Friday, February 26, 2016

Stationery Clearance – 50% off!


Once upon a time, the stationery we designed used to be printed on notepads. Then, almost a year ago, we decided to switch to loose sheets of paper. While we still sold the notepads in the Etsy shop, we just decided NO MORE NOTEPADS! We need the space on our shelves for all the new stationery we have, so that’s good news for you!


As of right now, all of our remaining notepads are on sale here on the blog at a 50% discount. Instead of $10 each, they’re now $5 with free shipping for everyone who lives in North America. Shipping is an additional $2 per pad for all our international friends.


So if you’re interested in any of these, please grab them while they’re still available! We have a new local friend named Thanh-Thuy (she owns a funeral home with her husband and we got a free tour on Wednesday night – that was pretty cool!) and she’s into snail mail, so she might just purchase everything when she sees this. Her words when she discovered what we do for a living: “I’m fucking impressed!” She’s a classy lady.


Claire de Lune – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

Claire De Lune



Free Spirit – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

Free Spirit



Around the Globe – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

Around the Globe



Bird Lady – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

Bird Lady



Chirp – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)




Creepy Doll – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

Creepy Doll



Ballade à Vélo – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

Ballade à Vélo



Birthday Buddies – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

Birthday Buddies



Lovebirds – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)




La Comtesse – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

La Comtesse



Summer Days – 24 sheet notepad (sold out!)

Summer Days



Maybe it’s because I still have the funeral home visit on my mind, but I want to end this blog post with a minute of silence… RIP, pretty notepads!

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2 Responses to “Stationery Clearance – 50% off!”

  1. You lovely wicked woman, you. Luring me into buying more notepads. Le sigh.
    *big grin*

  2. Well, *bye bye* to my resolution for 2016 not to buy anymore stationery until I have used all the sheets which are on my stack. I’ve just ordered two notepads… I guess I just have to wirte more letters.


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