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April 24th, 2015

Angela in the USA


Happy Friday! Today I want to share this Quirky Penpal Ad with you… Angela lives in Florida, but mentions that her heart will always be in Nebraska.


I wouldn’t say that my heart is there, but I do have some fond memories of going to college at the University of Nebraska. I will forever be a die hard Nebraska Cornhusker football fan. Go Big Red!






I’m also a fan of the Green Bay Packers, but my NFL team will always be the Atlanta Falcons.


And now I’m feeling sad that it’s not football season. At least we have baseball and the NHL & NBA playoffs! Go Canucks! Go Hawks!

April 21st, 2015

Cabane à Sucre


When I came to Canada, I was exposed to authentic maple syrup and it’s in a league of its own – delicious! There’s no time for the cheap pretend maple syrup business that I’ve only known my entire life. I’ll just say this… I’ll never buy Aunt Jemima again.


This last weekend I got to experience maple syrup in all its glory, we went to a Sugar Shack (AKA Cabane à Sucre)! The Sugar Shacks are where the sap of the maple tree is boiled and made into maple syrup. Most Sugar Shacks in Quebec are only open during sugaring off season – which is normally the spring.


As promised in yesterday’s post, I want to share some photos from my first Sugar Shack experience!



This is where the magic happens. A friendly gentleman (who knew English fairly well!)

poured the syrup and I wrapped it around my stick and enjoyed every morsel.


The Sugar Shack experience is not just about the syrup, it’s also about a grand spread of food to share family style around the table. There was ham, baked beans, cole slaw, beets, pickles, 2 kinds of potatoes, sausages, dinner rolls, pea soup, 4 types of dessert… and oreilles de crisse.


I didn’t really understand what oreilles de crisse could be as Julie described them to me before we went. Translated they could mean “Christ’s ears” and I was like, what the hell? But really, they are just deep-fried smoked pork jowls. Crunchy salted fat.



The food was delicious and abundant! My favorite part was the maple grandfathers, 

a dumpling covered in the most savory maple sauce!


We ate so much food and still brought a full take home box with us when we left. This was a fabulous experience, but my blood sugar level and waist line could not handle it on a frequent basis.


I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my first experience with the Sugar Shack. I’m off to go help Julie put some stationery packs together for the SSS!

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