Thursday, December 18, 2014

I’ll write 36 letters – do you want one?


36 project 1

36 project 2


ETA: I moved to the United States! Here’s my new address.




To summarize:

– I’ll write a letter to 36 different and new people over the next 12 months.

– This is an ongoing project, so you have until December 2015 to participate.

– To receive a letter, you can post a comment below, tell me about yourself (or the person you want me to write to), and ask me a few questions to get me going.

– Another way to receive a letter is to write me a letter!


Please share this with your friends… I’d love to meet and write to new people! Thank you. See you in the mail…

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30 Responses to “I’ll write 36 letters – do you want one?”

  1. I’ve always found you interesting and love reading whatever you write.

  2. You’ve written to me before, but I had to say how much I love that stationery!

  3. We’ve known each other via the pen pal community and most recently LEP for quite awhile. I’d love a letter from you! I promise to write on back. :)

    * If you had a theme song, what would it be & why?
    * Suggest a book to me. :)

  4. I would love to write with you! I share your interest in reading non-fiction on strange topics (and would add serial killers and mental illness to your list). I often get lost in the wonderful world of Wikipedia reading about all kinds of things.

    I also love LEGO, as you know, and since joining the LEP I have also taken up looting as a new way to relax. I like to write long letters but am not great at introductions.

    I hope you enjoy your Lamy Safari! I just ordered one myself and recently inherited a fabulous Parker 51 which is possibly my one true love. I am having fun trying out different inks and types of paper.

    That’s all for now, happy belated birthday!

  5. HAHA! I TYPED COLOURING NOT LOOTING! Best autocorrect ever!

  6. Oui! Moi, s’il vous plait!

  7. I love to read all the things you write about your relationship with Denise. So many people judge my own relationship that it would be refreshing to hear a letter of love and all the things that come with it.


    What do you love to do when you cannot sleep?

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    I’ve never tried sushi, because I don’t like the scent of fish. What was your first experience with it and what makes you love it? I like all the cute shapes.

    Yay! I have so much stationery from your store…My boyfriend is going to be shocked when we move in together.

  8. I would be absolutely over the moon if you were to write to me, but I would like to nominate my beautiful friend (in Finland). She is a stay at home mom to twins. She tried penpalling when she was in her late teens, but it has been quite a while since she last wrote letters. In fact she just recently sent me all her stationery! She said she enjoyed writing, but always thought that nobody liked her letters. :( She is super lovely!!! She is quirky like me and I think she is really funny and I love getting emails and messages and cards etc from her. They always make me smile. I think it would absolutely make her day to receive a surprise letter and I think she would write back to you, too.

  9. I love your intro and also the stationery. I started 5 weeks holiday today so I’m sure I can manage to write to you in that time. Something about me – I get twitchy if I don’t op shop/thrift at least once a fortnight. Questions for you:
    How many cats do you care for? And
    Do you like libraries?

  10. Hi Julie, I would *love* to receive a letter from you!

    Things about me:

    **I too met my soulmate through correspondence (email first, then letters). There were a few odd magical coincidences involved. And when I saw his handwriting for the first time, I knew he was the one. ^_^

    **I love almost all animals, especially the less-well-known mammals of the world. Best cute discovery of the moment: the Dibbler! It’s an adorable marsupial.

    **It’s almost impossible to get to know me through normal face-to-face conversation, unless you’re as weird as I am. >.<

    Questions for you:

    **What is the strangest place you’ve ever eaten sushi?

    **You’re invited to the Arctic Circle. Would you prefer to go in winter (endless night) or summer (midnight sun)?

    **Would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors, or forward in time to meet your descendants?

    I hope you enjoy this project! :-)

  11. I will be glad to receive letter from you! :) I love snail-mail. Questions: what you most like in place where you live? Do you like cook? What’s your favourite dishes?

    Best whishes :-)!

  12. Est-ce que tu pourrais envoyer une carte pour souhaiter la bonne année à Damien ? Le pauvre scrute la boîte aux lettres tous les jours mais personne ne lui écrit.

  13. I would love to write! About me: I’m 34 and I live in The UK. I have a love of films, crafts (mostly knitting and cross stitch) and chocolate. I also love reading, both non fiction and fiction, and I’m always on the look out for recommendations. I’m addicted to Facebook and Instagram and spend too much time on there. I’m a lover of kitties and all things cat related.


    What is your life ambition?
    What is your most treasured possession?

  14. I would love a letter. I’ll try to send one first once I get through the craziness of the holidays and how short staffed work will be during the holidays.
    Loved your letter and I’m already a huge fan of your stationery. I usually read fiction when I have time but you should check out “Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers”
    I love spending time with my tennahers(when they can fit me in to their busy schedules), knitting, reading, paper crafting and mail!

