Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who wants a Christmas card?


I’m getting ready to write my Christmas cards… Or as I prefer to call them, my New Year cards! I’ll try to mail them in about a week or so…


Christmas Cards 1


I’ve enjoyed sending mail to blog readers recently (Who wants a letter from me?I want to write YOU a letter! –  Want a Halloween card?Sagittarius like me?) and I’d like to do it again. I have a stack of cards and I’m sending some of them to my penpals, but there will be some left. I’d love to send you one!


Christmas Cards 2


If you’re interested in receiving a card from me, just comment on this post and tell me anything that comes to mind! A few ideas: how you celebrate the holidays, what your biggest accomplishments in 2012 are, your resolutions for 2013… Or anything else you’d like to share with me! You have until December 4 to comment because that’s when I’ll write the cards. I’ll try to make them somewhat interesting – not just quick wishes with a signature! :P


Christmas Cards 3


If YOU want to send me some mail, my birthday is coming up! I’d love to hear from you.


And if you’re interested in free holiday cards, you have 2 days left to make your purchase at La Papierre.


Christmas Cards 4


So, who would like to get a card from me? :)

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27 Responses to “Who wants a Christmas card?”

  1. I would love to have a card from you! We usually spend the holidays jumping from one family gathering to another, so that we get to see everyone on both sides of the family!

  2. Hi,

    I found this website just a couple a day ago. Since that day, i come every day to visit to look for new blogpost. In the future i gonna write a penpal ad.

    If it’s possible i wanna get a christmas card from you. We (I & my family) gonna spent the holidays toghether. Eating and give presents to eachother. My best from 2012.. Good question.. there a lot of good moments. Like that we get a puppy, my boyfriend and I are 1 year togheter, family holiday to Egypt and more… By wishes for 2013.. getting lots of nice letters & postcards and set up a blog.

  3. Hi Julie! I’d love to get a card from you! My goal for this holiday season is to perfect the art of mirror writing, or writing backwards. I don’t think that mirror writing will come into any really use, but it is extremely fun for passing notes in school! My New Years Resolutions- there are two- are to learn to write with my right hand, and to stop procrastinating. I generally procrastinate by writing letters, though, and because I enjoy that so much, I don’t know how successful I’ll be!

  4. Hi Julie!
    I really love your blog and would like to get a Christmas card from you! :-)
    In Germany we celebrate the Christmas Eve and give the presents to each other on this evening. I will spend it with my hubby, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. We will have ‘Raclette’ as every year. I am really looking forward to it, cause I am a family man (or better woman ^^)and just love to be with my family!
    Anyways…hope you have a nice pre-christmas period!


  5. Hi Julie,
    I would love to receive a Christmas Card from you. My husband and I always go to my parents house for the holiday and we open our presents on christmas eve. I love this holiday.
    My goals for 2013 is to clear out a LOT of clutter.

  6. Dear Julie,

    I must admit I suck at this,
    yet this is an opportunity I just can’t miss.
    I’ve always wanted something in the mail that isn’t an order from you,
    a letter, a card , anything I can smile to.
    This year I’ve accomplished so many things like getting my own apartment,
    I won’t deny that with prayer & God’s help it was sent.
    I usually celebrate the birth of Jesus with my loved ones,
    I promise you they aren’t at all nuns. :)
    As for my goals for 2013,
    I want to go back to college and go to places (like Canada) I have yet to see.
    I hope this cheesy poem is worth a pretty Christmas card,
    For it I promise you I really tried hard!
    hope I get picked,
    otherwise I may just have a fit!

    with love & hugs,

    Yanill (:

    PS: HAHAHAHA, it wasn’t my best but I think I have tried to be pen pals with you or get something in the mail from you for so long that I feel as if this is my last resort! :x This is the level it’s gotten to!


  7. I want a christmas card :) and it would be nice when u write them 4th, on my sons birthday :)

  8. Hi Julie,

    I just got your packet of stickers and goodies from the swap! Thank you so much! I hope you’ve gotten my packet by now, or you should soon, if not.

