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October 31st, 2013

Happy Halloween! + free printable


I have a little surprise for everyone who celebrates Halloween or just loves spooky stationery! I designed a Halloween themed letter set last week, and I want to share it with you. You should use it if you write a letter today! Here it is.


Halloween Stationery Preview


You can download the file by clicking on the picture above or on the link below and then saving it to your computer.


Halloween stationery printable


Let me know if you use it! And if you like free printables, make sure to grab my lobster stationery as well.


It’s supposed to rain tonight, but it won’t stop Louis-Justin and his friends from going trick-or-treating. My little guy is going as a ninja, and I’ll be tagging along for an evening of fun. What is everybody else doing for Halloween this year?

October 30th, 2013

Introducing “Stationery of the Week”


Isn’t stationery expensive nowadays?! As a letter writer myself, I know how hard it can be to find affordable stationery these days, especially when you shop online. Shipping costs can be daunting! It’s even more disheartening when you write long letters, because you end up paying several dollars for supplies that you’ll only be able to use for a couple of letters at most. Sure, you can still come across reasonably priced stationery from time to time, but did you notice that it’s always printed on cheap, flimsy paper?! I like to use both sides of the paper, so I need quality stuff to write on.


As most of you already know, I’ve been designing and selling handmade stationery for almost 3 years at La Papierre. While I’ve always tried to make my items as affordable as possible, a few factors make this harder. The biggest problem is that I have to get my stationery printed in bulk to get a decent price, which means that my apartment is constantly overflowing with inventory. Now you might know that I’m trying to conceive at the moment, and that my studio will be turned into a baby nursery within the next few months, so unless I decide to quit eating food and start eating paper instead, I have to stop expanding my inventory.


However, customers have told me that they would like new stationery designs more regularly, and I really want to make this more affordable for everyone, so I went to work and found a solution: ordering from a new supplier and creating a new service. And today I’m ready to tell you all about my new project (my new baby, until I’m actually pregnant and have a real baby to brag about): “Stationery of the Week”!




Basically, it will be a weekly service that’s exactly what it sounds like: I will provide a new stationery design for letter writers every week. But the catch is that each design will only be for sale for a week, so if/when you see one that you like, you’ll have to grab it right away, because it will be gone a few days later. So people will have a week to order the stationery, then I’ll get everything printed professionally within a week, and paper will ship as soon as I receive it. That way, I won’t be stuck with hundreds of letter sets, and you’ll see a better selection of stationery on a more regular basis, at reasonable costs. Isn’t that awesome?!


My goal is to provide more affordable stationery for all of us snail mailers. But before I launch this new project, I’d like to ask you one very simple question: how much would you like to pay for this kind of service? Please take the four 1-question polls below to let me know what you think!


How much would you pay for 25 sheets of handmade 5″x 8″ stationery (A5) that’s thick enough to write on both sides of the paper? (Shipping included)


How much would you pay for 50 sheets of handmade 5″x 8″ stationery (A5) that’s thick enough to write on both sides of the paper? (Shipping included)


How much would you pay for 100 sheets of handmade 5″x 8″ stationery (A5) that’s thick enough to write on both sides of the paper? (Shipping included)


How much would you pay for 150 sheets of handmade 5″x 8″ stationery (A5) that’s thick enough to write on both sides of the paper? (Shipping included)


Thank you! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below. And stay tuned… The first edition of “Stationery of the Week” will be out shortly!

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