Thursday, October 18, 2012

Want a Halloween card?


Hello boys and girls! (Well, girls mostly and maybe a couple of boys here and there.)


I have 4 Halloween cards to send and strangely enough they all involve a cat and a pumpkin! Interesting coincidence…


Halloween Cards


If you’d like to get one of them, just leave a comment below telling me anything that comes to mind. A random fact about you, a funny Halloween costume you had when you were 10, a song that’s been stuck in your head for the past 5 days, anything goes!


You have until Sunday to comment because the cards will go out on Monday. I’ll pick 4 comments that inspire me and will try to write you something interesting in return!


So, who wants to play?

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22 Responses to “Want a Halloween card?”

  1. Greetings Julie, I think the weirdest thing I have been for Halloween was a 2 headed rollerblading cat when I was 9. I had jazzy white and pink rollerblades which you kind of clip around your shoes and you could adjust them as your feet grow. Wow! How great were the 80’s! Haha! When my mom was visiting me last month she showed me her stash of photos from when me and my brother were kids and in one photo my brother was wearing teenage mutant ninja turtle sliPpers! Ah! So amazing. My brother is here right now and he told me I whisper to myself when I’m typing. I wonder if anyone else does that! Have a great halloween! Xxx Ann-Marie

  2. I wore a Halloween costume to the wedding of my mother and stepfather. The Halloween that I was 8 I went as Little Bo Peep; basically it was just a long blue dress and a sunhat, and a shepherd’s crook with a blue ribbon wrapped around it. They got married the following spring, in an outdoor ceremony at Big Trees National Monument (a sequoia forest in northern California). The dress still fit, and it wasn’t a formal ceremony–my mother wore a yellow off-the-rack Gunne Sax dress. I wanted to wear it again, and I felt like the crook made sense since it was out of doors, and my mother thought it was fine. A lot of their friends were Indian–my stepfather is a doctor, and the medical community in the town I grew up in was/is composed in a large part of Indian immigrants–and they mostly wore traditional Indian clothing. So it was definitely an eclectic gathering! Fitting that my mother (Catholic) and stepfather (Jewish) got married by, for some reason, a Baptist minister.

  3. Ooo! Pick me! I LOVE Halloween. This year, I’ll be attending a good friends wedding Sat the 27th and Jess and I contemplated an October wedding near Halloween but decided against it in the end.
    I dress up every year and I plan to continue doing so for as long as I am able. My favorite costume to date has been my Quailman costume. I even got a boys belt and rigged it to fit as a hat. I love making my own costumes and have only ever really bought one which was a sailor costume for work parties.

  4. Hi Julie! How exciting!!! I love Halloween because I am an October baby and my youngest son is too (10/15 and 10/17, respectively).

    I have two favorite costumes. When I was 7, I came home the day before the school Halloween parade and demanded a costume. My mom made me into a table. She took a piece of cardboard and cut a hole for my head, she covered it with a sheet, glued plates to it and taped flowers to my head. I won first place for the first grade. :-))

    My second favorite costume was when I was in the 6th grade at 12 years old… I was Elvira. I had a long black wig, black nails and wore a long black dress with a slit up the side. Looking back through the pictures I can honestly say that I really just looked like a hooker. :

    Happy Halloween.


  5. In addition, because photo proof is always good. Here are three of my favorites.
    Quailman, 3 years ago:
    Spongebob, last year (My Best Man/Best Friend was Patrick):
    Toadette, about 5 years ago (From Mario Party, my date at the time was Yoshi):

  6. @Kestrel – those are awesome!!! Thanks fro sharing the pics.

