Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My new Top 10 Quirks


My life has changed quite a lot recently, so I decided to make a new list of quirks! Here they are.


Top 10 Quirks Julie 1

Top 10 Quirks Julie 2


I asked Denise to make a list of her quirks too, so stay tuned…


In the meantime, why don’t you send me yours along with a penpal ad? I’m always interested in hearing about other people’s quirks.


See how to participate here!

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7 Responses to “My new Top 10 Quirks”

  1. Dear Hotze ‘n’ Julie,

    #9 made me cry. Especially the last line! :) Seems like that week changed all our lives, eh, Julie? (I was in a car accident around the time Denise was, and am still on medical leave. Snail mail has saved my sanity.)

    Just for fun: My b’day is 2/2, my dad’s is 6/6, my cousin’s is 9/9, and we’re all three left-handed. My sister is 24/6 (yesterday), my brother is 24/1, our mom is 24/7, and they’re all three right-handed.

    Lovely to read your new list of quirks; will send mine in the mail. :)

    EmP in rainy Alberta {waves!}

  2. Julie, I lock the bathroom ESPECIALLY if I’m home alone!!!

  3. I always lock the bathroom door. When I’m home alone, I don’t want some weirdo to break into the house and find me in the shower!

  4. Tammy and Elizabeth, I’m glad that we understand one another!

    Em, that was definitely an intense week for all of us! I love that your family has all these fun birthdays too. And I’m looking forward to your list of quirks! xox

  5. Neat! I’ll work on mine eventually. I need a minute to think first. hehe.

  6. I have emetophobia as well. It’s horrible.

    Yay for pansexuality. :)

  7. Salut Julie!
    Contente de découvrir tes 10 nouvelles “bizarreries” ;)
    Je m’enferme également dans la salle de bain :), même (je dirais même ‘SURTOUT’) si je suis seule !! Je t’envois un tas de bonnes ondes pour la suite. ♥ Bise!


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