Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Incoming & Outgoing


Today I get to show you photos of all sorts of fun stamps, washi, tags, envelopes, labels and all sorts of mail art goodness.


First our incoming…



This pretty air balloon came to Julie from Kimmie in New York.

Maybe she can come visit us for Montgolfières this summer!



Both Julie and I happen to be penpals with Kimmie and I also received mail from her!


FromRebecca Feb

Look at all this fun washi on the envelope that Julie received from Rebecca in the UK!



Everything about this lovely envelope I received from Sofie in Sweden coordinates so well!



And Julie received this envelope made out of vintage wallpaper from Sofie.



And now it’s time for our outgoing mail pieces…



I used punch outs from a Happy Meal box for this envelope to Mike in Michigan.



A letter in French to Julie’s penpal Stéphanie in France!



Julie and I sent some postcards to Kimmie in New York.



This air mail themed envelope went off to Cecilia in Argentina.

We found each other via Tumblr.



This is Julie’s envelope off to her penpal in Texas.



A rainbow of penpal love I sent off to Denise in North Carolina.



Look at the adorable girls on this envelope that Julie sent to Sara in New Jersey.



I sent this envelope off to another wine lover (like myself!) in Tennessee.



Julie sent this cute hide-and-seek envelope to Emy in the UK!



Birdies on an envelope for my penpal Sherri in North Carolina.



Another bird themed envelope of notecards I sent to Elaine in Alberta.


And that’s everything for now! Not only have we been sending mail to our penfriends, we’ve also been busy preparing all the stationery packages for the La Papierre Stationery Subscription Service! I would definitely say we’re doing our part in keeping the postal system alive and well!


I still have 6 letters in my reply pile, perhaps I’ll get some time this evening to write to someone. What does your reply look like? Do you have a lot of letters to respond to?

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5 Responses to “Incoming & Outgoing”

  1. I 3 letters in my reply pile and 1 (hopefully) new pen friend to write to :-)

  2. I *have 3 …

  3. I have 3! Last week it was about 8 though… Since you featured my quirky penpal ad I’ve had soooo many people to write to, it’s nice it has mellowed out a little now.

    That letter I sent above, with all the washi tape – I’m so glad it got to you! You wouldn’t believe it, but the stupid postman delivered it back to me!! He must have thought the address on the back was the delivery address… even though the stamp was on the front (the perils of sending over-decorated mail haha) so that’s why I had to write a massive ugly “AIRMAIL!” on the front and repost it! x

  4. Hello Julie and Denise ,
    I love following your blog and make me want to send you a letter someday.
    Today I received my stationnary of the month!! I was HAPPY !! THANK YOU !! I love the stamps you use. Those presented here and those on my package too !! Thank you to put a sunshine in my mailbox !!

    Have a good evening !!

  5. Hello Ladies. I have a question. Where in the world do you get the fun Canadian Stamps? I can only buy what they have at the post office here in leduc and the supplies are lacking. If you know of a place that has fun vintage stamps and feel like sharing could you let me know? Thank you so much!!!


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