Thursday, January 10, 2013

A burst of color


Wow, thanks to everyone who joined the League of Extraordinary Penpals so far! I’m so happy that most of our members subscribed for the whole year already! If you’re interested in the penpal club, be sure to sign up before January 31 to get the special rate…


Someone mentioned that it was unfortunate that the LEP was not a free service. For anyone else who’s wondering why you have to pay to get the content, printable goodies, entertainment, fun swaps and all the other things I’ve spent hours on and will be spending hours on for the next year or so… My short answer is simple: because my son and I need to eat. Daily, preferably. And if you’d like to read the long explanation, feel free to check out this post! :)


It’s been a little while since I posted penpal ads because I was busy getting ready for yesterday’s big announcement (thankfully Laura was there to share the workload), so there are several ads waiting for you at the moment! Here’s one of them today, by Mayra in the USA.


Mayra 1

Mayra 2

Mayra 3

Mayra 4

Penpal Ad Mayra 1

Penpal Ad Mayra 2

Penpal Ad Mayra 3

Penpal Ad Mayra 4


Since you can’t really see the address on the label, here’s a close-up!

Mayra Address Label


Mayra’s blog can be found right here HAPPY MAIL DAYS and her email address is


Thank you for the cute birthday card, Mayra! The color explosion in my P.O. Box made me smile.

14 Responses to “A burst of color”

  1. Just wanted to say Thanks for the LEP Julie. Eating is always good, and the price of LEP membership is ridiculously cheap. Honestly I spend more on stationary in a month. Signed up for a year, and hope there are many more to come. Love your work.
    And that letter is super cute Mayra.

  2. Thank you Sam, it’s lovely to know that people appreciate what I do :D

  3. Best Friends Forever, Mayra! <3

  4. Julie, I’ve recently tried to pick up on penpalling again but it’s hard to find a few penpals willing to write to me (long letter pals that is). Does LEP give the option to find new penpals, through adds or something? I love the idea but I’m already very busy and spend way to much time online, so honestly, I’m reluctant about joining anything new these days ….

  5. Rebecca, there will be a monthly organized swap through LEP and the first one will be a penpal letter swap! So you could definitely get a new dedicated penpal that way!

  6. Indeed that ‘someone’ was me. Honestly I had no idea it was your service, Julie. I am terribly sorry if it hurt someone, I did not mean anything bad.

    Mayra’s penpal ad looks incredibly colorful and nice.

  7. I don’t see why it should be free. The Letter Writers Alliance isn’t free, and they offer way less content. Sites like swap-bot ARE free, but it’s because the content is entirely member-generated. I don’t think I’ll join, because I don’t like challenges (I write letters every day, I don’t need to be challenged!) and I’ve always been disappointed with swaps in the past, but I wish you luck with it. (I did feature you in my latest Etsy treasury list… I think it’s almost time for a refill!)

  8. A letter is on its way this week to your mailbox, Mayra!

  9. Yay! I can’t wait to get it!! :)

  10. Oh, and as far as LEP not being a free service… I think it’s extremely reasonably priced for all the content members get on a monthly basis! It’s a lot of work to put that together, and definitely worth the price for all the stuff you’re offering. Fie on the naysayers! ;)

  11. Love your ad Mayra, so bright & cute!

  12. I HATE swimming with fish! It’s my biggest fear!

    Oh, Julie, I changed the url of my blog to

    Not sure if you do this kind of thing, but can you give a shout-out with my new url because I am getting several emails wondering why I deleted my blog. I didn’t delete it, just changed the url.
    If you can’t do this, that’s ok! I will follow you religiously regardless! :) Have a nice day!

  13. Wow. This is one of the nicest letters I ever seen. :-)

  14. Thank you, Rena! :)


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