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September 1st, 2014

Prize Explosion! #1


It’s September! The month of giveaways has started here at Penpal of the Week.


Prize Explosion PPOTW


Denise and I are both looking forward to the leaves turning red, yellow and orange. Autumn is our favorite season! Louis-Justin has brand new rain boots, and hopefully he’ll be able to splash in puddles soon.


We thought everyone should get a prize on the first day, so here’s a stationery printable that you can use to write letters to your penpals this fall.


Fall Printable PPOTW


Click on the image above to download this printable, or click on the link below:


Fall Printable – PPOTW


The file is quite big, so it might take a moment for the image to appear on your screen. Once it’s there, you can print it directly or save it to your computer so that you can print it as many times as you’d like in the future.


We hope you enjoy this printable! Is anyone else looking forward to autumn?


Be sure to come back tomorrow for another stationery giveaway…

December 11th, 2013

Holiday Printables


Today I have a little surprise for you: a free letter writing printable! Since I know that not everyone has access to a color printer, I made this one in black and white only. Very simple, so it shouldn’t take up too much ink.


The snow is falling softly this morning, so I thought it was the perfect time to share my stationery with you.


Jingle Bells Preview


Click on the image above or on the following link to download your own copy: Jingle Bells Stationery Printable (for personal use only).


For more holiday themed printables, check out the post I made last year: Christmas printables. There you’ll find lots of Christmas trees, snowmen, snowflakes, reindeer, Santa and even owls (you know how much I love owls)!


Also, if you’re in the mood for printables, check out the gorgeous printables that my friend Connie made.


Printables Connie


Aren’t they beautiful?! Connie sells her winter stationery pack #1 for less than $3, and you get 10 printables to use all winter long. That’s only about 30 cents per file! A great deal if you ask me. I’ve used Connie’s designs in the past and I can definitely vouch for them.


If you find other nice printables that we could use during the holidays, please share them in the comments below!


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