  7. Oh, I almost cry, because in Lithuania we don’t have such a holiday like Halloween and it’s so sad, because I love it! On 1 November we have All Saints’ Day and on 2 November All Souls’ Day. On these days Lithuanian gravesites are decorated with most beautiful flowers (usually chrysanthemums) and burning candles. But over the past few years Lithuanian youth more often making Halloween parties and dressing up in costumes. This year my friends from school will hold a Halloween party for the first time! It’s so exciting, I think I will be a creepy doll or something! :D Altought my parents and older generation people thinks that we have to follow our traditions and keep a distance from western holidays. But I adore Halloween and wish with all my heart that this holiday could be celembrating year after year in Lithuania, It would be so fun, cause our people are sad too often I think! :D

    Greetings and have a great holiday everyone! :)

  8. So lovely card in the picture! This Halloween is a one special for me. It’s the last year when I’m 20 something… Next year I’ll turn 30! I’ve been having an awful 30’s crisis! :D I’m spending this Halloween with my fiancé, my sister and her fiancé. Scary movies, pumpkin carving and board games, I’m so waiting for it already! :D

  9. I would love a Halloween card!
    My fun tidbit might be that I love the spirit of Halloween, and can’t wait to spread some spooky spirits this year!
    For a fun, and “inspiring”, factoid:
    The other night I named a decorative goblin “Frère Jacques”, and proceeded danced with him. We had a great time. Haha!

  10. When I was in the 6th grade, I wanted to go dressed up as a hunter since I loved going with my Dad and in a year or two I would get to go. So I dressed up as I would for a hunting trip, flannel shirt, jeans, hiking boots, wide brimmed hat, an empty knife pouch, and of course an orange safety vest. I also had a toy plastic rifle which I had owned for a long time, but the school would not allow a toy like that on school grounds (understandable) and they wouldn’t let me were my hat.
    So, my costume ended up pretty much just being an orange vest and all day I got asked, “What are you, a construction worker?” After hearing this question a few times and trying to explain it, I was just like, yeah I’m a construction worker >.<

  11. When I was nine years old I was obsessed with The Batman movie. It was the one where Michelle Pfieffer was cat woman. So of course I insisted on wearing a catwomen costume that Halloween. I think there were about a million ‘ catwomen’ that year but I still felt cool ;) And to this day my favorite cats are black (and my favorite actress is Michelle Pfieffer lol).

    Happy Fall!!


  12. Fact: When I have a daughter, I am naming her October. :)

  13. Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!!!!!
    What a lovely card!!! I love cats.
    I’m from Spain and here it isn’t traditional to celebrate Halloween although its becoming more and more popular. We get on costume in Carnival (in February). I have planned to make a Jack Skellington head with paper-mache but I think i won’t have time enough. Maybe for next year.

  14. When Michi was ten or so, she had a serious obsession about a cartoon called Xiaolin Showdown. You know, a group of teenagers studying martial arts in the Shaolin temple and searching magical items around the world~ Anyway, Michi was SO obsessed, so she created her own character to write stories about it and finally, some time before Halloween, she asked mom for a suitable costume of the character. And mom really made it! :3

    In the Halloween evening, Michi and a small group of her friends went hunting. They collected quite a lot of sweets, and one woman even gave them a piece of home made cake for each <3 Suddenly, they met a group of boys older than them. They all had eggs in their hands and were definitely going to attack the girls and take their sweets. Michi and her friends started running away, however, one of the girls got caught! Michi stopped running; she was a real ninja after all, it was her duty to protect the weaker! And guess what? The boys escaped, having left all the sweets they earned!

    (Actually, some adult saw how the boys were disturbing us and it was his reaction that scared them. But still, I'm a hero! XD)

  15. I’m not competing, because I’m sure there are plenty of people more deserving of a cat and pumpkin card, but I wanted to say, “Yay!” I just got an e-mail that the letter sets I ordered from you shipped. I LOVE STATIONERY! *happy dance!*

  16. I love Halloween. It’s such a fun holiday with the crunching leaves and being able to be silly and creative with or without kids. I have boys ranging in age from 5-11 so I got the trick-or-treaters and one that is approaching the age where he decks our house out and passes out candy. We always have fun regardless. My sister and I especially because we usually plan in the beginning of the year what group theme we will go with and start on home made costumes. My sister has 4 girls so we can either pair them up or go all the way with the whole group. We have done rag dolls inspired by Raggedy Anne and Andy who were included, Rainbow Brite and we will be doing Wizard of Oz this year. Although, she is worrying me with procrastination haha. It takes a lot longer this way and it is disappointing that they only show it off for such a short time, but living in New England it is much nicer to have a home made and warm costume! What is your son going as for Halloween? Does he trick or treat?

