Sunday, November 23, 2014

Weekly Recap


Let’s see, what happened this week? Only the biggest day of our lives! We got married! After the wedding, we spent a couple of days on our honeymoon in Old Québec City. We spent most of our time sightseeing, it’s such a beautiful city with lots to take in. We also spent time opening up all our beautiful wedding mail, you guys are the best!


Here’s a photo from our special day.




On the Blog: 




On Monday, we shared the details of our wedding day with you. Did you listen to the playlist?


We took a few days off this week, but we didn’t want to be without a SOTW! On Thursday, Julie revealed the latest robot design. There’s still some notepads available, we would love to send them to you!


Marriage and stationery, that’s our week. It was a really great week, and now I’m off to take in the last few hours of the weekend before Monday comes.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Stationery of the Week #25


Our honeymoon is almost over and we’re heading back home today! More details about the wedding and our stay in Old Québec City will follow shortly.


In the meantime, here’s another edition of SOTW! Aren’t robots cool? Yes, robots are very cool.


SOTW #25 - 1

SOTW #25 - 2

SOTW #25 - 3

SOTW #25 - 4

SOTW #25 - 5


How does this work?

– Each notepad includes 24 sheets of paper.

– Each sheet measures 5″x8″ (≈A5 size) and you can write on both sides of the paper.

– The paper is fountain pen friendly and printed professionally here in Canada.

– You have until Wednesday, November 26 to buy this stationery (or until it sells out).

– You should receive it between December 4 and December 11.

– The cost includes shipping!

– The stationery will be mailed to your PayPal address.

– If you want it shipped elsewhere, please include a note with your payment.


Stationery of the Week #25 (shipping included)


Wondering if you can trust me? Don’t take my word for it! Just look at my 100% positive feedback – 5 star reviews on Etsy.


To be notified every time a new Stationery of the Week comes out, you can sign up for email updates. You’ll only receive one notification each week. Subscribe here!


Hopefully you like this week’s design, and I’ll be back next Thursday for another edition of SOTW!

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