Thursday, May 29, 2014

When life gives you lemons…


… You’re supposed to make lemonade, right?




Well, not me. I make some lemon strawberry punch, and I put lots of alcohol in it. There’s enough for everyone, so can I pour you a glass? You might need one when you hear my story.


First of all, let me reassure you: no, I was not in a car accident, despite the rumors. (I was surprised to learn that there were rumors about me – am I a celebrity now?!) However, it sure felt like I was driving full speed into a brick wall at some point. These past 2.5 months have been crazy, and I will write a book about this someday. Then I’ll be a celebrity for real, and you can tell everyone that you knew me before I became famous!


So I was not in a car accident, but I did spend a lot of time in the hospital in March. I could write about this for hours, but I’ll spare you the details and will give you the short version: I finally got pregnant in February (yay), but had a lot of severe health problems and ended up fainting and hitting my head on concrete floor (boo), only to find out that my pregnancy was ectopic (boo). Then I had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the extrauterine pregnancy because I could have died (BOO), and I lost my entire right tube because it was completely destroyed (BOO).


This whole experience was traumatic to say the least, and I’ve never been in so much pain for such an extended period of time in my whole life (I couldn’t even get out of bed to pee for a few days). Giving birth was fun in comparison to what I had to endure! But I’m grateful because this made me stronger, and made me realize that I was not headed in the right direction. That life with Martin and a baby was not the life that I wanted to live.


The following weeks went by really fast. When I could start driving again, I went on a crazy road trip across the United States by myself to meet a bunch of members from the penpal club that I run (the League of Extraordinary Penpals) and to spend a week in South Dakota to see a girl I had fallen in love with. Yes, let me say that again: during this terrible period of my life, I fell in love with a girl. Online.


Let me introduce you to the most loving, caring and supportive person I’ve ever met: my new girlfriend, Denise.


Julie Denise


Not only does Denise have an amazing personality, she also writes letters, loves stationery, and gives me daily foot rubs. What more could I ask for?! Oh yeah and she moved 23 hours away from home to come live with me in Québec, and she’s currently painting the whole apartment awesome colors (turquoise, lime green, etc). My son and my cats also love her, so she must be doing something right.


After coming back to Canada from my road trip, I spent a few days home and went back to South Dakota right away by plane to spend more time with Denise, and she came with me when I returned home. But even when we were not physically together, we were always connected during the past 2.5 months. I don’t remember the last time we spent more than 30 minutes apart! This is the most intense honeymoon phase I’ve ever experienced, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.


So there you have it! The short version of why I dropped off the face of the Earth for a while. At first I was too busy being miserable, and then I was too busy being happy. Now things are finally settling down, and Denise will help me with La Papierre, Penpal of the Week and the LEP, so you can expect to see new penpal ads on my blog shortly!


Also, my Etsy shop just opened again, and you can now shop by sheet/envelope combos. Just select your favorite option below and start browsing!


10 sheets & 5 envelopes

12 sheets & 4 envelopes

14 sheets & 3 envelopes

16 sheets & 2 envelopes

20 sheets


One last thing… I’ve been a terrible penpal lately and haven’t mailed any of the letters that I wrote during my Mexico vacation in February/March yet. I hope my friends will forgive me!

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15 Responses to “When life gives you lemons…”

  1. Welcome Back!

  2. I am so look happy for you!! :-) Always follow your heart and be happy!!

  3. So sorry to hear about the trauma aspects, but yay for love! xoxo

  4. That was very brave to post your experience. I’m glad you are better, and you were missed ^_^.

  5. WOW! I sure missed out on a lot being out of the LEP. I’m so sorry to hear about your medical issues but holy cow! Get on with your bad self.

  6. Julie! I am so glad to see there was a something magnificent for you at the end of that eye-opening ordeal. I admire your courage for this post. I can’t wait to hear from you when you are ready.

    I hope all is great for ya’ll and you get all the love and happiness you deserve.

  7. Thank you everyone! xox

  8. Whoa, you have been through a lot! And those tubal pregnancies are very serious. Glad that you are all better now, Julie, and back to LaPapierre!

  9. oh wow, that had been a real rollercoaster for you! happy to see you back, have a good time!

  10. Wow!! I’m sad to hear you were in a hospital, but I’m glad you’re better and – yay, for your trip, and yay for love! :)

  11. Yay Julie! Welcome back and best wishes on your new path! It’s awesome to hear that you’re so happy right now! Looking forward to all your future designs and blog posts – I’ve missed them – and YOU!

  12. Julie! So happy for you that you’ve found Denise, most definitely the rainbow after your horrific storm, which I’m so sorry for.

    You two are pretty much the cutest couple ever! :)

  13. I am glad you are ok again!!! and more important in love :D

  14. Oh my !! Julie !! What a story !! I did actually not notice you started blogging again until this morning (blushing) when I saw a link in the P&L group about your SOTW …You have been through so much lately, some hellish times, but I’m so happy to see you online again now and I wish you and Denise all the best of luck !!! You both look sooooo happy in the picture !!!!! Yaay for the miracle of love indeed ❤️

  15. Julie, wow, this is amazing. I have not been reading blogs as much lately (or posting on my own!) so I’ve been a little out of the scene, and just saw a recent post by Denise and the photo of you two together, and a reference to her as your girlfriend, and I said “wait– what??” and had to go searching for the story. GOOD FOR YOU!! I wish you and Denise the greatest, deepest happiness, and would do so even if you weren’t both letter-writers and stationery lovers. :-) I applaud your courage for posting this, and just can’t stop gushing over how wonderful this is. Maybe we should start a special club for non-heterosexual mail bloggers — there are actually quite a number of us! Seriously, all the best, and thanks for sharing your happiness with all of us.


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