Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In Vermont for Halloween


We’re now in the United States! I’m loving Vermont, especially at this time of year, with all the gorgeous colors that are surrounding us… Denise and I fell in love with a charming house that was built around 1880 and we moved into our new home in Winooski on October 1st.



This place is so big! A couple is renting the basement, but the rest of the space is ours.

Louis-Justin loves his room, and we have a big office, a TV room, an enclosed porch

and even a guest bedroom! Who wants to visit?!


The area we live in is wonderful – everyone is friendly and we couldn’t ask for more diversity, as Winooski is considered the most ethnically diverse city in Vermont. I’ve never lived in such a small town (7000 inhabitants – so tiny!), but I never want to leave. Burlington is 5 minutes away, so we can go to the city whenever we want. There are so many great things to see and do around here! I already feel more at home here than I ever did in Québec.



The owner lived here and decorated everything so nicely…

She’s a great landlord  (Hi Jessica!) and she left us many things.

Once we’re completely settled, I’ll take pictures of the rooms with our things in it.


I’ll write more about life in the United States when I have more time (I do have one complaint though – why is there high fructose corn syrup in everything here?!), but I need to wrap things up for now because I’m hungry.


I have not one, not two but THREE pieces of great news for anyone who reads this blog and loves stationery (everyone, right?) and loves Halloween (everyone, right?) :


1) I’m sharing two stationery designs that I created last year and the one before that. Just click on the photos to download the printables, and feel free to share them with anyone – they’re free for personal use. Happy Halloween month!


Halloween Printable 2013

Halloween Printable 2014


2) I just listed some stationery on Etsy that would be perfect for Halloween letters! The 2 following designs were included in the August & September SSS bundles, and they’re now for sale – just in time for Halloween. Click on the photos to see the full listings!


Zombie Penpals

Zombie Penpals 1

Zombie Penpals 2


Frankenstein’s Lab

Frankenstein's Lab

Frankenstein's Lab


3) We’re doing a giveaway and will send the Creepy Doll notepad to FIVE lucky blog readers! Just leave a comment on this post and you’ll automatically be entered to win. Great Halloween stationery too!


Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll

Creepy Doll


P.S.: Penpal interviews will be back next week! We also have a couple of penpal ads for you, and the giveaway winners will be announced before the end of the week, so come back soon!

23 Responses to “In Vermont for Halloween”

  1. Funny! I was *just* thinking about your blog earlier today, and now poof! A new post for me to read. :)

  2. Yippee to new beginnings. Just love the idea of setting up a new home and discovering the new town.And I love small towns. Congrats and looking forward to more pics. Btw does this mean that your postal address changes?

    Best wishes from rainy Suva

  3. Ashley, I think you have magical powers!

    Michelle, we do have a new address and it’s on the blog now! However, our old address in Canada is still valid for a few more months, because it’s a P.O. Box and my mom is bringing us our mail when she visits.

  4. I’m so glad that you love Vermont! So excited for new interviews and pen-pal ads :-)

  5. Yay! You’re here! I’m so glad you found a nice place to live. New England is lovely three seasons out of the year. I’ll let you decide which three. :-)

  6. Happy to hear things are going well, and I love the spookiness of this post, stationery-wise! The papers are fantastic quality to write all manner of spooky letters on!

  7. I love your new house! Thanks so much for the chance to win the creepy doll stationery.

  8. Wow, vous avez l’air d’avoir trouvé l’endroit parfait pour commencer votre novelle vie dans le Vermont! Et en plus je suis trop contente de vous retrouver sur le blog! Plein de bonnes choses à toutes les deux dans cette nouvelle aventure!

  9. Yay for the new house, it’s simply gorgeous! Sounds like Vermont is a wonderful place to live in! So happy for you all :-)

  10. Welcome to the States! Your new home looks lovely!

  11. Welcome to the USA and to the Green Mountain State! You picked a lovely time of the year to move to New England! All the best to your new home!

  12. Welcome! So glad that you feel at home. Um, dibs on the guest bedroom! :-) I would love to visit you both. xo

  13. Ladies! What a gorgeous house! I’m so very happy for you. I can’t think of two lovelier women who are deserving of such bliss!!!

  14. Great to have you back and good luck in Vermont!

  15. Your new home looks lovely! The stationary is fab and I’m looking forward to reading more pen pal interviews and all future blog posts!

  16. Good luck in the USA!

  17. Lovely Halloween stationery and really nice new home. Glad you finally got settled.

  18. Happy Halloween…. well in advance :)

    How did you manage to move to a different country after being in Canada for so long? Just amazing! I would love to read about your time in USA.


  19. Thank you everyone! I’m very excited about our new life in the States.

    Jackie, tell us when you’re coming – we’ll go buy a few bottles of wine and we’ll wait for you!

  20. Nice to hear you like the new place.

  21. Love the new place…it is gigantic! I hope ya’ll are settling in well and loving it!

  22. Congratulations on the move! I think Vermont will be perfect for Halloween. I miss the fall weather here in sunny California. Love the stationery. I’ve already downloaded the free printable a and written a letter on the sassy witch paper. Thanks!

  23. Congratulations to your new location and the beautiful home. It sounds like you will be very happy here.


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