Sunday, June 2, 2013

Exciting news & giveaway!


I’m happy to tell you all that my boyfriend and I are planning baby number 2! Well, it will be #2 for me, but #1 for him. You know, modern family and all…


I can’t wait to be pregnant again and hopefully this will be a quick, painless process! (Baby making activities are usually pretty fun, so I’ll try not to complain too much if we don’t conceive right away.) Louis-Justin will be such a wonderful big brother, I can tell. :)


This is what I looked like when I was pregnant!


Julie Pregnant

2004, 24 years old


This is obviously good news for me, but it should be good news for you as well! Why? Because my studio / office will become the baby’s bedroom and I’ll have to move my stuff out of the room within the next few months. I won’t close La Papierre, but I’ll be working from my bedroom, living room and possibly kitchen table in the future, which means LESS SPACE for all my stuff. My inventory is pretty big, so I’ll have to reduce it by half in the coming months. How will I do this? By putting some items on clearance every once in a while. (Stay tuned – specials will be announced later this week.)


In the meantime, I’m looking for baby name suggestions, so let’s do a giveaway! Martin and I like Clémentine for a girl, but can’t find a name that we both like for a boy. Please help us out! Just write as many names as you like in the comments (for boys and girls) and be sure to include your email address, because I’ll select at least two people and will send them stationery surprises in a week or two! Any names are welcome (Martin likes Scandinavian ones), but it’s even better if they can be easily pronounced by French speaking people.


So, what should I name my baby?!

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48 Responses to “Exciting news & giveaway!”

  1. That’s awesome!! Congrats!! Here are my name suggestions: Sebastian, Anders, Cai (or spelled Kye), Christopher (Kristopher), Henrik, Jacob (or spelled Jakob in Scandinavian), Viggo, Matthew, Quincey, Quinn, and Remi.

  2. Hi Julie
    Here are some names I can think of:
    (BOY) – Severin, Jenson, Jamison, Tsai, Aaron, Leon
    (GIRL) – Sabine, Cheyenne, Abbie, Maya, Christine

  3. I love these names for a girl: Lara, Melanie and Bethwyn (Beth)

    …and these as a name for a boy: Mitchell, Llewyn, Jonathan and Timothy
    A nice but unusual name I havecome accross is Rockley (boy)

  4. Erik, Konstantine, Aksel, Fredrik, Mathias, Vaughn/Von, Dane, Rune, Soren, Annelise, Lorelie, Astrid

    Best of luck, Julie!!

  5. Here are my suggestions, I personally love these names:
    Girl: Aria, Ava, Selena, Willow, Autumn, Fleur
    Boy: Desmond, Finbar, Jason, Kyle, Flynn, Justin, Adam

  6. Gareth, Leonard, Gaston, Gregory :)

  7. How very exciting for you! Here are some ideas:
    Clément, Knud, Regnar, Jørgen, Gunnar,

  8. Ah baby names!! How fun. I’ve always had a hard time trying to come up with boy names. Here are a few suggestions:

    Girl – Ophelia Olive (I love the way that sounds together!), Sabine, and I’m seconding Clementine!
    Boy – Charlie or Benjamin

  9. Hey, Congratulations.

    For a Girl,

    Liliana, Aubrielle, Jazzlyn, Sophia, Elise, Piper, Grace, Gracie, Ciel (means heaven in french), Tabitha

    For a Boy,

    Axton, Maison, Jael, Jayden, Sheldon, Austyn, Oakley, Foster, Jarrett, Eliot, Zayden, Kaysen, Brentley, Maxuel, Connor, Cooper, Caleb, Xander, Curtis, Oliver, Jared

    Hope you liked them.
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

  10. Hello Julie!
    Wish you all the best and these are exactly awesome news for us! I’m happy for you!

    Male: Adalbert, Anthony, Benjamin, Edward, Isaac, Jacob, Jonathan, Samuel, Tristan, Julian, Marius, Sebastian, Stian, Theodor. Or you can give it a try and choose polish: Franciszek (Francis) ;) But it wouldnt be the easiest one to pronounce.
    Female: Anelli, Ingrid, Elisa, Eline, Laila, Lene.
    But your choice is the best in my opinion. :)

  11. First of all: congratulations!!! Wonderful news: new life is such a precious thing!

    Indre, Simeon, Felix, Antti, Hasse, Jaromir, Nathan, Bartel, Kevan, Bjerne, Lauris, Danjel, Manne, Remy, Daniel, Fredric(k), Runar

  12. Hello Dear Julie!
    Wonderful news! Congratulations!
    Boy: Andrew, Michael, Alexander, Alexey, Maxim, Dmitry, Cyril, Vladimir, Ilya, Anton, Sergey, Ivan

    Girl: Olesia, Elena, Daria, Marina, Maria, Antonina, Larisa

    Best wishes from Russia, Moscow

  13. Aaw, I’ve always wanted to be named Clementine!

    My favourite names are Ysatis for a girl, and Bastian for a boy <3 x

  14. I like Scandinavian names too! :) So here are some of my favourites (those which can be easily pronounced in French too):
    Girl: Astrid, Solveig, Ingrid, Maja (pronounced Maya in French), Annika, Mikaela
    Boy: Johan, Mathias, Joakim, Viktor, Emil, Stian.

