Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It’s my birthday!


On 12-12-12, I’m 33!


I had a nice day – simple but enjoyable. My sister invited me for lunch at her place at the last minute and we had miso soup – yum! Then I spent the afternoon alone, but I had letters and birthday cards to read so it was lovely! Dinner was spent with my mom and my son at a restaurant in town called Satori. Teriyaki shrimp stir fry + a glass of white wine = delicious!


Now that Louis-Justin is in bed, I’m feeling a little lonely because Martin is away for his internship so I’ll be sleeping alone tonight, but I’m not as sad as I expected. Maybe because everyone spoiled me so much! :)


I received 41 pieces of mail from my blog readers (so far)! I know that some people sent me things that I haven’t received yet… So my birthday will last a few more days! I couldn’t take pictures of all the mail I received because the lightning was very bad today, but here’s a sample of my incoming birthday mail! See if you can spot your envelope!


Birthday Mail 1

Birthday Mail 2

Birthday Mail 3

Birthday Mail 4

Birthday Mail 5

Birthday Mail 6

Birthday Mail 7


Thank you to:


Angela Jewell in the USA

Anita in Austria

Annemarie in the Netherlands

Annie in the USA

Athanasia in Greece

Botje Brusche in the Netherlands

C. Rizzuto in the USA

Charmaine Galley in the USA

Cheryl Redmond in Scotland

Christina in the USA

Colleen R. in Canada

Connie Leman in Belgium

Danielle Di Pasqua in the USA

Deanna Walter in Canada

Elizabeth Mckay in the USA

Garci Jackson in the USA

Ginger Grey in the USA

Halley in the USA

Heleen de Vaan in the Netherlands

JarieLyn Robbins in the USA

Jennifer Ehlert in Germany

Kelley Tarrant in the UK

Lisa Waker in France

Lydia Rich in the USA

Mascha Olie in the Netherlands

Maude Crouzet in France

Mayra Chiclana in the USA

Mélanie De Coster in France

Natalie Tyler in the USA

Nereida Prada Piñeiro in Spain

Rhiannon Stevens in the UK

Sarah Galbreath in the USA

Sofie Renström in Sweden

Sophie Stoll in the USA

Tammy Lea Bowers in the USA

Trine in Norway

Virginie in France

Yanill Mejia in the USA


And extra special thanks to Georgette Gibb in the USA, Laura Ly in Canada and Stéphanie Martel in France for the birthday presents!


Seriously, getting mail from all these wonderful people means more than you think! So thank you to everyone who made my birthday special!


Did anyone do anything interesting on 12-12-12? I know that Catrin got married! And my birthday twin Cindy celebrated in Mexico! Also, my other birthday twin Bernadine in the Philippines had her 21st birthday…

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36 Responses to “It’s my birthday!”

  1. Hi Julie! Happy Birthday! I’m so glad it got there on time! And I’m glad to hear you had a nice day! Take care, Georgette :)

  2. Thank you Georgette! I can’t believe how thoughtful you are… I love your presents! And now I’m craving sushi… :)

  3. Happy birthday Julie!! I forgot to send u something :( we have so msny birthdays in the family in december too so I totally forgat…but maybe I can still send u something :)?

  4. Thank you Erica! I hope your son had a nice birthday too!

  5. Happy Birthday!! 33 is a cool number… hopefully it means good things to come for you this year!

  6. Thank you! I’m sure it will be a wonderful year.

  7. Oh Julie, I’m so glad my card reached you in time and that you had a lovelier birthday than you expected <3 I mailed it later than I wanted to so I was a bit nervous it wouldn't come in time – I'm glad I sent you one anyway :-)

    And today I didn't purposefully do anything special since I forgot about the date, but I did eat out with my sister and noticed on the receipt that it was 12/12/12 and we ordered our food at 11:59 pm… if only we had waited one more minute to place our order, then we would have bought our food at 12 pm on 12/12/12! Ha ha! XD

  8. That would have been a cool coincidence indeed! Thanks again for the card xox

  9. :O wow! happy birthday!! incredible mail, all of them!

  10. Thank you! Yes, I feel really lucky!

  11. Happy Birthday Julie!!
    It seems my letter didn’t reach you yet :-( I hope it does soon!

    With love, Korina

  12. I got your letter today! Thank you so much :) Always lovely hearing from you… xox

  13. Happy Birthday Julie! May you have many, many more birthdays to come! :)

  14. Thanks! I hope I get to celebrate my birthday at least 50 more times! :)

  15. Happy (belated) Birthday!:)

  16. Thank you! It’s not too late – I’m celebrating my birthday for the rest of the week :)

  17. Oh no! Mine is not there and I sent a present! I hope it arrives today??!?!

  18. Don’t worry about it Michele, mail is always so slow in December… I’m sure your birthday mail will be here soon!

  19. I sent you something too, but I see you haven’t received it. I hope it will reach you soon!

  20. I hope so too! But mail from South America always takes a while to get here… Thank you for thinking of me, Penny!

  21. Awww man! Mine didnt get there in time, but it will be there. I promise!

  22. IT BETTER!!! hahaha

    Seriously, it’s even more fun when I get birthday mail after my birthday because I get to feel special for a few more days… ;)

  23. What a great stack of mail! Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You!

  24. Thank you Angie! I received your Christmas cards – I love them! Will post pictures on my blog soon…

  25. Happy birthday Julie….sounds like a great day with lots of lovely mail (mine is not there yet)

  26. Oh, you sent me some mail? Awesome! Can’t wait to get it! Thank you :)

  27. Happy belated birthday, Julie! Wow, you had really nice and big pack of birthday mail!:)

  28. Thank you Tanya! I had great mail and I’m still getting more!

  29. oop- looks like USPS and Canada post were slow on my Bday letter to you! Well happy BIRTHMONTH! ; ) Glad so many others spoiled you on your special day!

  30. I got yours the following day! Thank you so much – I LOVED the sushi card! xox

  31. Julie! I’ve been so busy (and even got into a serious accidents) and have only found time now to stalk your blog again haha!

    Belated Happy Birthday to us! I see you’ve had a hearty mailbox! So happy for you! Has my mail arrived yet? If not, I sure do hope it does soon :)

    Belated Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! :)

  32. Oh no Bernadine, you had an accident?! How terrible! Are you OK? I hope so.

    I did get your lovely package and I was jumping up and down when I opened it and saw all the beautiful stationery… Thank you so much! I’ll post pictures on my blog soon.

    I feel so bad that you haven’t received my mail… Do you know if other envelopes to you got lost as well or is it only mine?

    Happy New Year to you too! BIG HUGS xox

  33. I’m so glad it arrived safely! A lot of mails have gotten lost on its way to my mailbox, not just yours. I’m really sad about it, I know how you and my other penpals put a lot of effort in it and to have it stolen or lost is really such a pity.

    I’m much better now than I was last week Thursday, my body was aching all over and I had a very big bruise on my left rib area. But nothing’s in pain now, although sometimes when I laugh very hard it still pinches me a little but I’m on my way to recovery!

    Sorry if I didn’t put too much effort in the design of the package.. I’m actually a lot busier now since I started work in October and I was also worried that the design would only be destroyed given the package was tight and all haha Will surely make up on my next letter to you. I always want to try make my envelopes look good :)

    God bless!


  34. My card still needs to arrive. I hope it does soon! :)

  35. DUH! This was a post from last year.
    This is not my day. ;)

  36. Sandra, you crack me up! I haven’t received anything from you yet this year though. Well, no birthday mail so far I mean!


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