Saturday, September 13, 2014

Prize Explosion! #13


It’s so great to read about some of our blog followers! We learned about new people that we didn’t know existed, but also recognized quite a few familiar names.


The blog reader who wins the doll stationery is someone whose penpal ad was published on the blog almost 2 years ago… Someone who likes pizza very much (LEP members – I’m talking about REAL pizza now, stop laughing!) – it’s Winslow S. in the United States! Congrats Winslow, and thanks for playing! Please send me your address via email and we’ll send your prize in a few days.


To all the people who didn’t win: you can stop crying, we’ve got some extras to share with you! You can get 20 little 2-page booklets for a total of 40 sheets, printed on 80 sides! That’s a whole lot of cute dolls for only $10 to $12! (Available in limited quantities.)


Doll Sheets 1 - 2

Doll Sheets 3 - 4

Doll Sheets 5 - 6

Doll Sheets 7 - 8

Doll Stationery (shipping included)


We hope you’re enjoying the Prize Explosion on the blog so far!


Prize Explosion


We know that a lot of people fell in love with the brand new housewife stationery I designed recently, so today we’re offering another 24 sheet notepad with the following design.


Housewife 1


Giveaway Wonderful


To participate, simply enter with Rafflecopter below and tell us what your favorite meal is! You can win extra entries by following us on Twitter & Pinterest, and liking us on Facebook. You can also pin the stationery and tweet about the giveaway for even more points. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Prize Explosion! #12


The weekend has almost started, but first we need to announce today’s winner! So who will receive the cute doll postcards? It’s someone who used to play with Rainbow Brite… Sarah Starr in the USA! Woohoo, congrats Sarah! We’ll be sending your prize next week.


We have 8 extra packs of postcards that we’re willing to share (Denise and I are keeping one!), so if you too would like to have those adorable doll postcards, you can! Each pack includes the following nine 3.75″ x 5.5″ postcards:


Doll Postcards

9 Doll Postcards (shipping included)


If you just stumbled upon the blog today, September is a great month for us and for you, because we’re hosting an entire month of giveaways on Penpal of the Week! An explosion of prizes!


Prize Explosion


If you liked yesterday’s dolls, we have good news for you: today’s prize is a pack of doll stationery! Each one includes 40 double-sided sheets that measure 4″ x 5.5″, for a total of 80 printed sides. If you win, you’ll receive 20 little 2-sheet booklets (4 sides), that you can use as is, bind together with washi tape, or cut to have individual sheets.


Dolls 1-2

Dolls 3-4

Dolls 5-6

Dolls 7-8


For a chance to win, simply tell us about yourself in the comments below! Your name, age, country, occupation, interests, anything goes! We want to know who reads the blog. Thank you, and good luck!

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