  15. Hi :-) You may remember me, I was penpal of the week number 86. A lot has changed in my life since then though, including my surname :-) I am now married to the lovely Gareth, living in a little village. I am a poet and author, I am working on my memoirs, and I am a passionate advocate for the fair treatment of mental health patients. I also collect and am totally obsessed with Victoriana (still), and also anything to do with or featuring Syrian hamsters (ok, a slightly weird combo, maybe – but then I am slightly weird). I loved the photos of your wedding – congratulations. I also think your cats are adorable, and I’d like to hear more about them – are sphynx cats popular where you live? What do they get up to? I’d really enjoy receiving a letter from you, if that’s ok.

  16. Have you read Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons From the Creamatory by Caitly Doughty yet? You’d love it. I recently reviewed it on my blog…

  17. I was afraid 36 people may have already commented, but of course I would love to write you. And I will be sending a letter your way very soon :-)

  18. Yay, thank you everyone! I’ll get busy soon… Excellent questions so far! Keep them coming.

    Nicolle, even if 100 people had commented, it doesn’t matter, because I’m not going to write to the first 36 people! I’ll write to people who make me feel inspired by telling me interesting things about themselves and asking me creative questions. :)

    Julie, I haven’t read that book yet, but it’s been in my Amazon shopping cart for a little while! I’m a fan of Caitlin and have seen many of her videos, so I’m sure I’ll love her book as well.

  19. Julie, you and I have not corresponded much, but I would love to receive a letter from you, or half a letter from you and the other half from your other half. I have one question only: Tell me 35 (or 36) things you love about DH. :) ~ love from Elaine in Canada’s (mild) west

  20. Hey Julie! I have always thought I would really love to receive a piece of mailart from you…
    Some quirks about me:
    *I am a social worker but not very social in my private life, I rather stay home with a good book rather than hanging out with crowds of people..
    *I am lactose intolerant but my favourite pizza is “4 cheese pizza”..Poor me!
    *my handwriting changes according to my mood.
    *I can’t stand even numbers and rather set my radio,tv,etc..on even numbers!
    *I collect bookmarks and books I’d say judging from my shelves at home.
    *I am family with my highschool sweetheart and in 14 years we’ve been together we’ve hardly ever argued! We are two very calm people and rather talk over things than argue.People judge us for not having quarrels at all, they say quarrelling is healthy in a relationship.. I let them talk.

    And now my two questions for you:
    *If you were to live somewhere else in the world where would you want to live and why?
    *your favourite piece of sushi is…?

  21. Hi Julie!

    I would love a letter from you because your handwriting is gorgeous! And then I could stroke the paper, which I am sure would be lovely, and admire your writing. I might even frame your letter. Hmmm. But no. Really I would like to hear from you because you sound fun and interesting! I have been following your story with Denise and have found it all rather lovely. I have been writing to people for about 20 years or so and my postal friends are very dear to me. I always have room for one more lovely person.

    How old does one get before the love of pretty stationery wanes? And do any of these miracle anti-aging creams really work, I wonder? Are you a neat freak? Many things I would like to know!

    Have a very Happy Christmas! Xxx

  22. I would like one!

    I used to write A LOT of letters when I was a teenager (then med school happened – I’m 36 now) and I want to start doing that again. :) I also recently emigrated to Melbourne and I have a lot of time, and not so many friends yet.

    I love your penmanship. It’s so beautifully girly :) And I would love to be nauseated with stories of your love with Denise.

    Have you been to Australia?
    I’m originally from the Philippines. :)

  23. Hello! I’m new to the blog. My friend at work Katy is a LEP member and told me about this site as well. I’ve written a letter and top 10 quirks to send in to you in the New Year, when the Christmas post has calmed down :) I’d love to hear from you and start writing to a few people. I am 35, and live in Bristol, UK. I’m addicted to cute stickers, stationery and washi tape so it’s a perfect excuse to start using it! In my spare time I run my own little business making felt plushes, jewellery from gemstones and selling my photography, so I am a creative person in many other ways and would love to expand on that by sending out some awesome, colourful mail and meeting likeminded individuals!

    Aside from crafting and photography I enjoy walking my gorgeous little rescue dog (a lurcher called Gerry), having adventures on my motorbike, exploring ruined castles and churches, and generally getting out and about in nature. I have two degrees in archaeology so that is another passion of mine, as well as going to gigs and the occasional night out (I’m a lover of whiskey after living in Ireland for 10 years – I moved back to the UK a year ago).

