Friday, March 29, 2013

My cats on stamps!


If you ordered something from La Papierre or received a letter from me in 2013, chances are you saw my new personalized stamps on the envelope. They were a present from my mom – I designed the stamps online at Canada Post, my dear mommy paid for them and they were delivered to me just in time for my birthday.


They were made with photos I took of my heart shaped sushi, Sphynx cats, Bengal cat and favorite Smurf:


Personalized Stamps 1

Personalized Stamps 2

Personalized Stamps 3

Personalized Stamps 4

Personalized Stamps 5


Has anyone else ever ordered personalized stamps before? Can you do that in every country?

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22 Responses to “My cats on stamps!”

  1. They look awesome. You can purchase them in the US but depending on where you get them done and how many sheets you order they can cost over twice the value of stamps! So I haven’t taken the plunge and actually ordered any yet. I do have my own store on zazzle where I created some and may do it the next time there is a sale on them.

  2. Yeah, they’re pretty expensive! There was a 48 hour 30% off sale, so I was lucky and ended up paying just a little bit more than what the stamps were worth. (Well, my mom did, since it was a present…)

  3. I’ve gotten them before, also as a gift. Too expensive for me to purchase as much as I’d like! I also don’t care for the big bar code on the side (USA).

  4. I wouldn’t purchase them myself either since they end up costing much more than regular stamps!

    I’m sure the big bar code is annoying… :/

  5. The Canada stamps look much better than the ones we can personalize in the U.S. Our have an ugly bar code that totally ruins the look of your stamp design. Plus, it doubles the cost of the postage. I mail too much mail as it is to justify upping my postage budget. :)

    These stamps of yours are great!

  6. Thank you Bethany! Yeah, I bet the bar code is pretty ugly. At least our personalized stamps are pretty! But too expensive for me as well.

  7. Wauw how cute
    Yes we can order them here too. (The Netherlands)

  8. Thanks Kim! Have you ever ordered them yourself?

  9. I love Canada’s personalised stamps as the pictures you use become the actual postage stamp. The best Australia Post can do is an add-on to an already existing stamp, so what you get looks like two stamps together, but one is postage whilst the other is just a sticky sidekick. It’s not the same. Your personalised stamps are awesome.

  10. That sounds pathetic! Not something I’d be willing to pay for… At least your regular stamps are beautiful in Australia! :)

  11. WHA?! How is it that I’ve never been a recipient of your sushi stamp?! If anyone wants a sushi stamp, it’s mmmeeeeeeee! *stamps foot*

    Alright, tantrum over: great stamps, Julie! :)

  12. Ha! You’re my Canadian friend, so you get the permanent stamps! Aren’t you happy with the picture of Louis-Justin?! Are you insinuating that you prefer sushi to my son?! ARE YOU???

    OK, I’ll try to save a sushi stamp for you. It’s a $1.85 stamp, so I’ve been using it for international letters so far… But I might make an exception for you.

  13. Yes, I have ordered customized stamps before. I have some of me and my dog together which I use sparingly on special mail. If any of my pen friends have recived my stamp it means you are special. :)

  14. Exactly! Personalized stamps should be used for special people only. I bet the ones of you and your dog are cute!

  15. I don’t know about Hungary (I’ve never asked), but in Costa Rica there aren’t stamps anymore :-( I love the sushi stamp! :-)

  16. Do you mean that there are NO MORE stamps at all in Costa Rica?! If so, how sad!

  17. Yes, you can personalize stamps here in France as well. They cost a little bit more than normal, but you can only do it on stamps for domestic post (i.e. inside France). A friend had ten made for us as a present with a lovely picture of Athos (our dog) on them. They are used incredibly sparingly – we’ve had the stamps over a year and there are still four left!!

    In the UK you can personalize stamps, but the rules are slightly different. You have your chosen photo on a big stamp with a little stamp beside it, and it’s the little stamp that is the actual postage. I think this is because there are rules in the UK about who is allowed to be on stamps. (For any postage geeks reading this, it’s probably something to do with the fact that the UK is the only country in the world that does not have to write the name of the country on its stamps. The picture of Her Majesty the Queen is enough!).

    I received a lovely letter yesterday and immediately noticed your little Smurf on his own private stamp. Brilliant!!

  18. I’m glad that my letter made it safely to you, Lisa!

    I never noticed that the UK didn’t have to write the name of the country on stamps! Interesting fact.

  19. i envy you that, that’s so nice ;D

  20. I have made them for work once. You can do it here in the Netherlands but it’s more expensive if you only need 10 stamps. I think it’s only the ‘normal’ price if you order at least 1000 stamps! I don’t need that many stamps, but i did like making them for the company I was working for because it was more personal that way.

  21. They are available here through the Royal Mail, but they’re bloody expensive. Nice as a treat or gift though!

  22. This is so awesome! I wish we had something like it too!


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