Friday, March 27, 2015

Incoming & Outgoing


I woke up tired today. And I’ve been fighting it ever since. I had 3 cups of coffee to get me through the morning. Then I ate at a buffet for lunch, so now I have a post-lunch food hangover and I just want to take a nap.


In an effort to fight the afternoon blahs, I thought I’d put together an inspirational post to show off one of my very favorite things: mail!


I will share our incoming pieces first.



Julie received an envelope full of pretty stationery from Yolanda in Indonesia.



My penpal Michelle in Virginia sent me a valentine! She’s sweet.



Look at this cute little postcard Julie received from Nicolle in Pennsylvania!



And I’m loving this mail themed postcard I received from Nicolle as well!



 LaurenChips2Lauren in Hawaii found Julie on Interpals. Lauren is a really fabulous artist!



I love the watercolor effect on this envelope I received from Charlotte in the UK!



After discovering the blog, Claudia in Germany wrote a letter to Julie.



I received a letter from Marian in Tennessee. We share a love of dry red wine!



All these pretty hearts were delivered to Julie from Kathleen in Australia!



Julie and I received this lovely postcard from our mutual penpal Sofie in Sweden.

I like to think this is an accurate picture of Julie and I as we grow old together.





We have another mutual penpal in France!

Lisa sent us an envelope with our own really cute envelopes. 


And now it’s time to show off our outgoing mail.



This very ugly fish swam its way to my penpal Sofie in Sweden.



All the nature on this envelope made its way to my penpal Aimee in Texas.



Julie’s kitty envelope she sent to her penpal Cindy in BC is oozing with cuteness!



I sent this colorful envelope to Ceri in the UK.



I sent these fun creatures off to Laura in Australia!



Julie’s envelope for Kimmie in New York was made from a children’s book!



My red inspired envelope for Adriana in Florida!



Can you find Waldo in this envelope Julie made for Paul in Massachusetts?



There is no such thing as too many stamps!

Especially when I send mail off to my penpal Michelle in Virginia.


Thankfully the weekend is upon us and we do not have any specific plans. I think a little R&R is in order.


I have a new bottle of wine. I have a few letters I can reply to. I have a couple of book options to be read. I have a beautiful wife who likes to cuddle and watch Grey’s Anatomy with me.


I hope that whatever plans you have this weekend will be pleasant and enjoyable for you!

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  1. Very inspirational. I hope to spend the weekend making mail!


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