    I guess that’s all for now – I hope you pick me! :D xxx

  24. I’ve always wanted to receive a letter from you, and this may be my chance! So, a little about me… I’m a 37-year-old dentist from Yorkshire who is married and mother to the 3yo Mighty Munchkin! My main loves (apart from penpalling) are reading, fountain pens, acting, ballroom dancing and frequenting coffee shops!

    So, my questions and prompts for you:
    1. Tell me all about your wedding!
    2. If you ruled the world, what would be the first thing you would do?
    3. What talent would you love to have?

  25. I’d love for you to write me. One of my top resolutions for 2015 was to send more letters via the mail instead of email. I’ve sent out 8 New Year letters so far – with a a new pile ready to go out next week…of course I have added you to the list so you’ll be getting one soon!
    I’ve been married twice and finally found the love of my life – instead of getting married – I only wanted a promise ring…. something to symbolize our relationship and something that says I promise to always be here. The ring has an Alexandrite (my birthstone) with swirling rope leading up to and around from the top and bottom…. it’s corny but I liked the thought of the two pieces of “rope” becoming one around the stone. Sort of the two of us becoming on in our relationship. If I ruled the world the first thing I would do would be … hmmm… have to ponder for a while. I was thinking USA level – not world level. Now that I think of it – I don’t want to rule the world. Can I be an Ambassador to the aliens when they arrive? That would suite me and my talents better!!
    As for talents I would love to have – I would love to have more patience. I know – not really a talent. BUT I would love to work in the science field: Astro-physics, quantum-physics, Neuroscience, etc. You have to be so patience and wait years, decades even for the science to be proven or disproven. And the patience it requires to do the repetitive work of getting repeated results. Sigh… not in me.
    Wait – I just realized I was answering the questions of Rachel Miller – the person who posted before me! Whoops! Oh well – there are a few bits about me!! I’d love to hear from you in 2015!

  26. A few questions from me – they are cliche but I’m always curious.
    1 – Stranded on an island – what three books do you take?
    2 – You can go back in time to interview one person who is no longer living – who do you interview?
    3 – You can go back in time and undo one thing… something in your life, or something from anyone’s life (famous or not). What do you undo?

  27. Hello, it’s me Kelly from Wisconsin! I was actually googleing(don’t think it’s a word, but oh well, lol) laminating machines for planning and I came across your blog, and I am really glad I did. I think it is awesome you speak french, I am unable to speak anything other than English. I am 37,with 2 girls, 15 & 3 1/2 and my oldest was nice enough to grant me a granddaughter on valentine’s day! Wasn’t happy to begin with that she was pregnant but the baby is a blessing!!

    I saw you have an obsession with stationary?? I just realized that I have a bad obsession too!! I mean I knew I had one for Pati clarify pens and mechanical pencils BUT ever since I got my first ever Erin Condren life planner and discovered that there’s this whole other world that exists for decorating you planner but more importantly sending other people all over creation these things that are called RAKS!! Random Acts Of Kindness and I just sent my 1st five and I am so tickled to know that some have never received one before and yours is their first. I am just buying and buying!! All things from post its, sticky pads, Washi tape, kids stickers, and so on. I’m getting set to send my 2nd group of 5 for one group and a mess for another group.

    See,starting back I in 2010 & 2012 I had 2 different spine surgeries and had to file for ssdi and discovered I was born with a congenital birth defect in which my spine never developed and for many years my spine was crush vertebrae under the other which ultimately it was unstable at 50-75%. I recently found out the lower part of my thoracic spine and upper lumbar spine is shifting again but in the other direction which means again an unstable spine.
    So for once in many years I am finally so excited about something and it has nothing to do with my spine or spina bifida occulta.

    Hope to hear from you and good luck in your ventures!!!
    Kelly Kufke

  28. Sneaking in before the end of the Summer :P
    Are you up to 36 yet?

    I am a member of LEP, so you can probably find a bit about me in the Facebook group.
    Things I didn’t add are…
    I too love books regarding crime, autopsies and medical anomalies (I love tv shows about them too)
    I have a lot of Mills&Boon (Harlequin) books, like hundreds.
    I believe in God, follow Jesus but avoid the bible…
    I strongly believe that ice cream is great for breakfast (as are chips)
    I sent you a postcard a few weeks ago
    That is all ☺

  29. Questions I forgot to add…
    If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 weeks what would it be?
    How do you like your tea?
    Would you rather live the rest of your life on a tropical island or an Alaskan wilderness?
    Now that is all :P

  30. Hello! I’m Eva from Cantabria (north Spain)

    About me:
    *I don’t like coffe.
    *My English is not perfect but I like writing letters in English.
    *I don’t wear high heels.
    *I prefer stones beaches to sand beaches.

    Questions for you:

    *If you were a place… what place would you be?
    *Do you like the rain?


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