Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sara in the USA


I’m still smiling about yesterday’s post and all the comments that people left on the blog and in the LEP… Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to cause any heart attacks! Forgive me?!


On a lighter note, I have a quirky penpal ad from a girl in Missouri for you today.


Quirky Penpal Ad Sara 1

Quirky Penpal Ad Sara 2

Quirky Penpal Ad Sara 3

Quirky Penpal Ad Sara 4

Quirky Penpal Ad Sara 5

Quirky Penpal Ad Sara 6

Quirky Penpal Ad Sara 7

Quirky Penpal Ad Sara 8


You might remember that my goal was to post at least 52 penpal ads on my blog in 2014. Well, this is ad #33! Which means that I only need 19 more. If I post 2 new ads per week until the end of the year, I will reach my goal! Will you please help me? If you’re looking for penpals, send me an ad! Thanks.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We’re no longer getting married…


That’s right, Denise and I are no longer getting married on November 7.




Who got scared for a second?!


Don’t worry, our committment to each other couldn’t be stronger, so we’re definitely having a wedding in November. But the date had to be changed for a few different reasons. The good thing is that we’ll get married after having been together for exactly 8 months, so it feels even more special.


Gone Girl

We went to see Gone Girl at the movies tonight!


We’d still love to hear from you if you want to send us your well wishes. We’ve already received 4 envelopes, and we’re saving them for our wedding day. We hope to get a lot more so that we can have a big wedding mail party and celebrate with you guys! Oh and if you’ve already sent something with the previous date, we’ll just add a 1 in front of the 7 and everything will be magically fixed. The 17th of November is the official date, and all the paperwork has been approved, so there’s no going back now.


See this post for more information about our big announcement,  and use this address to send us some wedding surprise mail:


Julie Denise Address


Counting the days until we can officially call ourselves Mrs. and Mrs…

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