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June SSS Reveal


According to me and several of the subscribers, the June edition of the SSS was the best one so far! We included not 4 but 6 brand new stationery designs, and we switched to a new, higher quality paper. Us letter writers deserve the best! If we’re going to spend a significant amount of time writing, it might as well be on smooth paper to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Just grab a pen and your favorite beverage, put on some music, and you’re good to go!


Here are the six designs that were sent to our SSS subscribers last month:


I Like You

I Like You 1

I Like You 3

I Like You 4


Summer on a Stick

Summer on a Stick 1

Summer on a Stick 2

Summer on a Stick 5


Dino Bones

Dino Bones 1

Dino Bones 2

Dino Bones 5


My First Penpal

My First Penpal 1

My First Penpal 2

My First Penpal 5


À La Plage

À La Plage 1

À La Plage 4

À La Plage 5


Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market 1

Farmer's Market 4

Farmer's Market 5


I’m so in love with these designs that I’ve already used many sheets for my own letters. Among other things, I wrote one hundred random facts about myself on this stationery to my partner in the UK for the 100 Facts Letter Swap in the LEP. Denise participated too, and she let me read her 100 facts. I knew most of them, but it was so fun to read these mini stories about her past, her quirky likes and dislikes, and random things that make her the person that she is.


I have a surprise for you though! I did put a few stationery sheets aside to share with my fellow letter writers after the SSS packs were shipped. Since many of the designs have a summery feel, I thought I’d put them for sale in the Etsy shop right away!


So if you were not an SSS subscriber in June, here’s your chance to get your hands on our latest stationery. The designs are available in limited quantities,  and we won’t be getting more after we run out, so I suggest grabbing the ones you like quickly.


Just click on any of the photos above to look at the individual listings on Etsy, or click on the photo below to see all six designs.


June SSS


If you can’t believe that you missed all this stationery goodness in June, you can subscribe now and receive the July edition of the SSS! Plans start at only $10, and you could have the 6 next La Papierre designs in your hands before the end of the month. Here’s your chance!


One last thing… Tell us which June design was your favorite one in the comments and we might send you a little surprise!

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22 Responses to “June SSS Reveal”

  1. You know I love the dino bones ;D

  2. The ‘I Like You’ ones very much! So I just had to go buy 2 packs of them at your store. I love fun quirky wordy stuff & am looking forward to more :)

  3. The “I like you” is definitely my favorite. :)

  4. They are all so beautiful, but I especially love the dinosaur stationery!

  5. I LURRRVE the farmer’s market design which is weird because I’m not good at eating my veggies!!

  6. This was a great month, and I cannot wait to see more! Thank you for innovating great items!

  7. My favourite was the vegetables :D So quirky (special mention for the “Weird” and “Dinosaurs”).

  8. I really liked the summer feel ti this month’s stationery Jullie,especially as in the UK we have had some lovely summer days this month. My favourite is Farmers’ Market I am now starting a letter to a dear friend in the USA on this paper I think she will like it too as we both love cooking! Can’t wait for the next delivery. Love from London Kelly

  9. The vegetables for sure! I love summertime gardens and veggies, and the colors on that paper are glorious :-)

  10. How did you guys know I was so weird? I love the “I Like You” paper. It’s after my own heart.

  11. I love all of them but my 2 favorites are: “My First Penpal” and “Farmer’s Market” – Thanks for the great stationery!

  12. Farmers Market is my favorite, love those colors! I really like the colors and cuteness of My First Penpal, too! :)

  13. The “I like you” and “Summer on a stick” are my favorites!

  14. I adore the, My First Pen Pal and I also like La Plage. Both are really cute.

  15. Farmer’s Market was my favorite!

  16. Hmmm….hard to decide…I’m going to go with “my first penpal” . I like the vintage illustrations and mail theme.

  17. They are all great! But my favorite is the Farmer’s Market :-)

  18. My favorites are “Summer on a Stick” and “Farmer’s Market”. Just ordered both of them from your shop!

  19. My number one is “Summer on the Stick” followed by “I like you” and “A la plage”
    I completely agree, this was the best package so far and I had a big grin on my face when I opened it.
    Thank you for the great summer stationery!

  20. I love all of them, but my favorites are the dinosaurs and the ice creams :)

  21. I loooooove the “weird like me”. So perfect!

  22. My faves this month were the very summery pool going children and the colorful ice cream treats! Can’t wait to see the next batch in my mailbox! YAY!


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