Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A mom, a daughter and 912 sheets of paper


Picture my mom and I walking back and forth in my house with stacks of paper in our hands for 3 or 4 hours. That’s pretty much what happened a couple of weekends ago!


If you’d like to see what my mom and I look like to help with the visuals, let me try to find some photos for you.


There you go!


Maman Julie


These might not be our most recent photos together, but they’re certainly some of my favorites.


So just imagine that my mom’s hair is shorter and whiter while mine is longer, and that I have bigger & more covered boobs. Ta-da! That’s us a couple of Saturdays ago.


Why were we running around with piles of stationery? Because my mom is helpful and supportive, and she thinks that being a part of my projects is fun. Isn’t my mom amazing?!


Thanks to the person who gave birth to me, I now have 38 grab bags available for whoever would like to purchase them on the blog. As soon as they sell out, I’ll remove the PayPal button.


Each pack is $12 (+ $2 shipping for international customers) and includes a total of 24 sheets in 18 different designs:

  • 6 designs x 2 sheets each
  • 12 designs x 1 sheet each


The following 49 designs are included in the grab bags, and none of them are available for sale anymore (except for this one). They all sold out, but I had enough single sheets to create grab bags – isn’t it your lucky day?! I mean, Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland!!!


Grab Bags 1
Grab Bags 2
Grab Bags 3
The grab bags are sold out!

You won’t get all 49 designs in your grab bag (and unfortunately it’s not possible to make special requests since the packs are already made and sealed), but what you will get though is an assortment of 18 rare La Papierre designs. THAT MY MOM HAS TOUCHED! Certainly that’s the best part about these stationery packs. Oh and they smell like maple syrup! I kid you not. That’s how magical my mom’s hands are.


I hope you have half as much fun going through your grab bags as my mom and I did when we put them together!

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5 Responses to “A mom, a daughter and 912 sheets of paper”

  1. Maple syrup… Have to smell it. Can’t resist. You precious girl, you. Your words smell like maple syrup. Seriously. Sniffing my screen right now… *big grin*

  2. Your stationery is so cute! I’m addicted. :-)

  3. Hi — Will you be bringing back some of these stationery designs? There are several which I really like since you have the matching envelopes available. Please! Julia

  4. *sobs* I missed this. And there was a few I needed. NEEDED.

    Poison? Creepy houses?

    *wistful sigh* I need more eerie stationary in my life

  5. Aww, thank you Marco and Brianne! xox

    Julia, I might get more stationery printed one day if there’s enough interest in some of these designs!

    Onikah, those designs fit you so well! Sorry we ran out before you had a chance to get your hands on the grab bags.


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