Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Incoming – Outgoing


It’s time again. I want to show you some lovely photos of mail, because we all love these kinds of things. I’ll start with the incoming.




From Yolanda in Indonesia



From Charlotte in the UK



From Sherri in the US



From Nadine in Canada





From Sofie in Sweden


And here are photos of the outgoing mail that Julie and I have sent.



To Tami Lyn in Canada



To Sara in the US



To Jennifer in the US



To Denise in the US



To Jamie in the US




To Sofie in Sweden


Today we will be sending out stationery orders, along with getting a special surprise ready for tomorrow’s Stationery of the Week. Get excited!

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8 Responses to “Incoming – Outgoing”

  1. I loved seeing all the pretty mail. And I was tickled pink that mine was in there. Thank you!

  2. Yay mine has arrived safely! :) Usually I’m not into cats but this time I must admit those Jetoy kitties’ cuteness made me unable to refuse their hopeful meowing to send them to you!

  3. So exciting to see two envelopes coming my way! :D I love your incoming and outgoing posts. And I love that mailart from Charlotte!

  4. Wow, there’s only one indonesian member on LEP :O

    A question to Yolanda – do you buy the stamp from the post office?
    I can’t find unique stamps at South-Surabaya post office, and the only ones available are the cemarikan & pos/listrik/air stamp :(

  5. Forgot to say – I enjoy seeing the mailarts :3 and the stamps *-*
    Thanks for sharing, Denise (and Julie) :D

  6. Halo Jofiane! Dari Indo juga ya? :)
    I bought the stamps from Kantor Filateli, next to the central post office in Pasar Baru, Jakarta.
    They also sell stamps online! Try to browse their vast collections
    Tapi kalo beli online rada lama sih bisa seminggu lebih gitu baru dikirim, jadi aku lebih seneng ke tempatnya langsung :D

  7. Love seeing all the pretty envelopes and stamps!!! I’ve been penpalling a long time and my pals don’t send me pretty mail!! Wished they did!!!

  8. Now I recall a small philately counter in the post office but they sell the stamps above the nominal :( maybe it’s the same with e-fila :)
    Now it’s time to ask for permission XD

    Thank you for the info, Yolanda! :)


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