Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


It’s Halloween! So I’ll show you the only Halloween themed piece of mail that I received this year: a pretty handmade card from Ria. I’m in love with the stamps on the envelope!


Ria Halloween 1

Ria Halloween 2

Ria Halloween 3

Ria Halloween 4

Ria Halloween 5


As for me, I sent out 4 Halloween cards this year. Remember this post? Here’s what I sent:


A card for Suze in Costa Rica.

Suze 1

Suze 2

Suze 3


A card for Delaney in the USA.

Delaney 1

Delaney 2

Delaney 3


A card for Ann-Marie in Scotland.





A postcard for Kestrel in the USA.

Kestrel 1

Kestrel 2

Kestrel 3

Kestrel 4


Are any of you doing anything special today?


Tonight Louis-Justin is going trick-or-treating with a friend as a policeman and I’ll probably go with them (unless the girl’s dad wants to go). It was supposed to rain, but the kids are lucky because it looks like it’s not going to rain after all. Phew!


I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

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10 Responses to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Well happy halloween to you as well dear. i got 2 postcards for halloween. I am so grateful to have such a friend like you. thanks for all you have done for me– the featured penpal 100 was awesome!

  2. I’m going with the boys to trick-or-treat and theres some Halloween party at the fairgrounds, so we’ll go to that too. C’s going as a monster with a scary pumpkin face; L’s going as a ninja; K’s going as Spiderman; E’s going as a fireman. I should dress up but have no idea what to wear. Maybe I’ll be a man and draw on a moustache. Who knows?!

  3. Ria: You’re welcome! xox

    Jessica: I’m sure you’d look swell with a moustache. Have fun with the boys!

  4. There are some really nice stamps in this post…
    Oh and: Happy Halloween! ;-)

  5. My halloween day has been poems to passed loved ones and yum-yum baking. My halloween evening will include my kids dressing up, decorating pumpkins, doing sweets & treats around the house with them. :)

  6. Tasha, Can I come over?? Hope you had fun!!!

  7. Happy Halloween Julie! We ate out at a Mediterranean buffet and went to the book store and then came home to kids EVERYWHERE!!! My big bowl of candy is almost empty! :)

  8. Those are sooo cute :)

    Julie, your mail hasn’t arrived yet and I think it got lost already, so sad really :( But I’ll still be sending you the letterpads next week and I will have it on registered mail because it has a bigger chance of not getting lost.

    Though I am still hoping your mail will come one of these days. There’s no losing hope!

    God bless!


  9. I received your stationery a few days ago, sorry for not telling you earlier! I kept forgetting! ;-) Glad you got my stamp! :D Happy 1st of November!

  10. Chantal, my kids completely would have let you join their lights-out only-glow-sticks sugar-happy dance party. :D


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