was born, in the sports section…


And now thanks to you Ashley, I’m craving a grilled cheese!


What is everyone up to this weekend? Louis-Justin and I will write a story together and then I’m watching the UFC with the guys tonight. (The guys being my boyfriend and my two exes…)

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8 Responses to “Newspapers & grilled cheese”

  1. This weekend I planned to bead my buns off and I am off to a good start! I make jewelry (have been since 2007) and hopefully by beginning of next year will have a web site up. Mostly I do it to relax and keep my sanity! Ashley, I envy you! It must be wonderful to write! Even though you can’t have carte blanche at the newspaper, it’s a start! Who knows it may lead to other writing avenues.

  2. Unfortunately I can’t say I have had the best of weekends but I’m hanging in there and your blog always brighten my day!

  3. Chantal, I would love to see the jewelry you make so let me know when your site’s up and running!

    Yanill, I’m sorry to know that your weekend isn’t the most fabulous so far, but I’m happy if my blog can put a smile to your face! xox

  4. I will definately let you know Julie.

    Yanill, hopefully Sunday is a better day. :)

  5. Just ate a grilled cheese sandwich (and had to make one for the mother and step-dad) because of this post! :)

  6. I have really just had a rough week.

    Julie: thank you very much. I really appreciate that! <3

    chantal: thanks we could say it was not as bad as yesterday.

  7. Ashley,
    We actually live fairly close to each other! Glad you’re rejoining the pen-palling world!

  8. I hope Ashley doesn’t mind if I write her even though this is 2 months old, she sounds like an interesting person! :)


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