Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It’s about time!


Very few people know what I’ve had brewing in the back of my mind for the past 2 months, as I was trying to keep it a secret until it was official. I’ve been working on this project more seriously since the New Year, and I can’t hold it any longer or I might burst… Denise and I are launching a monthly stationery subscription service in February!


With so many stationery subscription boxes out there, offering all sorts of fun paper items like greeting cards, notecards, stickers, scrapbook paper and more, I thought it was about time for us letter writers to have our own special treats in the mailbox every month! Because let’s face it – cards are just not big enough to hold all our news, thoughts, feelings, dreams and adventures. We need several sheets of writing paper to connect with our penpals on a deeper level.


So what can you expect? Something similar to the Stationery of the Week (SOTW), but with more variety, and a less expensive price tag. Basically, a lot of different writing sheets at an affordable cost, to keep you writing to your penpals all month long. A grab bag of assorted stationery designs, sure to surprise you and delight your snail mail friends. Are you excited yet?!


Our brand new website will be launching in early February, so if you want to be the first one to know about it (the subscriptions will be time limited, and it won’t be something you’ll want to miss), just sign up below to be notified.



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14 Responses to “It’s about time!”

  1. It sounds amazing but I don’t have a job right now so I wouldn’t be able to afford it right now, do you think you will keep it going so we could join it later? Though I understand you will need to see if it’s successful first.

  2. Rhiannon, people should be able to subscribe at the beginning of every month, but only for a limited number of days. You should still sign up for the mailing list right away though, that way you’ll be notified every time the subscriptions reopen!

  3. Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to this! Can’t wait to start!

  4. Will this be open worldwide?

  5. The announcement I’ve been waiting for. Can’t wait!!!

  6. Wonderful! Can’t wait! :) And I love the logo and the blue colours :)

  7. How much does this box cost ?

  8. Oh thanks Julie! I am on the mailing list on this email. :)

  9. Thanks everyone! It’s great to finally be able to share my excitement with you all!

    Alexandra: Absolutely, this service will be available for international customers as well!

    Kati: It depends on the plan you choose. There will be 3 different options, and they will be announced when the website launches.

    Rhiannon: Are you sure you filled out the form on this post? I checked and you’re not signed up. Strange!

  10. That is strange, Julie, I got the email about this one and I just tried to sign up again just in case and it said I was already subscribed.

  11. Oh, you’re talking about the blog mailing list! I get it now. :) The stationery subscription service is going to be on a brand new website, not associated with Penpal of the Week, so to be notified, you have to fill out the form that’s blue in this post, with your name and email address. Then you’ll be signed up for the SSS mailing list. Hopefully I explained that clearly!

  12. I’ve signed up to express my interest and just bought the ingredients I need to make Bangkok Soup. Thanks Denise!

  13. What if we are really picky about designs? LOL

  14. Joanna, then you just buy stationery at full price in the Etsy shop if/when it becomes available a few months later! :)


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