    I’d love to get a card from you for Christmas. This year I’m just working through the holidays. I only get to go home to Michigan and see family every two-three years and I went home last year. In 2013, I will be FINALLY graduating from university, and it’s my goal to find a job that pays above minimum wage that I will enjoy and that will enable me to start paying down my college debt. Since I’m willing to relocate anywhere in the world, that should be a doable goal for this English Literature student!

  9. Hi Julie! I would love to receive a Christmas card from you. I sent in a penpal ad and quirks and I hope you get it soon. I love sending and receiving holiday cards, but I haven’t received any from my penpals yet. Thanks for this offer!

  10. Julie, It would be super awesome if I could get a Xmas card from you!! I wish that I could write something poetic like Yanill! Actually, I’ll just share with you my personal goals for 2013: buy a storage shed, buy and chicken coop and have a few chickens for eggs, build a raised garden and produce homegrown veggies and start a orchard so I can have homegrown fruit! I hope that in 5 years I will be more self-sufficient and I think that these plans are a good start!

  11. Aw, I would like to get that one! They are so adorable!:) The thing I would like to share with you is the fact that in Russia we celebrate Christmas on the 7 of January. But when it’s the 25th of December I feel all that Christmas spirit already!:)

  12. Hello!

    I’d be happy to receive a card from you and I’d also happily write one and send it to you in return.
    So, how do I celebrate the holidays?
    You know… I grew up with my mom (a single mom) and my grandparents living all together in one house but living in two different apartments. Like that I became pretty close with my grandparents. We always celebrated Christmas together in the apartment of my grandparents and once my mom got married we all grew to be a family so every Christmas it was us celebrating together. In 2006 my grandpa died and he left a big hole. We didn’t feel like celebrating in our grandparent’s apartment anymore. And we felt a certain loneliness. Our tradition felt broken and we didn’t feel much like celebrating Christmas. That’s when I came up with the idea to start something new. Things changed so why not changing our way of thinking and living, too? We felt the loneliness which our loss had created and we knew of a friend of our family, who also lost her dad. So I came up with the idea of celebrating together with her. Like that we wanted to fight the sad feelings. I took the idea further and we mentally were going through a list of our friends and people we knew and I came up with the idea to invite everyone, who would be lonely for Christmas, because what those holidays really should be about is love. Why should anyone sit at home all alone, when we could share our love for each other and help each other to have a good time instead of everyone feeling bad because of individual reasons. We gave it a try and suddenly we were about 20 people celebrating together. Never before had I celebrated the holidays with so many people! It’s been fun. One could feel the love radiating between all those people although they were all different. The new tradition is still running and it’s an awesome feeling to know people are so much more happy to celebrate this way. We got lots of people telling us that they love our idea and that each year they’re looking forward to come to our place again. It’s absolutely lovely!
    Also the last two years I’ve been writing a Christmas story for our local newspaper each year. They both held a message about love and how every being deserves love and should feel that love – especially on Christmas but not only during the holidays, but each day. I’ve tried to create hope with the stories, which I wrote and I got lots of positive feedback on those. So one could say I also have been trying to reach out to those people, who I didn’t know in person, but whom’s heart I also wanted to feel touched. I was hoping that the hope, which I wanted to create with my stories, would get acknowledged by them and that it would help people to build up hope, too. The local newspaper reached over 7000 people and there is a fair chance that some of them read those stories. I like to keep up my hope about people hopefully having felt a little better by reading any of my stories, if only for a moment. I didn’t get paid for writing the stories, you know? It’s not what I wanted to achieve with it: to earn money from it. I wanted to just reach out to people and touch their hearts. I was hoping to do something good to at least one person out there. And I’m hoping that I will be given the chance to get another story published this year.
    As for this Christmas we will have the Christmas party for the pained/lonely hearts again. Our own pain has gotten healed for quite a while already, but I’d like to keep this tradition running, because people really like it and I feel like it is an important thing to do. Because my family and I feel better is not a reason for me to forget about others.
    Apart from that I already decorated my home this year. During the last days I also prepared some Advent calenders and I have put quite some time to it, which has been a good time. One of them is for my family. I’m really short on money this year (being a student with almost no income) so I’m not able to buy many presents for my beloved ones this year. (It saddens me a little, because I know that love can’t get shown by material things, but I’d still like to give them a thing or two, which they’d really need.) Still I’m trying to do what I can. For example I’ve printed some heart warming stories, poems and sayings for my family to put them into the Advent calender I’ve made for them.
    I’m looking forward to the winter and the holidays. I love both: the season and the holidays. I feel like more people become aware of how important love is during these days.
    So… I hope this has been an interesting read for you. I pondered whether I should share it or not, but since you’ve asked for something personal, I decided to dig deep and honestly tell you about the way that I feel towards the holidays.
    May you be blessed!