    Best of luck for the conception! ;)

  15. Oh my gosh congratulations! This is exciting!

    I’m not good with names really, but Felix is one of my all time favourite boy names :)

  16. Some of my favourite names for men: Dylan, Fausto, Declan, Ivan, and Peter (a classic!)

  17. Oh and good luck! happy baby-making! :D

  18. Julie !!! What a wonderful news !!! Good luck for starters !! How exciting !!
    Here are a few of the names I can think of :
    Boy : Frédéric, Aymeric, Cédéric, Emile, Olivier, …
    Girl : Michelle, Elise, Marie, …
    Take GREAT care AND please do keep us posted, will you ?! xxx

  19. Julie, that’s exciting news! :D I don’t have any idea for a boy’s name (no matter how much I try, I can’t imagine good boy names even for my own future children!), but I’m commenting anyway just to say that I’m wishing you all the best. :)
    Oh, and I really loved your photo, be sure to make other beautiful photos on your next pregnancy!

  20. Congratulations! My suggestion is: if your maiden name, or your mother’s maiden name, is interesting and works well with the last name of your baby– then use that maiden name as first name (or middle name) for the child, male or female. Many successful people were named this way.

  21. Those are such lovely news, but you already know my opinion on that thanks to my latest comment on them, don’t you?! ;-)
    I also love your approach of putting the news into words with this entry. It’s really cute and adorable.
    Oh and by the way: I like the way the picture is taken with the lights on you and the shadows….
    Blessing to you and your (growing) family, dear!

    And I think it could be such a nice thing to inspire you for names…
    You were searching for boy names only, if I got that right…. So, here are some I can come up with:

    Dean (Michael) – I’d like that name as a double name for my own kid, should I ever have a son some day.
    Mikka / Mika, Ander, Dag or Dagny, Daven, Einar, Finn, Joran, Leif, Thorin, Arvid, Leander, Jim, Jess

    Here’s a website, you’d probably like to check out. It has tons of baby names… (under “Name Meanings”).

  22. Hello Julie! I am happy to hear you are going to expand your wonderful family! Such exciting news!! I am happy for you guys.
    I have seen the names that others have posted and I love a lot of those names (for future references of my own children down the line …years from now, of course.)
    These ladies are right…looking for boy names are somewhat harder than girls. I personally like:
    ** For a girl ** Akira, Faye, Aria, Gulina, Veruka (Vair-oo-ka, Anja (on-ya), Onyanka (on-yon-ka), Eurielle (oo-ree-el), Rhianna, Karai (Ka-rai), Rozalin and many others.. But I like these.

    ^ For Boys ^ Daine, Jaxx, Zeke (zeeke), Hans, Zayne, Rhys.. and others..

    Anyway, good luck! Many blessings for you and yours.

    Sincerely, Becky

  23. Con gratulations Julie! Good luck to you, and hope everything goes smoothly as possible.
    Boys names: Tobias, Jonathan, Kasper/Casper, Noah, Isak.
    Girls names: Lily, Katharina, Kaia, Lydia.

  24. What about: Maximillion, Jordan, Jean-Luk, guy, Patrice, Marcel.

  25. Congrats!!! Great news!

    What do you think of: BORIS? ♡♥♡ I love it. Other suggestions: Jonas, Jesse, Espen, Bjorn, Tibor, Max?

  26. For a girl: Amelie, Joanna, Martine, Alexandra, Georgia
    For a boy: Jean, Andreas, Georges, Dane, Erick

  27. Congrats!
    here`s names
    for boy:
    for girl:

  28. How about Philippe? Victoria? ;)

    Congrats on the new baby!

  29. I’ve always favored the name Gabriel for a boy! Gunnar is cool too! : )

    Anyway this is AWESOME AMAZING FABULOUS NEWS!!!! HOW EXCITING FOR YOU AND THE BOYS!!!! I hope you have a little girl. I always hope that for everyone, especially people I’ll be making baby blankets for.

  30. I’ve always favored the name Gabriel for a boy! Gunnar is cool too! : )
    {wordpress is trying to block my comment, so I’m leaving out the other half of my original post…}

  31. here’s the other half –

    Anyway this is AWESOME AMAZING FABULOUS NEWS!!!! HOW EXCITING FOR YOU AND THE BOYS!!!! I hope you have a little girl. I always hope that for everyone, especially people I’ll be making baby blankets for.

  32. When we were trying to think of a boy’s name for Dylan, it was really hard (had he been a girl, I was definite we would have called him Alice!) One day, Benn just said that we should call him Dylan. And then a load of coincidences: D’s due date was Dylan Thomas’ birthday. The name means ‘of the sea’ (we live nearby). I’m half Welsh. The day we picked it, we heard a Thomas poem on the TV. The day we brought D home, the first song we heard was a Bob Dylan song! It was meant to be.

