Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sagittarius like me?


I was born on December 12 so I’ll be turning 33 this year and I’m a Sagittarius. I’m not really into astrology, but someone sent me a pack of Sagittarius cards and I thought that I should use them!


Sagittarius Cards


I have 6 cards left and I would like to send you one! Well, if you were born between November 22 and December 21… I’ll try to send it just in time for your birthday! Please tell me a few words about yourself in the comments so that I can write you an interesting message! You have until the end of November to leave your comment.


If more than 6 people are interested, I’ll pick 6 of the comments that inspire me the most. Random facts about yourself, a story about your childhood, how you intend to celebrate your birthday this year, anything goes – just be creative! And please let me know when your birthday is and how old you’ll be this year.


So who would like to get a card from me?

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14 Responses to “Sagittarius like me?”

  1. You know we’re fellow Sagittarii(?)!
    My thirtieth birthday is on the fifteenth and I’m feeling slightly less nauseated by it with every passing day!

    Card or no card, I’m looking forward to your next letter…

  2. November 23rd right here! My oldest brother was born 7 years before on the 24th, and the doctor said I’d be born on the same day. My mother’s older sister and younger brother had the same birthday, also 7 years apart. She said they hated having to “share” birthday, and she was hoping I’d be born either early or late. I was born at 11:53 at night, so I just made it!

  3. I’d love to get one! I was born on December 7th, and according to my friends who like astrology I’m a typical saggitarius. I’m quite pleased I was born at that time of year, it’s my favourite!

  4. On 25th November, I’m going to turn 25. I would love to receive a birtday card :). I always thought that our starsign has the prettiest mythological character, as I’m super fond of Centaurs.
    I love astrology although I don’t believe in it. :)

  5. Hi, Julie! I’m a Dec. 10 baby. I’m a grad student in clinical psychology, plus work full-time, which is exactly why I haven’t submitted a pen-pal ad… :-) I would love to receive one of your Sagittarius cards, though! Happy upcoming birthday!

  6. I’m turning 15 on December 7th. I’m a complete sagitarius: i’m optimistic, good humored, honest, freedom loving, i love traveling and I’m independent. I was looking up about traits that sagitarius have the other day and practically everyone of them i was like “that’s so true” haha

  7. Well…Elise is too young to be into penpalling, but she is old enough to be interested in my postcards and letters! She loves to open the mailbox and talk about the pictures on the cards with me. She can even recognize her name on an envelope at this point! LOL She’ll be turning three on December 12th and if you feel like taking on a challenge and trying to write to someone small (I’ll read it aloud to her), she would love a birthday card from you. One hint though–she’s more into cars than princesses at the moment for which I’m grateful! I already have to deal with way too much princess/pink-ness with her sister! LOL

  8. Did you know Sagittarius is the only sign halfmen / half animal ? That makes it a special sign actually : means we have two natures the wild and the wise one, which is also why sag’ are the wisdom/philosophy symbol ( think greek mythology & Harry Potter & the like )

    Anyway ! Actually I was more about to comment on the fact that for a sign before winter ( but still full in, mostly in North Hemisphere ) it is all about autumn and the cards are bright orange, which brought me back to first grade when we learned seasons.
    My parents never really bother for that since school would do it. Being a Canadian like you, it was quite easy to identigy each season. So, as soon as winter ( real one, like after November 25th … I also have a story for that date ! ) I’d thought it was winter and my birthday being December 5th ( yup, Saint-Nicholas’ day ) I was a winter kid ! As far as I can remember on my birthday, I would be outside making a snowmen ( and having the first flower from the hibiscus plant my mother brought in after school has begun … another story )
    So, in that first grade year, my teacher asked me “in which season is your birthday Mary ?
    – Well in Winter of course ! would I answer proudly ( i’m proud to be in winter )
    – No ! did she answer with her teacher tone. You are in autumn. Becauuuuuuse ? would she ask ’round
    – Becauuuuuse winter is December 21st !! did all the pesky kids answered.”
    And my world fall apart.
    So young.

  9. I’m a SAG! Dec 16, 80.. we’re almost the same age!

  10. My birthday is Dec 12th too! We’ve got a stellar year this year: 12/12/12!

    How cool!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  11. Not my birthday, but I am getting married on 12-12-12. <3<3<3
    I hope, we all have a wonderful, unforgettable day :)

  12. Hi Julie! My birthday is December 8th, which is the same as my mom’s! She would always tell me I was the best birthday present she ever got. Also, she’d always pretend we were turning the same age every year, it sounds silly but it was always funny. I’ll be 24 this year. It’s the day after Sukie’s birthday, she commented earlier, I found her through your blog and she’s an amazing pen pal. One of my best friends is born the day after me, I know lots of Sagittariuses I guess! I’m a very classic one, I love to adventure, explore, and try new things, especially food!

  13. I’m only a few days behind you. I’ll also be turning 33 but on Dec. 15th. I’m hoping to celebrate by dancing Gangnam Style! Almost 2 months ago I broke my ankle and have been not allowed to put any weight on it since then, so being able to dance on my birthday would be a great present!

  14. My son, Austin, (almost the same name as one of your cats) will be 36 on 16th December and his son, baby Noel, will be one year old on December 21. Furthermore, I have three cats who I rescued on a snowy day when they were born–December 5, 1997. They are still alive, well, glamourous, if aging.


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