Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday cards


Well I’ve been listening to Christmas songs for 2 days now and I even have my Christmas tree up in the living room / dining room area… I think I’ll be ready for Valentine’s Day before December!


Do you send cards to your penpals or your family for the holidays? I do send a few cards, but most of the time they’re wishes for the New Year. I celebrate Christmas, but not in a religious way. To me the New Year is more significant because I get to see where my life is headed, reflect on the past 12 months and set priorities for the year ahead.


If some of you would like to get free holiday cards, I’m having a special in my shop until the end of the month.


Whenever you purchase 2 similar items (they can be different designs, but they have to be in the same category) like two A5 letter sets, two A4 letter sets, two stationery grab bags, two grocery lists, two notepads or two envelope packs… you get to pick one of the following options:


A) Two free “Happy Holidays” greeting cards (one green, one red) with envelopes

Green Red

Red Green


B) Ten free “Happy holidays” flat cards (five red, five silver) with blank backs

Red Silver

Silver Red


C) Ten free “Joyeuses fĂȘtes” flat cards (five red, five silver) with blank backs

Joyeuses Red

Joyeuses Silver


Just tell me your favorite option (A, B or C) in the “notes to seller” when checking out and I’ll send it to you for free! La Papierre


Do you send presents to your penpals for the holidays? (If so, letter sets are usually a good choice! Hint, hint!) As for me, it depends on the year and the finances… Sometimes I enclose a little something with the card I send (like postcards, memo sheets, stickers, etc) but when I had some extra money I sent larger stationery items like letter sets, notepads, etc.


However, I usually send a birthday gift to the penpals I’m closer to. But I’d like to send holiday presents as well – maybe when I have a normal income! :P

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6 Responses to “Holiday cards”

  1. Wow!~ I really Really like that (A) Card! :) It looks sooo Bright! :D

  2. Isn’t it Thanksgiving first? ;) Hah hah!

    I don’t celebrate Christmas in a religious way either as I’m not very religious, but I still like it very much. ^^ Here in Sweden it was originally a Pagan tradition which later was turned into a Christian one (about that time when the whole country was converted into Christianity), so whenever I celebrate I say to myself: “I do this as part of a Pagan tradition”. And I really think Christmas is a cozy holiday so I enjoy it a lot, all the lights and decorations are just lovely. I haven’t decorated my house yet but I will next weekend. And I really hope we get some snow this Christmas! Does it snow at your place?

    I usually write Christmas cards to friends (including pen pals) and family but I’m not very good at doing my own, so until now it’s mostly been stock made ones. But this year, I’m gonna try to do my own cards. I want to be more creative and challenge myself a little! Also, a stock card is nothing compared to a home made one even if that home made piece is a little dull.

    Btw, you have some really cute items in your shop! I’m gonna buy some whenever I have money left. :)

  3. Kavindya: Thank you!

    Angelica: Not in Canada! Thanksgiving was on October 8 here. So I’m already thinking about Christmas! :) And yes, there’s always a lot of snow around here in late December. So pretty! Oh, have fun with your handmade cards this year :) And thank you for the compliments on my stationery… xox

  4. I do cards for friends (including penpals) and family (though not distant relatives). Most years, I do photo cards, though last year, I also bought some adorable ones from etsy. For gifts, I have to stick with family and a couple close friends. :)

  5. Yeah Thanksgiving was yesterday here for the USA, I had an okay Thanksgiving. I do Christmas Cards, although I don ‘t make them sometimes and that’s because I don’t have the materials to make cards so I buy them and send them out that way! Wish I had some materials but I don’t, which in a way. A few yrs back I made Christmas Cards and they looked really awesome! Happy Holiday’s Everyone! :)

  6. I always try send cute stuffs to my old penpals for holidays and for usual days, just for smile. In this year I didn’t send the gifts yet, I’m still wrapping and packing their gifts, and I enjoy it!:D But I have no much time left, so I’m in hurry.


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