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June 2nd, 2016

I should have been a mermaid!


Denise lied!


She said she would post some of my outgoing mail on the blog today, but I’m not letting her! So not only am I taking the blog away from her, I’m also accusing her of lying. I wonder why she still loves me?


(Don’t worry, I’ll let her post tomorrow.)


I just needed to mention how much I love water today. The ocean, the beach, lakes and rivers… I love them all! I daydream about bodies of water every day.


Our friend Thanh-Thuy is leaving for a vacation in Florida this weekend.


We have a new LEP member named Olivia who lives in Northern Ireland, close to Belfast, in a small seaside town.


I received a letter from my penpal Sara recently, and this is a breathtaking photo of her hiking 20 minutes away from where she now lives in California.


We went to St-Jean-sur-Richelieu on Monday (my hometown in Qu├ębec), and I was happy to see the Richelieu river again.


Last weekend we visited our friends Cindy and Tina, who live in Rouses Point, NY and have an amazing view of Lake Champlain from their bedroom windows.


Denise and I like to sit by the waterfalls in Winooski to write letters.


One day I hope to live by the sea, maybe in Grace and Frankie’s house?


In the meantime, I’ll just design water themed stationery every once in a while.


Here are 2 designs that you can purchase during the next 48 hours! Every pack includes 24 sheets of A5 stationery that is NOT waterproof! ;)


Bubbles the Octopus

Bubbles the Octopus

Time’s up! Sale is over.


Ahoy There

Ahoy There

Time’s up! Sale is over.


The PayPal buttons will disappear on Saturday. By then I might have already designed some new water themed stationery for the June SSS!

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May 18th, 2016

Snail Mail Stationery


It’s time for another 48 hour stationery flash sale!


Now the theme is snail mail: washi tape, Sharpies, stickers, envelopes, fountain pens, ink bottles, rubber stamps, postage stamps, postmarks… What’s not to love?!


Each pack includes 24 sheets of A5 writing paper and is only $9 instead of $10. Shipping is free for American and Canadian customers, and $2 for International buyers.


Mail Art Madness

Mail Art Madness
Time’s up! Sale is over.




Time’s up! Sale is over.



Postage Palooza

Postage Palooza
Time’s up! Sale is over.


Quick! This sale will only last 48 hours, which means that the PayPal buttons will disappear on Friday night (or Saturday morning, depending on where you live).
We also have a few new designs in the Etsy shop:


Slothy Sloth

Slothy Sloth





Snuggle Bunnies

Snuggle Bunnies


The May SSS is ready to be shipped, so if you don’t have a subscription yet, get one at La Papierre! We’re very excited about the matching envelopes this month.


Life is good here in the Stationery Queendom! It feels like spring, and we’ll try to make time for some letter writing this weekend.

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My name is Julie and I'm 37.
I'm French Canadian and fell
in love with an American,
so I'm now living in Vermont
with my wife.

I write letters, I love stationery and I have a handwriting fetish. I often eat sushi, still feel like I'm 16 and only wear skirts & dresses (with colorful tights when it's cold).

I'm happier with a mind full of ideas, a mailbox full of letters from my penpals, a shop full of stationery, a house full of pens and a day full of hugs.

Read my Top 10 Quirks here.

This is me with my wife,
Denise. We met through the
League of Extraordinary
Penpals and are living
happily ever after in the
Stationery Kingdom.

Denise blogs here too and is
the one in charge of the
social media: Facebook,
Twitter and Pinterest.

She's 40 years old,
from South Dakota,
and in love with me, washi
tape & imperial rolls.

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