  13. I would love to get a card from you :) One of my family’s Christmas traditions is, along with the standard turkey and fixings, we also make a “traditional” Christmas lasagne. My Dad makes the best lasagne and since we always do Christmas with my cousin she requests a Christmas lasagne :D

    Love your blog, Julie :D

  14. Hi Julie! Would love Christmas greetings from you! I am always intrigued by looking at your outgoing mail, and hope that my name can be included on one of your nifty envelopes! :) This Christmas I plan on spending time with my fiance, sweet dog and really just enjoying the season…so of course there will be some playing of games! :) Hmmm…resolution? Probably to “try” and become more crafty! I feel so inspired looking at great mail art, and I would like to get better! :) Take care!

  15. Hi Julie,

    It’s the tarantula-eating Malaysian girl from Interpals :) I would love a card from you and would like to send you something as well. It would be fabulous to be penpals, but I know you’re not currently looking for new ones, so being ‘sort-of-penpals’ is great for now :)

    Over here it’s that time of year again for Love-In-A-Box. It’s an annual community project for needy children and in malls, hotels, churches and various other places there are Christmas trees set up and decorated with the kids’ wishlists (mostly kids, but some elderly people and entire families as well). Anyone who wants to donate can take a list, buy the items on it and hand the gifts in to the collection booths. Lots and lots of volunteers help with the sorting and distribution.

    You know, I loved reading comment no. 12 by Tyler about making Christmas a little better for those hurting and lonely. There’s definitely nothing like spreading love during this season!

    Keep an eye on your mailbox! :)

  16. I’d love to receive a card from you too Julie! :) Mail for Christmas makes me extra happy because I won’t be able to spend it with my family. :( My parents and sister live a few thousand miles away and I haven’t seen my parents in 3 years. So I need all the cheering up I can get. :D
    This year I will celebrate with my husband and a new German friend we met a few weeks ago, who’s also far away from family.

    Keep up your wonderful, inspiring blog Julie! <3

  17. oh, it would be great to get a new year card from you!

    what I really want to do in 2013: to visit Rotterdam the first time, to find a new penpal and to buy a typewriter. oh well. I hope this all will come true.
    wish you all the best!

  18. Hi Julie,

    Here in the Netherlands, for most people Christmas is not the main December festivity – that is Sinterklaas, on December 5th. It is a feast especially for children, with lots of presents and candy.

    As a tradition, you are now allowed to have a Christmastree until Sinterklaas leaves again (he lives in Spain). So every year on December 6th, my husband gets me a tree to decorate.

    Walking in the dark room in the early morning and seeing all those twinkly lights… it is one of my favourite feelings.

    Another favourite feeling is getting snailmail, so I would love to get a Christmas card from you :-)


  19. Hi, Julie! I would love to get a Hollidays card from you! 2012 was a very special year to me: I learned to ride a bike, to bake and to swim (no, I had never learned any of these before), I went on an international cruise with my boyfriend and I graduated from university. Plus my house went through a complete makeover and this will be my first Christmas at the “new” house.
    I hope you had a great year as well!

