Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Me, Winners & Sisters!


It’s me! I’m still here! Trying to make the most of my summer… :)


I really needed a break from blogging, so that’s why I’ve been kind of MIA lately. Spending most of my time in front of a computer was driving me crazy! And since I spend time daily on La Papierre and the League of Extraordinary Penpals (especially on our little private Facebook group/community!), I could no longer take care of this blog as well. But hopefully I can start posting again from time to time in the coming weeks.


I’m still trying to get pregnant… Maybe August will be my lucky month?! Thanks to everyone who participated in my stationery giveaway! I like several of the names that people suggested, but Martin and I still don’t agree on boy names. However, I’m still picking 2 winners – well, is!


So… drumroll… Kerry Anne Fudge and Bekka/Becky will both get some stationery from me – congrats, ladies! Please email me your address so that I can send you some stationery goodness ASAP.


It will be my son’s birthday on August 8 (I can’t believe that he’ll be 9 years old!), and I plan on doing 2 fun things that day: hosting a Club Penguin birthday party, and having a special sale at La Papierre. It will be announced exclusively through my mailing list, so feel free to subscribe if you’d like to know about the surprise when it happens.


I still have one baby envelope grab bag for sale here and a few School Boy letter sets for sale here!


Today I’m putting my Sisters letter sets on clearance… They normally sell for $10 each but I’m offering you guys a 40% discount through my blog! Only $6 per set + shipping… This is a large set (A4, full sheet, 8.5″ x 11″), so the shipping costs are a bit higher than for my regular A5 sets.


You can choose your favorite combo below (while supplies last):


10 sheets of paper and 10 envelopes (SOLD OUT)
12 sheets of paper and 8 envelopes (SOLD OUT)
14 sheets of paper and 6 envelopes (SOLD OUT)
16 sheets of paper and 4 envelopes (SOLD OUT)
18 sheets of paper and 2 envelopes (SOLD OUT)
20 sheets of paper (SOLD OUT)


This design is professionally printed on a smooth finish matte text paper (90 gr/m² weight, 92 brightness). It is high quality and thick enough to write on both sides of the paper if you wish to do so. Each sheet measures approximately 8.5″ x 11″ or 216mm x 279mm (A4 size) and each matching envelope is 4 1/8″ x 9 1/2″ or 241mm x 105mm (#10), so the paper fits perfectly in the envelope when folded in thirds. This kit comes nicely packaged in a clear resealable cello bag. Each kit includes a postcard + bookmark!


Sisters 1

Sisters 2

Sisters 3

Sisters 4

Sisters 5


Sold on a first come first served basis… Thank you & enjoy! :)


P.S.: How’s your summer going so far?!

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8 Responses to “Me, Winners & Sisters!”

  1. Welcome back Julie!!!!! :)

  2. Thank you Chantal! Are you enjoying your summer? :)

  3. It’s been a bit rough for me, I have leukemia but I try to make the most of my good days. Like reading your blog! :)

  4. Oh no Chantal, I’m so sorry!!! First your sister and then you?! How incredibly sad! :( I want to give you a big hug now… HUG!

  5. I’m so excited!! Thank you! I tried to email you but the link isn’t working for me. So I am going to send you a private message on etsy,with my home address, if that’s ok, Thanks again!! :D

  6. Thanks for the hug Julie !! :)

  7. For those of you who aren’t sure about purchasing the Sisters paper don’t hesitate. I own the paper and I love it. The paper really lends itself well to a pen. Just glides smoothly while writing. It is also nice to have the longer envelope that not only matches the size of the paper but also matches the pattern on the paper. It is so disappointing to get out a nice sheet of writing paper and then having to use one of those generic white envelopes. BORING!

  8. Julie,

    Am I the winner????


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