Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Penpal meeting!


Yesterday I did something really fun: I met my penpal Cindy! She and I have been writing for about 9 years and we’re birthday twins, so it was extra special to finally meet in person!


We spent some time at my place (I had to show her my kitties and my stationery!), we had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant in Brossard, we went back to St-Jean for some thrift shopping (Cindy found a few tops for herself and I found a few shorts for my son), we went to get Louis-Justin from school, then went to the post office, spent some time in my son’s bedroom (taking pictures!), dropped Louis-Justin at his dad’s house, went to Montreal to have dinner at my favorite vietnamese restaurant and visit Chinatown, then drove back to where Cindy was staying and said goodbye. Whew! That was a long day! My spoken English is not the best (despite what Cindy says), so I was exhausted by the time I got back home (close to 10pm) and I couldn’t remember whether I should speak French or English to my boyfriend. I think even my dreams were in English last night! ;)


So here are some pictures that were taken with Cindy’s phone yesterday.


Louis-Justin and I at the post office…

Post Office


Me with some LEP mail that was in my PO Box! (Thanks Kat!)



Cindy and I (and the painted dragon) in my son’s room!
Cindy Julie


All three of us… (Mr. LJ just got a haircut!)
Cindy Julie LJ 1

Cindy Julie LJ 2

Cindy Julie LJ 3

Cindy Julie LJ 4


And some funny pictures of Augustin & I!
Julie Augustin 1

Julie Augustin 2

Julie Augustin 3


I met other penpals in the past, but Cindy was the first one I had to speak English with. Hopefully I did OK!


Has anyone else met a penpal lately?

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11 Responses to “Penpal meeting!”

  1. How cool! I love when you share photos of your life with us! : ) I’ve met 2 of my penpals so far…hoping to meet more someday! (like YOU!)

  2. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! :)
    My written English is much better then my spoken English as well!

  3. Nice having a personal update from you. Awwww Augustin! Mr Cutie Patootie. Louis-Justin as well! He looks like a little man now! They grow so fast.

    How fun! Meeting your penpal. Now you have a face to write to. :)

  4. That is real cool, you made so many thing, it must have been a great day. :) I only met two of my penpals so far, but I hope I’ll meet others some day!

  5. How wonderful! :)

    In March I met my pen pal Kate, who I met on Swap Bot. We went out for tea and macarons. It was my first time trying them and I LOVED them! Kate was wonderful..very sweet and lively. We instantly got along! She was the first pen pal I had met since I was a teenager (over 10 yrs ago!). I’m glad you have a good time too! :)

  6. Yea! Cindy is one of my favorite people! Glad you had a good time. I haven’t seen any pals since June 2012. Boo!

  7. Hello girls!
    I met my wonderful penfriend Anita on Interpals website. We talked for about a year (or even less) and when I went to Austria last February we decided to meet up! At that moment I was having a holiday with my ex British bf, so our meetings were really multi-cultural: Russian-Austrian-British :D So cool to finally see the person you have written with for long!

    Wishing everyone to have it one day!

  8. Love you Julie! We had the best day <3

  9. How lovely! Brossard sounds familiar….we visited family there who toured us in Old Montreal. I have met one penpal from Croatia when she visited NYC….she gave me a box of stationery as a gift and I toured her at the Brooklyn Bridge then we had drinks at a pub in Times Square. ;)

  10. I sure hope to meet some of my penpeeps some day, and hope that our meeting is half as fabulous as yours was!

  11. how great you have met cindy! we are writting to each others since more than 20 years, that is crazy, isn’t it?? and we FINALLY met last year in berlin, which was awesome!
    and talking about penpals – i just had my pal sabine over and we had fun as always! yay for penpals!


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