  17. My friend Barbara went to a Halloween party dressed as a turtle- she wore green tights and turtleneck, then laid face down on a skateboard with a small green wader pool upsidedown over her… voila, a turtle.

  18. I love Halloween and the cards are so cute!
    When I was a kid, I had several Halloween costumes that were characters from broadway shows, which I was obsessed with. No one ever got what I was suppose to be, but I loved them. My mom made all my costumes and I was always so proud of them. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. T_T Oh boy! Well, I would love and (nearly) kill for a Halloween card! Love Halloween, even if we don’t reeeally have Halloween in here. There is something incredibly “mwa-hahahaha” about celebrating a holiday that’s not really observed where you are.

    So, something random (and hopefully less weird than “kill for a Halloween card”) regarding Halloween. Well, I’ve never wore a costume for Halloween, though it was customary to dress up for October 12th as “indians” for elementary school. You know, discovery of America-day and all that. But that doesn’t really count. I’ve come close to dress up but in the end never did it.

    Halloween for me isn’t so much about the dressing up but about the magic and the candy. So every year at the office I buy a big bag of Halloween candy and distribute it. People look weird at first because “who’s this freak celebrating witches- Oh look! Candy!”.

    Also during Halloween all my girlfriends and I make sure to greet each other on our day. It’s like a woman’s day, only a secret, dark kind of woman’s day and we all love it. It’s a day for us to remember not only that as women we have a lot to fight for, our equal rights and the recognition of our labor, but we also remember that we are entitled to have fun. It’s a day also for us to remember that often what others say to us to hurt us (“witch” is after all a word used by many to depict an evil, ugly woman), and yet we can take those words, reclaim them and transform them into something good, something positive. By greeting each other as “Happy Day, Witch”, we remember that we are like fairies, full of magic, possibilities and that we can fly and reach our goals.

    Maybe it’s not really “Halloweeny”, but this is what it means to me. ^_^

  20. I love those cards! When I was 3 and 4 my parents would dress me up a in a fat pumpkin costume. I looked so funny and chubby in it! When I started picking my own Halloween costumes I always wanted to be a princess. Don’t ask me why. I don’t even like princesses, but I always wanted to be one. After the princesses I was a witch which I hated because everyone was one. One year I really wanted to be a jailer (no idea why), but the store was out of the costume so I was a raccoon instead. The raccoon costume had insanely big and long tail which was so uncomfortable to sit on and lung around.
    Another thing, I got a Halloween card and I really want to send it to one of my penpals, but I’ve only gotten 2 letters this week and every time I only remember about the card when the reply is already stamped and ready to go. So annoying!

  21. I think I was 8 or 9 when I first got The Costume. My mom was very much against me getting, but unlike most of the other options, it was extremely modest. This was the year I decided to go as a Catholic nun. I LOVED this costume and wore it a lot. Then when I was 13 (my mother was one of those that went a bit overboard on the buying things a size or two or four too big), I flipped the white collar to the inside, left the habit at home and added a witch’s hat and a broomstick and all sorts of ephemera to be an awesome witch!!

    When I was 14, I tried to go as my dad, but as he wore jeans and a t-shirt, baseball cap, and steel-toed boots, it wasn’t much different from my normal jeans, t-shirt and sneakers look. Several houses refused to give me candy because “that’s not a costume!”

  22. One of my friends had a full box of dress-up clothes and accessories from her grandmother, and we used to have so much fun with it. When I was six, we wore costumes from that box, and my mom did our makeup.

    My friend came trick or treating with me that year, and there are photos of us together at my grandma’s house.

    I’m glad my mom took so many pictures. I used to look those photos over constantly and tell myself stories about what was happening in them and why I was so happy, annoyed, funny, etc. My memories of most events have the photographs attached to them. I wonder if I would have remembered that costume from when I was barely six (I’m an October baby) without the photo.

    It’s a shame she didn’t allow people to take her photo. Most of my memories of my mother are photos of her hand while she tried to escape the camera. When folks try to take your picture, turn to them and smile or stick your tongue out. The memories will then include your face and personality.


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