    Anyway, despite all that ramble, if we hadn’t picked Dylan, I would have liked Joseph, Daniel, Robert (but we’d have called him Bertie)or Patrick.

  33. Congratulations for the good news! Bringing a new life to life is always wonderful!
    My female suggestions are: Aria or Ariadne, Artemis, Athena, Afrodite, Irene (pronounced airene), Nefele, Lydia, Elektra and Victoria.
    My male suggestions are: Orestes, Hermes (Ermis in greek), Alexander and Paris.

    Good luck and all the best!

  34. Congratulations!!!! My brothers name is Dutch – Chalen, and all throughout school our french teacher loved it and she pronounced it so beautifully with her accent. Had to suggest it!

  35. How exciting! :)

    As for possible names for the baby-to-be…

    BOY: Mathieu, Leonce, Wyatt, Laurent
    GIRL: Charmaine, Lucienne, Faye, Cherelle

  36. Since I live in Scandinavia, I hear Scandinavian names every day! My favourite ones for boys are Tor, Magnus, Kaspar/Casper, Erik, Tomas, Lasse, Bjørn, Johan, Erlend, Frode and Mathias. As for girls names: Silje, Ingrid, Invild, Tyri, Sjasmin, Sunniva, Eva, Lena. Non-Scandinavian girls names: Violette, Beata, Lilja, Silvana, Catalina, Eleanor, Primrose, Adelina, Matilda, Maud… I have to say, though, that I do very much love the name Clémentine. Very sweet and elegant, I think. It’s definitely harder trying to think of boys names! French and Portuguese names sound lovely, in my opinion. For example, Tiago, João, Édouard, Georges, Joachim, Léo, Lucas… Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned in my choices?
    Anyway, hopefully you like some of those names – – if not, hopefully you’ll find one that you both love! :) Good Luck and congratulations!

  37. What do you think about Malik for a boy ? Liam, Arnaud, Laurent and Hubert are also suggestions. :)

    By the way, I love Clémentine ! Good choice :)

  38. My favorite names for a girl are: Elin, Anna and Sam
    And for a boy: Finn and Jasper

    All the best!

  39. Congrats first of all!!! This is always so exciting to hear. Here are some suggestions from me:

    For a girl: Adalynn, Bailey, Cailyn, Elise, Farah, Jaide, Madison, Olivia, and Willow

    For a Boy: Aidan, Braeden, Chance, Devon,

  40. Hey there! I am out of the loop. Congratulations! I just bought several sets of stationery last month!

  41. That’s exciting news! Wishing you good luck!
    I know I’m too late for the giveway, but would like to share some names with you (I would have chosen for mine, but as my DH comes from a totally different country we chose totally other names for our DS and DD).
    for a girl: Jasmine, Rose, Violetta, Nelly, Deirdre, Gwendolyn / Gwenny
    for a boy: Thomas / Tom, Sebastian (Dutch: Sebastiaan / Bas), Joaquín (this is the Spanish version, in Dutch: Joachim), Ulrich (last name of the [Danish] drummer of Metallica, but his last name also is a (German, Dutch) first name and I prefer Ulrich to Lars)

  42. Aurore for a girl? :)

  43. That’s exciting news! I love the names Benjamin or Michael for a boy.

  44. I like Dylan for a boy! good luck trying to conceive!

  45. Congrats :D This is so exciting and cuteeee!

    Girl names: Grace, Annabelle, Bridget, Genevieve, Angeline, Valentina, Katerina, Eleanor, Persephone, Astra, Ophelia, Rosalind, Rosalie, Evangeline, Anneliese, Madeleine, Kimberly-Ann, Rebekah, Denice, Chantel, Annabella, Evelyn-Rose

    Boy names: Nathaniel, Mason, Benjamin, Damien, Damon, Alaxander, Allister, Anderson, Santiago, Chase, Hunter, Beck, Frederik, Isak, Jenson, Jonathan, Francis, Cooper, Milo, Oscar, Daniel, Travis, Stefan, Valdemar, Victor, Allen

    This was fun :)

  46. Congratulations! :D
    Some naming ideas for you:
    Girl:Aliénor, Apoline, Bérénice, Christie, Célie, Mélissa, Sandy, Maura
    Boy:Ernest, Julian, Gabriel, Geoffrey, Matthias
    Good luck with the choosing!

  47. Hello Julie!

    Super! J’espère que ça arrivera bientôt! :)

    Voici quelques prénoms auxquels je penserais pour un garçon :
    Stéphane, Olivier, Sacha, Matthieu, Julien, Sébastien, Alexandre, Grégoire, Eric…

  48. Congratulations. That are so exciting news!

    I really like these names – for a girl: Sarah, Emily and for a boy: Daniel.

    Best wishes!


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