  20. Hello Lovely! Oh, I would love to participate, but not until I’ve beaten the Costa Rican Post into obedience. They still have to relinquish My Precious! (You know what I mean). However, I might send you one, if you don’t mind, and the Post Office isn’t too traumatized to actually send it. ^_^

    So, how do I celebrate Christmas? Depends on where I am. If I’m in Hungary, with my Boo, then we set the Xmas tree a few days before Christmas. I bake a batch of gingerbread cookies and use them to decorate the tree. It’s really fun because that way the tree is naturally scented, each year you have unique “accesories” on the tree, they are all edible (except for the lights), and when you take off the tree all you have to do is untangle the lights and box the tree. In Costa Rica ants and other bugs prevent you from that, so we set a regular tree, and spend money online while running up and down to meet with friends.

  21. Dear Julie,
    I’m searching for an idea to make Christmas cards, then I find your blog.I gonna say your Christmas cards are very lovely! Those cards inspired me. I gonna use color pencils to draw some Christmas trees, Christmas socks, etc. Thank you!

  22. Julie:

    I found your website one evening, late. I have already connected with a one penpal…. I used to write alot, religiously, but we lost touch thru marriage, and babies. I’m so very excited to find new people to meet, and I actually review your site daily for new penpals. I love receiving mail that isn’t a bill, ya know. Oh, and I received an email from my new penpal, about your birthday wish… so I’m sending your card out this weekend, I really hope it makes it! Not really sure on shipping time from WV, to Canada.

    Hope you have a great Birthday, Happy Christmas and a Perfectly wonderful New Year!

  23. Dear Julie,
    One day I hope to get a letter or card from you <3 Some of my biggest accomplishments for 2012: I had the courage to audition for both my school's orchestra and chamber singers and I got into both :-D it was thrilling to perform at the orchestra concert yesterday <3

    For my 2013 goals… I just want to improve myself even more than this year. Just in general being more confident and less shy, being more creative and productive, and worrying less. Of course I have specific goals, too. :-) I LOVE making lists! For next year I'm writing a list called 103 things to do in 2013. And they are little tasks to do, for example: watching at least 4 vintage movies, reading 200 books, learn calligraphy, send postcards to penpals, etc. :-) Well, reading 200 books is not a little task XD but I try ever year! I always come close :-)

    Enjoy the holidays! Love, Charmaine <3

  24. Hi Julie,
    I’m Katie from Australia. I recently bought some postcards from your shop and it was so wonderful to receive them, thank you!
    Anyway, I wanted to tell you about some Christmas baking I did yesterday. I don’t celebrate Christmas all that much, but I’ve been slowly getting back to my Dutch roots in the last couple years. I’m sure many people would say an important part of their culture is the food, and I agree completely! So I baked biscuits called pepernoten ‘pepper nuts’. Infused with spices and orange essence, the smell reminds me of my childhood. They come out hard and crunchy, like nuts. I guess this is my ‘go-to’ Christmas bake, because I’ve made them at least 3 times before. This year I want to branch out some more and maybe cook a flan or even a stollen instead of buying them like I have before.

    Hope your holidays are warm and cosy! xx Katie.

  25. Ooh, Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love receiving Christmas cards!! You can send one my way if you’d like. Every year, I take the Christmas cards I received and hand them on a line in my room. It’s so beautiful and really puts me in the holiday spirit!

  26. Hi Julie,

    I would love to get a Christmas card from you. The end of 2011 and 2012 have been tough on my family. My grandmother died tragically, my brother moved to Edmonton, and we found out my 2 year old niece has a tumor (she will be having surgery the week before Christmas). Receiving Christmas cards from friends (including strangers who are friends-in-waiting) serves as a reminder that all through the tough times, there is love to be shared and people who care for me. My wish for 2013 is for everyone in my family to be happy and healthy. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  27. Hello Julie! December is great, isn’t it? It’s snowing in Poland, even if it covered ground with only 5 centimetres of snow. I really love Christmas and everything releted to it. I love eating so it is one of reason why I love it :P Yesterday I sang with my sister Christmas carols and songs. It was really funny, even if it’s too soon to do that, I quess. I think it’s because of the snow around us and Christmas atmosphere. Christmas have some kind of magic. Everyone is friendly, nice and everything is perfect. I can’t wait to decorate Christmas Tree, cook all Christmas dishes. The only thing I hate is cleaning before Christmas time:P
    Merry Christmas!


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